The Death of Legolas

The Death of Legolas

The rain fell hard on the Elven shields. The air was thick the stench of burning arrows. Bow strung aimed ready to fire. Silence swamped the Elven troops.

Aragorn and Legolas stood tall upon the west wall, their faces blank though there eyes told a different story.

"How are we going to win Aragorn?" Legolas paused, his head looking down at the ground "their numbers are so great"

"Have hope my friend" that was the only answer he could give for he did not know the answer.

"You should not be here. You have a son and a wife and Gondor to consider"

Aragorn did not reply. Legolas looked up, a tear began to roll down his cheek. A lump formed in his throat and he nearly choked on it. Never before had he been so scared. A roar echoed across the field and then for a brief moment there was silence. Suddenly there was a whizzing sound coming toward them with great speed.

"Arrows" whispered Legolas. Aragorn took one look at him then shouted


There was the noise of metal clashing with metal as the arrows hit the shields at high speed. It was an aggravating sound.

Half way through the fight Legolas was nowhere to be seen.

"LEGOLAS" Aragorn shouted; fear began to flood his eyes.

"I am here Aragorn" Legolas replied. Aragorn moved to his friend.

As Legolas turned to see his friend he saw and orc coming up behind Aragorn. Fear filled his eyes, he grabbed Aragorn's shoulders and through him out of the orc's path. The orc roared with anger and ran the blade through Legolas; he cackled and ran off to join the rest of the fight. Aragorn did not yet know what had happened but as he turned to see Legolas holding his torso and blood slipping through his fingers he new something was wrong.

"NO" he shouted as he ran to his friend catching him in his arms. He lifted the elf and ran through a small arch leading to Faramir's room (for he two was helping with the fight) Faramir was there for his leg had been cut quite badly.

"What happened?" asked Faramir

"I don't know. I turned around and he was like this"

Every breathe Legolas took was painful and hard, blood began to spill from the side of his mouth.

"Lay him on the table here" said Faramir as he laid a blanket down to make it little more comfortable. Faramir helped Aragorn lift Legolas on to the table and he was surprised at how light the elf was.

"Aragorn" Legolas whispered so quietly that Aragorn almost did not hear it.

"Yes I am here"
legolas's eyes began to close.

"No stay with me, please don't leave me"

"My eyes are darkening"

"No" Aragorn persisted "no they don't"

Aragorn desperately tried not to cry but he could not hold back his sorrow. Legolas's breathing became laboured and even more painful.

"I…can…not…take much more…" he paused "please…let me…g-go"

He choked on the blood in his mouth and more spilled out. It fell and stained the elf's golden hair.

"No please" Aragorn begged "please don't go"

Faramir stood and watched memories of his brother flash in his head. He walk towards Aragorn and placed one hand on his shoulder.

"Aragorn" Faramir said trying to calm his friend

Aragorn did not listen. Legolas now found it even harder to breathe and his eyes began to close again but Aragorn rattled him to keep him awake. It did not work. Legolas closed his eyes, his breathing slowed and slowed and then stopped. The elf was gone.

"No, no, no, no" Aragorn cradled his friend.

Faramir stood, shock on his face. He walked to the other side of the table and stared at the elf not quite able to believe what had happened. He fell into the chair next to the table tears fell from his bloodshot eyes leaving a path of light down his face.

'Legolas is dead' he thought to himself. He placed his hands on his face and wept..

The battle was done the elf was dead and Mirkwood was Kingless.