All Hell Breaks Loose…Literally

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Summary: A tear in the fabric of the dimensions has appeared, through which old enemies that had long ago been defeated are returning to the realm of the living, and are more powerful than ever before. Will the Z-team be able to put a stop to this madness and send their foes back to hell where they belong? And are all the escapees truly the enemy? Read and find out.

Prologue: so it begins

HFIL was a dark, dank and desolate place, but what more would you expect from a place where the scourge of the universe gathered? The inhabitants of this realm had long since grown accustomed to these conditions, not really having too much of a choice on the matter, being doomed to remain there for eternity as punishment for whatever foul deed they may have committed in their respective lifetimes.

The skies above were painted the bloodiest of reds, and the seldom seen sun hid beyond a veil of nigh-impenetrable golden clouds that guarded the pass onto Snake Way, thus preventing any spirits from escaping their prison by merely flying onto the aptly named path. For as far as they eye could see, barren wastelands and huge, jagged cliffs dominated the scenery. In the far distance, one could barely make out the faint wisps of steam emanating from the vast tar fields that lay beyond the lifeless valleys. Very few spirits dared tread on those treacherous grounds, for even one misplaced step could quite easily result in the individual being trapped in the bubbling goo for eternity, with no hopes of escaping. It would be foolish to say that this realm was not a dangerous, unforgiving one in which to 'live'.

Many ogre-like creatures, otherwise known as oni, acted as prison guards, patrolling Hell, ensuring peace was kept in the land, for having any number of hostile, malevolent spirits in one place was bound to cause some kind of trouble sooner or later. And they did their jobs well, keeping hell a relatively calm place for many millennia. Mostly, they were so successful in their profession because most of the spirits they guarded were either much less powerful than themselves or merely people who were not inherently evil and had simply taken a few too many wrong turns in life, and thus were uninterested in causing trouble. However, this did not mean that there were not spirits that proved too much for any ordinary oni to handle, because there were, and when such a soul emerged, they would have to face the combined might of Mez, the bespectacled red oni renowned for his incredible speed, and his companion Gauze, the brutish blue oni known throughout Hell for his unmatched strength. To this day, none have been able to overpower their combined forces, except the most powerful oni, King Yemma himself.

At least, that was the case until that fateful day when the benevolent, spiky-haired soul known as Goku accidently found himself in the realm of the accursed villains after accidently falling off of Snake Way, more and more powerful spirits were beginning to appear in hell – the big oaf, Nappa, the pink blowfish-on-legs Dodoria and his green-haired-pretty-boy companion, Zarbon were to but name a few. And, of course, there was a limit to how powerful but two oni could become, and as their numbers grew, these spirits soon became too much for Mez and Gauze to handle alone. And so they elicited the help of several elite-class warriors from heaven to help put two particularly troublesome spirits, otherwise known as Cell and Frieza, and their respective goons, in their places.

The two had been tormenting the oni, demanding they be granted passage out of hell in exchange for their lives. And the oni no doubt would have shown them the way had it not been for the appearance of the pure-hearted Goku, and his green friend from the east-quadrant of the universe, Pikkon, who had both been alerted of the troublesome duo by King Yemma.

The trouble was soon sorted and the heavenly warriors then returned to their rightful domain, and hell remained a calm place after that, or, as calm as a place filled with malevolent spirits and murderous ex-tyrants could be.

But years had passed since then, fourteen to be precise, and the scent of trouble was on the air. Only, this time, there was no Goku to come and save the day.

In one of the many craggy recesses that adorned the faces of the likewise numerous cliffs, two…well, for lack of a better term, two people sat talking in hushed voices, well hidden from any other creature in the area.

"So" came the smug voice of Cell, the green, insect-like android, "tonight is the night we attack?"

"Yes indeed, that big oaf won't know what hit him. And with him out of the way, there will be no one to stop us from having our revenge on those mangy monkeys and their little weakling friends." replied the raspy, almost-feminine voice of the infamous tyrant known as Frieza.

"Here here! Yes, I can hardly wait to see the looks on their faces when I blow their pathetic planet to smithereens. But not until I personally destroy that little brat, Gohan!"

"Hmm, you and I think alike, my friend"

"Why, thank you"

After that, both Frieza and Cell broke out into teals of laughter, sinister enough to make even the bravest of oni quiver with fear.

Meanwhile, many miles south-east of the devious duo, two sayains stood atop the rocky outcrops that framed the barren and desolate wastelands of Blood Snake Valley, adequately named for the seemingly infinite winding, river that flowed red through the heart of the otherwise dead landscape.

The first of the two men, who was known as Bardock, was a handsome man, his boyish good looks marred only by a long thin scar across his left cheek. His unruly black hair stood up in spikes, and his hands were braced behind his head in a carefree kind of way. He had a lean, muscular frame and was garbed in green and white battle armour, with a blood-red piece of cloth tied around his forehead. A roguish grin was plastered on his face and his charcoal eyes glinted with excitement.

However, Raditz, the man standing next to Bardock, held a far more serious and tense aura about him, with a scowl placed firmly on his face and his muscular arms braced across his chest. He was slightly shorter and stockier than his father beside him. Like his father, Raditz also had wild and unruly black hair, although his fell to almost his knees in a shaggy, tangled mane, and he also wore similar battle armour, although his was black and brown rather than green.

They would have passed for human beings were it not for the furry, monkey-like tails that were currently wrapped around their owners' waists.

The shorter of the two looked over to the other man, and noted the happy look on his face. This confused Raditz a little, seeing nothing that could possibly cause Bardock to be anything other than miserable, at best.

"And just why are you so happy?" he inquired.

"Oh, no reason. But do you ever get the feeling that something great is about to happen? Something exciting, just a little something that'll get the old blood pumping, yanno? I don't know, I just got this feeling that things are about to get ugly. And I rather like to trust my gut on these things. I mean, it's never been wrong before!"

"Hmm…sure" the shaggy haired man replied, silently thinking that Bardock had spent a little too long in the unforgiving world of HFIL

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