This is will be a three part fic :)

Every day, Alice walked down the deserted dirt road and into the small diner filled to the brim with hope.

Today could be the day. She could finally be meeting Jasper.

For close to two months she had been spending her rainy afternoons in the small diner. She'd order a large black coffee from the lady behind the counter then make her way to the booth beside the window and sit for hours, watching the steam roll off her cup of coffee as it cooled between her hands while she waited for Jasper to come to her. She tried to keep her grin to a minimum, trying not to frighten the humans that filled the space, but the excitement was trying to burst right out of her skin. She couldn't help but wonder if this is how human children felt waiting for Christmas morning, to finally see the gifts they know are coming to them.

Rain was pouring down outside, hitting the windows hard, making the humans in the diner fret slightly about flooding in their basements while Alice simply wondered if Jasper had found himself some cover from the horrible weather elsewhere. She was having a harder time following him of late. He was still destined to meet her there, but as he was wandering aimlessly, no real decisions being made, it was tough to track – timeline unpredictable.

She knew that if she was truly like the humans, she would have grown impatient waiting for someone who didn't know he was looking for her to show up. Unlike their human response, she was getting more eager by the day. The time could only be getting closer. Jasper was coming.

Minutes ticked by and she sat in her booth slowly filling in a crossword puzzle. The kitchen staff was use to seeing her but their uneasiness didn't dwindle. Their instincts held them back, kept them from coming forward to try and top off her un-drunk coffee or telling her to leave if she wasn't going to order anything. They let her wait in peace for Jasper.

The first vision she had upon awakening as a vampire was of travelling with Jasper with their hands joined together as they walked through the forest leisurely yet somehow at an amazing speed. At the time she hadn't understood what it was. Did she know this stranger? Was he the one who was responsible for whatever was happening to her? Did he cause this unexplainable thirst?

No, she didn't know this man, but something made itself undeniably clear that she would. By watching this man, this Jasper, she discovered that what she saw was the future unfolding ahead of time.

The flashes grew more frequent over time and she watched him, learning about him, waiting until she would be able to see their meeting. She watched him hunt with two others for years until one day he split from them and finally head in a direction where their paths would cross. The vision had come to her while she was travelling alone outside of Boston, swirling through her mind. She saw the rain pouring down outside a small diner that had wood paneled walls that needed to be replaces lining the dining room and a dusty chandelier made with broken coffee cups hanging dangerously low from the ceiling. A long counter stretched across the back wall where the cook fried the food right in front of the customers. A large sign was painted on the wall behind him boasting that that they had the best cheese steak in Philadelphia for 2.99. Alice could see herself in the back corner booth, waiting, slowly stirring a coffee in front of her when he pulled the door open, making the bell dangling above it jingle lightly, looking from shelter from the rain.

Jasper would turn to her, sensing her apart from the humans and would approach cautiously, dark hungry eyes not leaving her face. It would be then that he would know what she knew; that they were two halves of the same whole. She was the letters to his unfinished crossword puzzle he didn't even know he was filling in yet.

He would take her hand into hers and the smallest of smiles would etch its way across his face. That was the moment that she was most looking forward to. She had been spying on Jasper's life for decades and she had never seen him look anything other then what could only be described as morose. Just to know that she would be the one to bring a look of such pure joy onto his face was worth anything and everything that she had gone through to get up to this point. Even if this turned out to be their only meeting, if his path changed not to align itself with hers, that smile would be all she would need.

She wondered what he would be like when they met. Seeing a person in real life was much different then seeing a photograph. She was getting more curious to learn about the real him. Would he laugh at her jokes? Would he participate in her wild ideas or most recent experiments in hunting animals? Would he think she was too short? There were just so many questions that she couldn't know the answers to and Alice couldn't wait to uncover them.

Recently, she had been having visions of the two of them with another group, a family. Every day she was growing to like these people more, knowing that she and Jasper would be invited into their home. It was from these Cullens' that she had started hunting animals instead of humans. With each successful hunt, her eyes were changing into a deep gold to match those of Carlisle and the others in her visions. She wondered how Jasper would look with these eyes, beautifully matching his honey coloured hair.

The storm was beginning to break up and the droplets of rain against the windows were slowing to a halt indicating to her that her window of opportunity had closed for the day. In her visions, she always met Jasper in the rain as he came to the diner to duck out of the storm. Without the rain, he didn't have reason to come near her diner. As the storm was ending, she knew that today was not the day. She closed her puzzle book, bookmarking her page with her pen, and tucked it neatly into her handbag. Laying out a sizable tip on the table, she nodded to the waitress and headed towards to the door.

Alice walked out of the diner and back down the long, muddy road, galoshes sinking into the puddles, still filled with that same hope.

Tomorrow could be the day.

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