He couldn't explain why he took her hand. Something just drew his into hers, fingers entwining; magnetized. It was as if it had always meant to be there. How had his hand ever felt complete without hers wrapped safely inside it before? Either way, he had it now and didn't ever intend on letting it go. The empty space within his core had been filled the second that he set his eyes on Alice. She was the thing he had been so desperately searching for. She was the part of him that had been missing for all this time. She was his as much as he was hers.

Walking down the road side by side, hands loosely connecting them to each other, he kept peeking at her out of the corner of his eye, catching a glimpse at the wonder next to him and considering how something so small could give off the feelings that he was tasting. He was floored with excitement and there was a goofy grin plastered onto his face that he couldn't get rid of. The girl's aura was truly contagious, filling him up with emotions that he hadn't felt for himself in decades, and he could feel the contentment spilling accidentally out of him. If there had been anyone near Alice and himself, they would have found themselves with the same feelings building within themselves. He simply couldn't contain it within his own body. Happily spinning out of control.

Jasper had always thought that love at first sight had been a myth. Surely, lust was unavoidable, but love? That was something that was built and blossomed out of the combination of that previous lust and devotion and friendship. He hadn't felt someone experience anything of the sort, and didn't think it possible.

He had clearly been wrong.

Without a flicker of doubt, he knew that he was head over heels in love with Alice and had been from the second he had walked into the diner, and probably well before that. He had always been in love with her, simply waiting for them to meet. He just didn't know it yet.

"How long have you been waiting for me?" The idea that she knew he was coming and that she simply waited for him to arrive was astonishing. If the situations had been reversed and he had been the one sitting in the diner, he would have been miserable. The wait would have been even more torturous then it had been for him roaming the country. Knowing that these feelings were coming, but hadn't arrived yet, would have been more painful then the duress he had been in, like the shipwreck victims dying of thirst whilst surrounded by the ocean. Such an outlook on life Alice had, so sure of herself and her path. Their path.

"In the diner? Two months. I couldn't see when you were going to show up, so I waited around until you did. I've always been waiting for you though." As she turned her head to face him, Jasper was overwhelmed once more. Her grin lit up her entire face as well as his heart and she chuckled lightly, "About time you showed up."

"I feel the same way." He whispered quietly. If he had known that such an exquisite prize was waiting for him, he would have travelled faster; left Maria years ago in order to be with her. "Why haven't we found each other before now?" The thought of being apart again was truly agonizing, something he didn't dare imagine.

"It wasn't time yet." Alice said simply, and he could feel her fingers tighten slightly against his own. Her feet slowed to a stop. "We're home." Jasper looked up to see a small log cabin in front of them, nestled into the surrounding trees. "You have a house? How did you get it?" Few vampires had traditional houses, most preferring to shun the human charade of living, roaming the countryside for prey. Why need a home when they had no need for anything within it. He hadn't given it much thought, but now standing in front of the cabin, seeing the curtains hanging in the windows and the outline of furniture on the inside, it was wonderful. He had been a monster for years. How had he been granted a reward such as Alice? She was perfection defined.

"Would you be horribly upset if I told you that I sometimes use my visions to cheat at card games?"

The laughter that erupted out of him sounded foreign to his ears. Alice spun around to face him, grabbing his free hand with her own, and looked up at him. "I like that sound. I've never heard it before." How long had it been since he had actually laughed? Years to be certain. His life had changed so completely in just a few short hours. He was almost drunk with her entire existence. Staring down into her face he could see his dark eyes reflected in her gold ones, happiness shining back at him, mood mirroring his own.

Early into their walk he had asked her about her peculiar coloured eyes, glowing yellow in contrast to his darkened red ones. She had explained that they were golden because she hunted animals, not humans, which changed their colour, as she had seen another coven do in her visions; a coven that they would someday meet. He wanted to try hunting animals immediately, to be free of the emotions that went along with his hunting of humans, but Alice had told him that it wouldn't end well. She had seen that she wouldn't be able to restrain him, and that the scent of human blood calling to him would be too strong to ignore no matter how dedicated he was to the idea. After all the years that he had spent with humans at his immediate disposal, he wouldn't be able to stop without more assistance. They needed these Cullens' to help him change. It was going to be a long battle, but they would find them in time. She just didn't know when. He wouldn't be causing and feeling the human's pain forever, and knowing that was an immense relief in itself. The thirst would remain, but he could be sated. She had given him an escape from himself.

Suddenly, Jasper was the one who could see the future. He could see it opening up in front of his eyes. He was happy and warm and full of love complete with odd, yellow eyes that matched hers and his arms were wrapped tightly to the anchor that was now holding him together. The piece that made him complete.

All he could see was Alice.

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