Tyson to a Different Tune

Track 8
Turning into Stars

It was the next day when Tyson's evil grandpa barged into his room waving a kendo stick high above his head.

"Up and at 'em, champ!"

Tyson groaned miserably, shoving a pillow on top of his head down to try and block out the annoying sounds.

The blanket ripped off.

"Graaaampsss…" He moaned.

Of course, it wasn't like he didn't start off every day just like that… Only the smell of mouth watering pizza didn't usually waft into his room.

Tyson sat up.

"Food?" He questioned blearily.

Gramps snorted and placed a hand on his shorts-clad hip. Really, what kind of old dude wore shorts in the winter?

"Your friends are all down in the kitcherino having a pizza lunch in your honour while you're sleepin' like the dead up here!"

Only half of that made sense to the guitarist but he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes anyway.

Tyson pulled himself together enough to jog down the stairs. Considering he was a teenage boy who wasn't normally very neat, that meant he'd only bothered to throw on an old ripped pair of jeans, his long blue hair a wild mess.

He entered the kitchen, pulling down a yellow t-shirt as he shuffled in his ugly matching yellow socks.

"Guys…" He said with a small uneasy smile creeping up his mouth. He took in the sight of Kenny, Hilary, Max, and Ray all crowding the room. "You're all here! And with food!"

"Hey buddy!" Max was grinning so wide it was a little scary. "We figured since Ray is leaving for China tomorrow and we'll all be busy with the holidays that we could hang out together for lunch!"

Hilary reached out and pinched Max in a not too subtle manner.

"A-Ah, and we're also…" Max made a face. "Here for you."

"To talk." Ray supplied unhelpfully.

Tyson balked. "Oh my god. I know what this is." He backed up until he stumbled into the door jamb.

"This is an intervention!" He yelled.

Hilary closed in on him, fire in her eyes. "No Tyson! This isn't an intervention!"

"Well, technically, we are trying to intervene…" Kenny said rather tactlessly.

"Shut it, Kenny!" Hilary commanded and then clamped a hand onto Tyson's arm. "C'mon be a champ and give us the low down!"

Tyson couldn't help the hysterical noise that broke free from his lungs along with an awful joke as he was dragged off to the living room.

"Or the down low—!"

The rest of the band followed close behind.

Tyson sat unceremoniously on a guitar amp, slowly chewing on a cheesy slice of lunch. Considering his friends were staring at him like a science experiment, he thought he was doing pretty well.

"Sooo…" He didn't want to start off anything on the wrong foot. Well, it was starting to look like anything he did say would probably end up a foot in the mouth.

Hilary took a vicious bite off of her crust. "You! And Kai."

"Right," Tyson was privately dismayed to feel some sort of gross fluttering sensation in his chest like the way a traitorous mushy secret would flutter. If he had one. He totally didn't have one.

Max laughed a little in a placating way that did nothing for the situation. "I think what she means to say is… er.. well."

"No, that pretty much sums it up." Tyson interjected and his pizza crust was tossed into the pile. He grabbed up another piece.

Ray looked concerned and crossed his arms. "Tyson, we're not asking you to spill all your private life to us, but maybe it would be a good idea if you got some stuff off your chest. You look like you could use it…"

Tyson's resolve to be the perfect model of denial deflated a little at that sentiment.

Kenny adjusted the pillow underneath him that looked suspiciously like the one from Gramps' soda-stained couch. "If it helps, I've read about the topic extensively in order to help answer any questions you may be harbouring…"

Everyone stared at the Chief with barely disguised horror.

"Um, okay. I don't ever want to hear about what you've read." Tyson bleated, then under his breath muttered, "E-Shakespeare is enough…"

"I'd been wondering when it would come out, but I never expected it quite like that." Kenny shifted and shifted. "Statistically speaking, high school relationships at Bay High have only lasted, on average, two weeks."

"Wow you guys only lasted half that!" Hilary blurted out and then looked cowed as the boys made shushing motions.

Tyson chewed on his new pizza slice more slowly. For some reason it tasted like cardboard. He made a face and tossed it back into the delivery box. "Chief, why do you have a statistic for everything?"

Ray shrugged and took a bite out of Tyson's discarded piece. "I'm sure he's been calculating his best way to get with Ming Ming for years."

Everyone chuckled and Kenny squawked in indignation.

Tyson fiddled with one of the dials on his amp-seat, looking uncharacteristically pensive.

"Hey," Max said getting up from his seat and slinging an arm around Tyson's shoulders. "Don't worry, Ty! Call me crazy, but I kinda had that feeling about you."

Tyson turned and grinned. His nose was almost touching Max's round freckle covered cheek. "Had feelings about me, eh?"

At least Max blushed, Tyson smirked realizing his charm was still intact even if his pride wasn't.

"Okay," Hilary said calmly while extracting the blond away from Tyson with relative ease. The long-haired teen gave her an obviously faked pout.

She patted him on the back with a bit more force than necessary. "There, there, Tyson. You know the old saying – other fish in the sea, and all that!"

"Jealous?" Tyson finally cracked his joker grin.

That made Hilary blush deeply. "I meant, some time down the road—hopefully a long road—" She muttered to herself, "You'll find new and fresh boyfriend material."

That stumped all the guys in the room, and Hilary looked dumbfounded at their blank stares. "What?" She sharply defended.

"Woah there," Tyson said with a tricky expression to understand. "No one said anything about boyfriends!"

"Oh? And then what would you call your relationship with Kai?" She fired off with her arms crossed.

"No, no, no, no…" The pony-tailed teen waved his hands wildly, "Hil, GUYS don't do relationships. I'd call it… animal instincts." He tried to seem worldly and suave by wiggling one eyebrow but it just came off as lame.

"As if, Tyson you've been mooning over the guy since day one!" The female brunette huffed and started ticking of an imaginary check list on her fingers. "Oh heeey, Kai looks pretty good in that tank top. Oohh, he plays guitar! Insert dirty joke here."

Her Tyson voice was pretty good and had everyone in stitches.

Ray chuckled. "I think what Tyson's trying to say is: it's his first crush."

"NO WAY. That's not it at all!" Tyson squawked.

"Wow, this is probably the first time I've seen you all red!" Ray pointed out. They all relished in seeing his tan cheeks actually flush in embarrassment. Tyson laughed but it was kind of true.

The teens cleaned up the remnants of the pizza lunch and hung around for a while just digesting. Tyson had plugged in his guitar and begun strumming notes, not quite remembering the tune.

Max watched him with a small smile tinged with a bit of sourness. "Hey Ty, you sure you'll be okay?"

The blue haired teen looked up and breathed in deep. His friends had seemed happy with whatever answers they'd gotten out of him. Tyson didn't think he'd owned up to that much, but maybe it was written all over his face.

"Yeah, Max, I'm cool."

Hilary gave a long sigh that came with the heavy burden of being socially aware. "Now the whole school knows Kai dumped you."

"I guess…but," Tyson agreed, not realizing he looked pretty forlorn. "We were never really together."

"Are you gonna torment him more?" Ray asked out of the blue.

"What?" Tyson replied, irritated.

"Well, I mean, if I had a um, significant other, and they kept blowing kisses at me everyday I'd get a bit–" Ray searched for the right word. "Strained."

"Stunned?" Hilary wondered.

"Stressed." Max supplied helpfully.

"Sexually-frustrated!" Kenny joined in and everyone shot him weird looks. "What?" He huffed, face now dark red and buried his nose in his laptop.

Ray shook his hair out of his eyes and continued, "If they kissed me in front of everyone and I couldn't reciprocate–"

"Cause PDAs are SCARY!" Max shuddered and then explained at Hilary's questioning look. "Public Displays of Affection."

She nodded vigorously – she knew that.

"Yeah," Ray plowed on. "Well, I guess I would be… strained."

"Oh," the guitar player didn't have words. He plucked at a string aimlessly.

The conversation dropped off awkwardly. Tyson wasn't sure if he should turn Ray's scenario around in his mind a bit more, or to just ignore everything altogether. He wasn't about hiding who he was. He was an open book, and he enjoyed being able to share all that he was to anyone he met. Tyson was proud that his hopes and dreams weren't a mystery.

And of course, Kai was the complete opposite.

"So um... who do you think's uh, you know… cute?"

Everyone stopped their ministrations to stare at Max. The blond turned red at Hilary's suspicious eye.

Tyson started to laugh. His small chuckles got louder and louder until he was slapping his knee and doubled over.

The rest of the band members smiled at the scene, happy the exuberance had returned to Tyson's spirit.

"Ray is, naturally. Every girl likes him." Hilary said as a matter-of-factly.

"It's true." Kenny supplied. That made Tyson snort in amusement.

Max let out a loud disgruntled sound. "Thanks a lot for mentioning me!"

"You're welcome." The girl replied with a sly grin.

Tyson rolled his eyes with a half-smile.

Things were fine, just fine. The winter assembly was just around the corner, and come Monday morning he would get to sleep in because of the holidays. They were going to win.

Now it wasn't like they'd been dating or anything, but wasn't there a rule you were supposed to wait a couple days before calling or making a move?

Tyson wasn't completely sure, but after being dead bored of hibernating until past noon and eating cardboard-y ice cream for the first half of the week, he decided to venture outside.

And then ran right back in to get some warmer clothes.

The ponytailed teen pulled on some winter gloves and jumped onto his bike. Hiro was around because the holiday season acted like some kind of homing beacon on adventuring twenty-something year olds looking for home cooked meals. Too bad Gramps had gotten a new cookbook from one of his friends down at the kendo supplies shop and was planning to make a completely Hawaiian style feast.

Tyson snickered to himself, feeling better than he had in a while as the icy wind drew itself in circles across his face.

It only made sense that he climbed the gate to the Hiwatari house while at his one hundred percent best. He'd even stuck Dragoon into his backpack along with his other weapons against the beast known as Kai's Temper.

The neighbourhood Kai lived in was just passed the school in the other direction, so Tyson had rode through his fiftieth slush puddle by the time he'd reached the affluent homes. Most of the large houses were decked out way more than just the halls. Twinkling lights filled the grayish afternoon air and one lawn even had a light up snowman that moved.

Rolling to a stop in front of the Hiwatari residence was kind of like riding through another slush puddle. It was bleak and without garland, the black gate all bolted up and no cars in sight. Usually the streets and driveways were packed with visiting family and friends, but it was pretty apparent that not a mouse was stirring in this house. Kai had probably gone away for the holidays.

Shrugging, Tyson leaned his bike against the brick at the side and rubbed his hands together. There was a hedge that looked prickly. The bars of the gate ran vertically and were slicked with frost and ice. The brick wall that was attached to the gate didn't extend far enough.

"Hmm…" Tyson tilted his head left and right.

There was the tree closer to the street that had a branch that could technically suspend him over the gate. It could also potentially suspend him then break to let him be speared to death.

Tyson took a deep breath and tightened the straps to his backpack. He put one foot onto the tree and then grabbed a low branch. It creaked. Gingerly, he reached up to the next branch, took another step up. It creaked even more.

"Shiiiit!" Tyson whined, halfway up the tree and hanging on with all his might.

An engine roared from somewhere behind him and the sound flared up as it passed by, slush splattered all over the backs of his jeans and shoes.

Tyson whipped around, growling at the jerk who'd sabotaged his break in.

"Hey you!"

Creeeeak. Crack!

He fell off the tree, branch in hand.

"I've died." Tyson whimpered, seeing stars from his prone spot on the sidewalk.

The idiot who'd splashed him came closer; the rumbling of the engine getting so loud Tyson was sure his head was going to be road kill. He prayed for his baseball cap to find another soul mate.

Kai stared down at him, seated on a fire red motorcycle. He narrowed his eyes. "Are you trying to break into my house?"

"No, I'm Santa Claus," was the first thing that came out of Tyson's mouth.

Kai just snorted and turned off the engine. "And I'm the Grinch."

Tyson couldn't help the sharp bark of laughter that left his lips as he sat up. He cocked his head. "You said it, not me."

Kai didn't say anything, just got off his sweet ride and went to open the gate. The metallic clang of the key turning in the lock was the only sound on the serene street, and it echoed.

Kai lifted one hand to the bars and didn't move it, didn't look around. "Tyson, I don't want to talk to you."

"W-Well, good!" Tyson bit out. "'Cause neither do I!"

Kai shot him an annoyed look that spoke so many more words than Kai spoke in a month. Really, it wasn't hard to see that Kai didn't want to talk to anyone, ever.

They glared at each other.

Tyson fiddled and then got up, since sitting on the cold cement with a branch in his hand was kind of lame.

Kai tilted his head then a slow ominous smile curved up one side of his lips. "I did want to see you."

Kai's taller shadow fell overtop him like a blanket of snow as he walked right up into his face and lightly brushed the pads of his fingers over Tyson's cheekbone. The bruise there had faded away. His lip was still sore and a bit cracked, but the biking around in the cold weather hadn't helped much.

"Yeah?" Tyson asked, voice low and eyelids half lowered. "Did you want to touch me too?"

The sly smile dropped right off Kai's face turning him into a statue, cold and stock still, and his frozen fingertips melting onto Tyson's warm cheek.

Tyson could see himself reflected in Kai's eyes, they were so close. The younger teen thought he looked pretty hot. Irresistible. Or was that Kai?

A frosty cloud of breath escaped Tyson's lips and disappeared before it hit Kai's bangs. The taller teen's eyebrows clashed and the fingers on Tyson's cheek became a cold palm flattened against his nose.

"Mphff." Tyson complained into Kai's hand.

Kai squinted and mashed Tyson's face until he was backed up against the prickly hedge.

"What do you want?" Kai demanded, with a neat little evasion to the question Tyson had asked.

"Hfffhmhgg." Tyson said.

Kai lifted his hand away with caution. "Say that again."

Tyson huffed. "If you'd keep your hands off me for one second, MAYBE you'd get an ans—"

Annnd the hands were back.

"Look." Kai said through gritting teeth, his fingers squeezing Tyson's shoulders through the thick red jacket. "You had your laughs. There's no reason to keep…" He trailed off and looked angry. "To stalk me."

"I'm not stalking you!" Tyson's blue eyes widened at the outrageousness.

"And what do you call trying to sneak into my house?" Kai did not sound amused.

"I didn't think you were home."

The face Kai made was priceless.

"Kai," Tyson said simply, the way his voice curved around the syllables making it sound like he was teasing.


"Can I come over?"

"Don't touch anything." Kai growled as they left their wet shoes at the front door.

There'd never been any heating from what Tyson had seen of Kai's personal shack around the side, so it made sense he couldn't hang out in there during the past few weeks. The temperature had seemed to dip and hadn't had the chance to thaw.

Kai led them up the stairs and Tyson remembered being shoved down them that one time.

He smiled at the memory.

There really was something wrong with him.

Kai slammed open his bedroom door and flung his sweater aside which messed up his already crazy hair, then fell face forward into the bed mattress.

Tyson's eyebrows rose as he appraised Kai's tight tank that had been underneath. Then he caught himself staring with way too much interest and, oh man, Hilary was right about him. He was really…


Tyson threw down his backpack and immediately looked around the room for something else to admire and a grin almost split his face when he spied Kai's guitar propped up to the side.

He jogged over to the arm chair it was resting against and picked it up, strumming a few notes.

"I thought I said—" Came Kai's tired but angry voice from the bed.

"Shhhsh." Tyson placated with a few chords. "I brought you chocolate."

Silence erupted from somewhere near Kai's head.

"It's in my bag."

Tyson played a different tune while he willed himself not to watch Kai's pale arm stretch out to grab the bag and root around inside.

A few moments later he heard chewing. It was cute.

Kai picked another small chocolate from the gift box and popped it in his mouth without any sign of joy on his face. But he must have been enjoying them anyway, because he'd somehow gotten comfortable enough to inspect the contents of Tyson's bag.

Random wrappers and receipts, some pens, cell phone, gum… all were tossed on the floor carelessly. He pulled out Dragoon and stopped.

Tyson began a new melody.

"You're playing your father's song, y'know." Kai said ruefully from his reclined position.

It was a little weird to see the Hiwatari Mystery looking so relaxed, but then again, Tyson wasn't about to complain when Kai was relaxing in his company, saying cryptic things. It was normal and it almost made their situation seem like it was normal. He could get behind that.

The beyblader's shirt, which obviously had way too high a percentage of spandex content, had ridden up exposing his lower back and his tattoo. Tyson aimlessly strummed a chord, his blue eyes keenly trained on the colours etched into Kai's pale skin.

"If you ever become famous you'll end up just like your father and brother." Kai's voice was so weighed down with sarcasm it seemed a little like bravado.

"You mean I'll live alone and become completely boring?" Tyson laughed out the side of his grin. "Don't tell me you won't end up that way too!"

Kai didn't say anything else and picked up Dragoon to stare at.

It suddenly hit him that Kai was trying to decipher what Tyson thought of the future. But that wasn't right. Tyson only ever talked about how he wanted to be a star with his music talents and tried to get his friends in on the fun. Kai knew what he wanted to do.

And he wasn't exactly friends with Kai. They were something a little bit more complicated. Just a little.

And that meant what Kai was really asking about relationships.

Tyson blinked rapidly, wondering if he was going crazy. Seeing Kai stare at his beyblade should have been funny, and maybe cute. Definitely not an alarm that 'Kai Hiwatari wants to know if we have a future' signal.

But it was.

Tyson flopped back into the armchair and hummed the melody of the song they'd been practicing. He laughed a little to himself and shook his hair out of his eyes.

"It's the same tune you're playing too."

Because he knew; Kai's father had given him his guitar and his mother had given him his beyblade; they were the same but opposite. Kai was the reflection of what Tyson could have been, and he was the reflection of what Kai wanted to be.

Or be with.

"So…" Tyson bit the side of his lower lip for the briefest moment before Kai's red eyes flickered over to glare at him.

"Does this mean I'm un-dumped?"

Kai's glared intensified, if that were possible. Tyson felt his heart flutter in excitement and knew it was a telltale sign he was definitely, certifiably insane.

"Who dumped you?" Kai grunted and shoved Dragoon into his pocket.

"Ohhh, I get it." Tyson rolled off the squashy chair and smirked, though in the back of his head realized that Hilary's impression of him was really good.

Tyson set aside the guitar and crawled over to the foot of the bed near Kai's feet hanging off it. "I was never dumped in the first place, huh?"

Kai didn't even bother to continue looking at him. Instead he stared up at the ceiling. "Don't you have to be dating someone in order to be dumped?"

Tyson cocked his head and dug his elbows onto the cushy mattress. "I figured that was the way it happened. Sooo… I guess it's a pretty good thing I'm not dating anyone since I'd hate being dumped."

Kai raised one large eyebrow at the stuccoed ceiling. That ceiling was obviously a funny guy.

For a long time neither of the teens said anything. Tyson rested his chin on his crossed arms, a calm smile stretched across his lips as he watched Kai's eyebrows tick up and down.

Kai opened his mouth…and then closed it again.

Tyson rolled his eyes as he sighed and climbed up onto the bed to lie next to Kai. The older teen tensed up so much it was visible, his pale fists clenched atop his stomach.

Kai was a mystery, he really was, because Tyson could look at that straight nose and stubborn frown and tightly wound muscles and baggy pants and face paint and freaking two toned hair and still not figure out why he wanted to be dating Kai Hiwatari.

Tyson rolled onto his side to find himself looking into Kai's ear.

"Is that an earring?" He whispered, in one long drawn out breath of laughter, "You are soooo gaa—"

And then Kai rolled over on top of him and kissed him.

The taunt died on Tyson's lips because Kai crushed them with his own.

His mind zoomed back to that day when they'd been reversed. Kai pressed down harder, his chin hitting Tyson's as he opened his mouth and Tyson groaned because, he tasted chocolate. It was so good.

Kai's hands clawed at the soft sides of Tyson's ribs, and for once not being clamped down, the captured teen tunneled his fingers through that dark hair.

The breath caught in Kai's throat when Tyson tugged, so he tugged harder and then licked at Kai's lip. He could feel himself get more excited than he'd ever felt before. His heart beating so fast, because of the anger that Kai had shut him up, because of the way Kai's arms locked around his waist.

Because of the mystery, the inevitability, the fact that it was Kai.

Kai pulled back just enough to look him clearly in the eye, their breathe ghosting across each other's mouths. "Don't. Say. A. Word."

Tyson thrust up and hooked a leg around the other teen, holding him in place. "Shut up." He replied and yanked him back down.

Kai answered by raking his blunt fingernails down Tyson's sides. Through the material of his sweater it felt like tingling trails, like the sensation of heat returning to an ice cold numb limb. Nerves on fire, he could feel every single suddenly itchy fiber of his sweater. He felt strangled and twitched from side to side until Kai decided to unzip the stifling thing. The dual haired teen pushed Tyson's t-shirt up to his armpits for good measure.

"Why'd you come back here?" Kai whispered harshly against his neck, teeth grazing.

Tyson shuddered, feeling a hand that definitely was not his own flatten over the front of his tight jeans. "I guess— the same re-Aa-reason—You let me in."

The button to his pants was silently popped open, the zipper to his fly pulled down. He breathed deeply trying to will Kai to go lower still and put him out of his misery.

"And what reason was that?" Kai whispered again, suddenly having so much to say.

Tyson turned his head, their noses touched, and said, "Because I missed you."

That had been the right answer, he was sure, because he barely had time to grin cockily before Kai kissed him. This time they sank back down into the mattress not caring about coming back up for air. The beyblader's hand found its way back to Tyson's lap and gently rubbed over the front of his fly. Up and down, up over his bare stomach and down to the inside of his thigh.

Tyson snuck his hands underneath the tightness of Kai's shirt, gliding over the smooth skin. Strangely enough, it was easier than anything he'd ever done in his entire life to get Kai's shirt off.

Kai said something low under his breath, out of breath, and Tyson answered him.

Outside the bay window, the night sky was an inky midnight blue. Points of light glinting like glitter flung across a velvet sheet. Soon they'd all be turning into stars.

End Track

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