Non of the Harry Potter characters belong to me, I have only borrowed them

None of the Harry Potter characters belong to me, I have only borrowed them.

Second time Love.

Chapter One.

Hermione Jane Weasley struggled from the blood speckled bed as her husband of thirty two years slammed the bedroom door shut, standing in front of the wardrobe mirror she looked down at her bruised and battered body, if she had to leave the house today she was going to require quite a few glamour charms to cover all the cuts and bruises this time.

The bruises on her thighs made when her husband had forced her to submit to him yet again were large and painful, as were the imprints of his fists on her rib cage, the cut below her left eye still dripped blood.

She was sore and painful between her legs inside, and out side as well, but she would have to suffer that for now.

Waving her wand over the more painful areas Hermione did the best she could with healing charms, hopefully today was going to be the last time she would allow Ronald Bilius Weasley to treat her like a punch bag, today she was certain that all the secret work she had been doing for the last ten years would be complete. Tears of relief almost of joy fell down her cheeks as she thought 'today was the last time'.

Hermione had been working every free minute she was able, each day after Ron left for work she would open what looked like her old school trunk, and climb inside where there was a magically created room, all her secret books and purchases lined the shelves that covered most of the walls. Carefully almost lovingly she removed her latest acquisition, Hedwig Harry's owl had somehow found it for her just a few weeks ago, and as usual the owl had waited until Ron had left the house before delivering it. Hermione had thanked the stars for the intelligence of Hedwig, and for whoever it was that was helping her, she thought it might be George Weasley but she had no way of knowing for sure. She was sure that with out that help she would never have been able to get to where she was.

Hedwig had turned up ten years ago, just two days after Harry had been murdered, Hermione knew that Ron had been the one who had shot Harry, though where he got his hands on a Muggle gun she had no idea. That and she had no real proof that her husband was a murderer; she had just put all the clues together.

The ministry said that Harry had been shot by a Muggle mugger who had tried to rob him, but there had been clues for those looking in the right place, Harry died shot in the back of the head, just two weeks after his wife Ginny had turned up at Ron and Hermione's front door threatening to kill Hermione, she had told them when they had managed to calm her down enough, that Harry had left her after an argument and him admitting he had been in love with Hermione since they set Sirius free in their third year at school, he had also said he only married Ginny because Hermione was with Ron, and it was expected of him by almost all the people he knew, he had never actually loved anyone other than Hermione.

Hermione in her joy at the knowledge that Harry loved her had made what she thought was the worst mistake of her entire life that evening, after Ron left to take Ginny home she wrote Harry a note, and in it she told him she had always loved him and always would, she wrote and told him she had married Ron because she thought he loved Ginny, she told him a little of her life at the hands of the monster she had married.

The mistake was giving the letter to Ron's owl pig to deliver and forgetting to tell the owl to give it to Harry personally. The owl delivered the letter to Harry's house just as it usually did with mail, it delivered it while Ron was still there and dropped the letter on the table, Ginny read the letter then handed it to Ron.

The day Harry died Ron had beaten Hermione once again, and took her wand away, leaving her unable to heal herself and locked in their bedroom, she remembered wishing that one of her children would visit but they rarely did, they had seen Ron's violence and had turned out just like him.

Ron had once again gloated on the fact that he, the supposedly thick Ronald Weasley, had fooled the great Harry Potter for years, he had hated Harry Potter almost as much as Malfoy did, but being best friend of the boy who lived had paid high dividends, so Ron had cultured the so called friendship even fooling Hermione. Then with an odd look of satisfaction Ron had left the house at his normal time, he had how ever arrived at work nearly an hour later than normal, Harry's body was discovered that evening in a back alley where it had lain all day undisturbed.

Hermione looked down at the cauldron in front of her, it had taken three months but today the potion was ready, her reflection glittered back at her from the golden surface of the bubbling potion, the colour was perfect and she was confident in her abilities, if the book was right then today she was going to be with Harry once again.

Slowly and carefully she ladled the contents of the cauldron in to a goblet, then placed it on the small work bench in front of her, she lovingly stroked the worn leather cover of the book lying next to the goblet, then opened it up. Turning to page five hundred and four she began to read the words out loud, when she had finished reading the ritual she pointed her wand at her self and swirled it to the left four times then swirled it to the right eight times as she reread the words from the book. Then taking her wand she waved it up and down gently over the goblet, repeating the words 'inclino tergum aetas' as she tapped the goblet and carefully counted thirty seven taps of her wand on the side of the goblet.

Hermione picked up the glowing goblet, today she would be reunited with Harry one way or the other, if the magic had failed she would soon be with him in death, either way she would be better off than she was in this miserable life she was now trapped in. Slowly she lifted the goblet to her lips and began to drink without pause, having emptied the goblet she placed it down next to the book then pointing her wand at her self one more time she repeated the words 'inclino tergum aetas'.

The pain was more excruciating than the cruciatus curse and the golden light that filled her vision was blinding, for a few brief moments Hermione Weasley thought that she had failed, then the darkness overwhelmed her and she felt herself slipping away from the world of the living.

When Hermione's eyes refocused she was watching as the evil Umbridge was being taken away by the centaurs.

The relief that flooded through her as she realised her spell and ritual had worked was almost overwhelming, for a few moments she forgot the danger they were in from the angry centaurs, then just as she remembered they were rescued by Hagrid's half brother Grawp.

As she and Harry made their way out of the forest Hermione felt her younger self taking control again, it seemed an odd situation as she talked to herself explaining that she only wanted to help, she begged her younger self to allow her control of their body while she took them to Grimmauld place where she would have time to explain things properly, young Hermione wanted to know how and why right there and then until the older Hermione used her trump card.

'You love the boy don't you, then you can't let him go to the ministry, Voldemort is there waiting' she told herself 'and we don't have time for explanations yet, I promise if after I tell you what's happening you want me out I will leave you alone'

Young Hermione confused by what was taking place in her head but still determined to help and protect Harry finally relaxed and let this unusual side of her take over.

"Harry, Harry hold it," Hermione said panting.

Harry stopped running and looked around at his best friend "Come on Hermione we have to get to the Ministry I have to help Sirius," he said anxiously.

Hermione reached out her hand to him and Harry grabbed it and tried to pull her along.

"Harry wait," she said as she wrapped an arm around him, then with a crack she apparated them to Grimmauld place.

Harry's eyes were wide as he stared around him at his surroundings "How did you, Why did you do that?" he asked amazement showing in his voice.

"Sirius is not at the ministry, he's here at number twelve, probably feeding Buckbeak, Kreacher lied to you Harry, he's not your elf he can tell you anything he wants," Hermione said as she walked toward number twelve.

Just a few minutes later they were sitting in the kitchen of number twelve with Sirius, Harry was explaining to him what had been happening, while Harry talked to Sirius, Hermione spoke to her self and explained that she had come from the future; she revealed her memories to the younger Hermione to prove she was telling the truth.

'So if you don't agree that I can be of great help then you can just kick me out, if on the other hand you do agree and allow it to happen, then we will merge and become one, you will know all that I know, all the magic, all the potions all the memories, what ever you decide there is no way back for me' Hermione told her younger self.

Young Hermione did not take long to think it over, she loved Harry and would do anything she could to help him, also she did not want to live the life she had been shown, she at first thought it impossible that their best friend Ron could be the way her older self had revealed, but after thinking about it her faith in Ron began to waver, so she made the decision she would willingly give up her life if it brought happiness to Harry, and besides if her older self was right making Harry happy would have the effect of making herself happy as well.

Voldemort struck at Harry again just after the arrival of Dumbledore and several other members of the order of the phoenix, as Harry writhed in agony seeing visions of Sirius being tortured, Hermione heard her older self encouraging her to kiss Harry for all she was worth.

"Voldemort is waiting with his death eaters for Harry at the department of mysteries in the ministry," Hermione told Dumbledore as she turned to Sirius.

Dumbledore organised the order members into a small fighting force and gave orders for them to disapparate to the ministry, as Sirius and Remus stood to go Hermione grabbed Sirius by his wrist "Harry needs you more than they do," she told him.

Getting some of the remaining order members to hold Harry still, Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry's neck, then to the shock and surprise of those in the room she kissed him with all the passion she had built up inside, she gently rubbed her tongue across his bottom lip until she began to get a response, then suddenly she found Harry kissing her back fiercely.

Harry began to laugh as they broke the kiss to gasp at some air, "Hermione, I love you!" Harry declared laughing loudly, then he kissed her again.

Again Harry laughed when they broke the kiss "Hermione you just gave Voldemort the most pain he has ever felt in his entire life," he said still laughing.

Harry was still being held by Remus, Sirius, and Tonks and Hermione still had her arms around his neck, she saw in his eyes his sudden realisation of what had happened as it reached through his confusion, he stretched his neck upward to give her another more gentle and obviously love filled kiss, Sirius looked around at those in the room who were all staring wide eyed at the young couple, then nodding at Remus and Tonks he let go of Harry and moved quietly away.

Wrapping his arms gently around Hermione Harry finished the kiss then explained that through the connection Voldemort had opened with him, all the love that they shared had suddenly overwhelmed Voldemort's control and allowed the love to flow into his evil soul causing him to curl up on the floor in agony.

"I don't think he will be trying to use that method again," Harry said chuckling.

Hermione slowly unwrapped her arms from Harry's neck as Sirius chuckled and winked at her, "That was some kiss eh Harry?"

Hermione's face turned red as she realised what she had done, looking around she saw all those there were grinning, all but one that is, Mrs Weasley did not look at all happy, Hermione could only surmise that the older woman had thought that she and Ron belonged together, the thought made her shiver.

Dumbledore returned around thirty minutes later with the news that he had fought Voldemort in the atrium of the ministry in front of Fudge and several members of the Wizengamont, he then began to question them, he wanted to know why she had kissed Harry, and what had given her the idea, he also wanted to know from Harry just what had happened with Voldemort, he also wanted to know how they had arrived at Grimmauld place.

Hermione was very grateful when Sirius put an end to the questions by insisting that any questions be left until Harry had had a sleep and recovered from his ordeal. Together hand in hand Harry and Hermione walked up the stairs to the rooms they had used earlier in the year.

Outside her room Harry took both Hermione's hands in his, after giving her a gentle kiss he said "We need to talk in the morning." Letting go of her he turned and walked to his own room, Hermione watched him until he closed his bedroom door, turning slowly she walked into her own room and was in bed and asleep within minutes.

The merger of the two Hermione's souls seemed to take the form of a dream, as Hermione slept the merger began, the older Hermione's memories and the younger souls memories all began to merge, life in the tent during the hunt for the Horcruxes, the battle of Hogwarts and Voldemort's defeat, her wedding to Ron, the beatings and all that went with them, then Harry's murder and all that came after all flashed through the dream as the souls joined together. Then their magic merged and the room had a blue white glow filling it for a few seconds. When Hermione woke from the dream she was still the younger girl she had always been but with the memories of her older self. The two separate souls had become one. For the first few minutes she was rather confused by it all but gradually everything began to fall into place and feeling rather happy about having kissed Harry she fell back into a refreshing sleep where she dreamt about Harry and a lot of kissing.