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Yes, this is very short, but there will be plenty more coming soon. It just felt right to end it there.




A hot mouth trailed kisses down his throat, not in an act of devotion, but of possession, the lips pressing fiercely into his skin, leaving both kisses and tiny nips in equal measure, and he moaned in delight. Nothing existed for him besides those skillful lips that were wreaking havoc on his body.

"Mine," the owner of those lips growled fiercely.

"Yours," he assured breathlessly, not sure of who it was, or even the gender of the person in question, but completely sure that he belonged to whomever it was, completely and totally. A deep, slow kiss pressed gently into his lips was his reward for his automatic reassurance. He wrapped his fingers into the messy black tangles that wouldn't straighten, no matter how much effort was put into it as his lips were ravaged, then the head pulled away, kissing back down his neck, sucking gently on the ridge created by his collarbone. The lips trailed teasingly downward, spending long minutes playing with his navel before continuing, hovering tantalizingly over his stiff flesh before-

He woke with a start as the dawn light crept in through the poorly closed curtains straight into his eyes. 'Damn, I hate waking up at dawn. And I was just getting to the good part, too.' He had been having these dreams about the mysterious person making love to him all summer, and since he was bi, he didn't even have that to narrow their identity. All he had to go on was black hair and bright eyes. It was rather frustrating, but he had long ago ceased worrying about it. He sighed, and leaned over to touch the panel that alerted the house-elves that he required something.

"Can Listy be getting you's anything, Master Draco, sir?"

"You can get me breakfast. And see to it that whomever forgot to close the curtains last night is chastised."

"Of course, Master Draco, sir. Listy is so sorry you's was wakened, Master Draco, sir. Listy will sees to it immediately." And the elf popped out again.