The next morning we all were prepared to leave. Jasper had found one of his friends to run the inn while we were away, saying it was a family emergency and Rose had already left. Emmett left first, with a pack of food and his horse. He was all set to gather who/whatever he could to rescue our friends. Then it was time for us. The only things we had besides food was a change of clothes and some tools, like knives and stuff.

"Bella, are you ready to go?" Jasper asked, walking into my room. We had decided to move all of the items belonging to Edward and Alice into my room and we were going to lock it so no one, besides us, could open it.

"As ready as I'll ever be. Do you remember where Emmett said he saw signs of struggle?" I asked, pulling my bag over my shoulders. I followed Jasper down the stairs and into the main room, attracting many stares for the way I was dressed. I had decided to wear my 'boy' clothes, since they were much easier to move around in. The clothes had originally been Emmett's, but I had worked long and hard, and they now fit me perfectly. I had also added many pockets to the pants, so I could carry more things. But whenever I wore the clothes people stared; since women never wore men's clothing. Although women rarely wear dresses anymore, but they generally had more feminine clothes.

Jasper noticed how the patrons of the inn were staring and hurried out as fast as he could. The path he took lead us straight to the dress shop, where there was obvious evidence of someone, most likely Rosalie, being dragged. This is where we were going to start out trail. I placed a small pile of rocks at the beginning, so Emmett would know where we had started. The path that they had taken was not hidden at all, so we just walked out of the town. Once we reached the forest, I arranged another pile of rocks.

"Bella. I found where the three met up." Jasper said, and I looked over to see how he could tell. The ground was slightly damp under the trees, and there were three distinct pairs of footsteps walking into the patch, but six pairs walking out. Meaning they were on foot. At least, at this point of their journey they were. The next hour was spent following the footsteps and laying out the path for my brother to follow whenever he got back from gathering reinforcements.

"Jasper, we have a problem." I said. I was in the front since I knew how to track much better than he had ever had a chance to learn. "They got on horses. So they are probably extremely far ahead of us, but it seems as though they are just going to follow this path. So lets just keep on walking and keeping an eye out for any change of path."

"But what if they don't? What if we end up going in the totally opposite direction of them? And then we might never find my sister again. Or Alice and Edward." Jasper said.

"Then what do you propose we do, just sit here and wait until the magically reappear in front of us? Because if we do that, there is no way in hell we are going to get any of them back. So either you follow me, or I will go on alone." My voice steadily rose through out my rant.

"I wasn't saying we should just stay here. Just that we shouldn't assume they are following the path. Because if they know someone is following them they would probably not follow the given path.SO we should continue following the tracks, even if they are on the trail. And not the trail, because then we might miss the tracks." Jasper said, and I could feel him trying to calm me down. I didn't know why I was so worked up though. I mean, sure I wanted to get my friends back. But I am usually calm when faced with a problem, I don't start throwing hissy fits when it suits my needs.

"Okay. So we agree to follow the tracks, that are currently following the trail." I said. Jasper nodded. "Let's get going then."

We continued walking, and I showed him the many different signs I knew. I also pointed out different animal tracks, like rabbits and even a wolf. In a couple hours, instead of me leading Jasper- Jasper was leading me. But I didn't care, it just meant I didn't have to watch for the trail.


"Bella. I think we have a problem." Jasper sounded a bit panicked.

"Why? What happened?" I asked. He pointed at the ground ahead of him. The tracks had split, but there were 3 sets on each of the two. Which either meant they met people here, or they had gone down one path, and then backtracked. But they had been careful to make sure that they went back over their prints, so as to confuse anyone who followed them. Meaning they expected to be followed.

"I guess the only choice we have is to follow one set until they stop. Or we could split up. Whichever you prefer." I said calmly. It didn't really matter which way. As long as we could leave a marker for Emmett to follow once he got back.

"I think the best course of action would be to split up. Because one of these trails must end, so whoever picks the wrong one can backtrack and direct Emmett in the right direction. And maybe still catch up to the other." Jasper replied. "You can pick first."

"Why me, you should pick." I replied, not wanting to be the one who picked the wrong path.

"Ladies first though, so just pick one." He said, and I knew we were at a stand off.

"Well, you should respect the wishes of the lady in question."

"Well, you should just pick a path already."

"Nope. I don't want to."

"How about I spin you around until you count to 10, and where ever you are facing is the direction you go? And I go the other path." He said, still trying to make me pick.

"I'm just going down this path. If I hit the dead end I will try and catch up with you. If I don't, then you can catch up to me." I said. Best be a leader and take charge. I walked down the path to my left, and I heard Jasper sigh and then he started down the other. "See you in a bit Jasper." I yelled, laughing as he grumbled about stuck-up women.


It was twilight when i decided to set up camp for the night. My trail hadn't stopped yet, but I didn't know if it would or not. The only way I could be sure is if Jasper caught up, or if I hit the end. I glanced into the trees, trying to find a good spot to sleep. The dark trees didn't look inviting, and I still had enough light to see, so I didn't stop. Ahead I could see a clearing to the side of the trail, with a creek running through it. With the thought of clean running water in my mind I started taking longer strides to reach it faster.

Once arriving in the clearing, I put my bag down next to a clump of rocks. I needed to check the perimeter before feeling safe enough to start doing anything. About halfway around the outside edge, I saw a deer. It's head whipped up when it saw me, and it turned to run. Instead of being out of my sight in a few seconds it fell, and I saw it's leg was caught in a hunters trap, the kind made of rope that wraps around the animals leg. Cautiously I crept up to it, not wanting to alarm it any further. Once reaching it, I decided to pull the trap out of the ground instead of touching the deer it was attached to. I pulled the stick, but it wouldn't budge. So I put all my weight on it and pushed. It came out of the ground, but I overbalanced and fell.

What I hadn't seen behind the trapped deer, was another type of trap. A big gigantic hole in the ground. So I fell, straight down into it. I landed on something soft,which started moving, and I realized it was an animal. I quickly crawled to the other side of the pit, and looked at my neighbor. My scream echoed out of the pit, and I hit the floor before it had died away.

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