Me: Here's another story

Me: Here's another story

Smokey: is shadow in it

Me: Yes

Smokey: Candy doesn't own Sonic and his characters, they belong to SEGA

Me: Let the story begin

Knothole High School for Sonic Peoples

Chapter 1: Ahhhhh the Horror!

Ages of the characters and their grades: I'll list some later!

Sonic: 16/ grade 11

Amy: 15/ grade 11

Tails: 13/ grade 11

It was a wonderful day in Knothole. The birds were singing their morning songs. But the animals living in the huts were in complete horror. That's because, they looked noticed that today was the first day, of school. Oh my god yelled Sonic as he looked at the calendar. What's wrong Sonic, asked Tails, who was excited for this day to come.

What's wrong, it's the first day of school, that's wrong, complained Sonic. Why you always get into a horror streak on the first day of school, asked Tails. Well it's because I always end up in the same classes with that emo, Shadow. So he's the only one you don't like at school. Well there's Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, Scourge, Fiona, (at her name Tails growls) that teacher Eggman, Metal Sonic, and that Bob guy. Okay, but what about Amy asked Tails. Are you kidding she's hot, exclaimed Sonic. Smokey, asked Tails. She's okay but does get on my nerves, said Sonic. Candy or Flora, asked Tails again. WHAT'S UP WITH YOU AND ASKING ABOUT GIRLS, yelled Sonic. Uh nothing, hey how about we get dressed, said Tails. Good idea, said Sonic running up to his room. Sonic ran into his closet and picked out a shirt that said, YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!, a pair of black skinny jeans, and skater shoes. While Tails had on a green "American Eagle" shirt, with some normal jeans, and green/white Nike. Then both of them went to the bus stop.


Amy woke up and stretched. She knew what day it was. It was the worst day of her life, the first day of school. Oh great, sighed Amy. Another year to get bullied by Sally! She put on a red Hollister shirt, a pair of blue jeans with holes in them, a pair of red Nike.