So this is Jake and Reneesme, when they finally "hook up" or whatever you want to call it. Just to let you know, I'm not a fan of either Jake or Nessie, so I'm not sure as to how far it will go, or what I will do with it. I have never wrote in either one's view before, so bear with me and rate it. If you want me to continue, please send me a PM to let me know, and I will work on it, when I find the time to.

So read this with an open mind, and remember it is my fanfiction, so I can make it as crazy as I want. Enjoy! Disclaimer- I do not own Twilight or any of the characters, no matter how much I wish I did.

Nessie is all grown up. We're pretending she's very rebellious and likes to talk normally as well.

Nessie's POV-

"Hey, Nessie, did you know your nickname mean lamb?"

"In what language?" I asked turning around to face him.

"Oh ugh.. I'm not sure but I know it means lamb. And to think Bella thought I named you after the Lock Ness Monster!"

"I like being named after the Lock Ness Monster. Lamb is just so... innocent." I mumbled.

"Yes, I think the term monster fits you well. You could never be as innocent as you are now."

"Hey..!" I yelled. "Catch me if you can, Jakey!!"

I started running, laughing my head of as I went. We were farther away from my house now going more and more towards the forest.

"Got you, Nessie!" Jake said, pulling me lightly to the ground. I leaned up a little and bit his neck.

"Hey..! That's not fair..!" He muttered, rubbing his collar.

I laughed, getting up to my feet. I decided to use my other way of "talking". When I was younger, I preferred speaking this way, through contact but like other things, I grew out of it quickly. It got old, I guess. But sometimes in cases like this, it was convenient.

I touched Jake's arm, with my hand, my bronze hair blowing in the light wind. I showed him what I wanted.

I showed him and me playing in the field, him chasing after me. Jake running again, cowering over me, playing again. Always playing. I wanted something more… something more...sufficient? I couldn't find the right word. But I knew I wanted Jake more than anything, and right now much much more than him being my friend.

Jakes POV-

I rubbed my neck, from the place where Nessie bit me. It stung a little, but by now I was used to it.

While rubbing, I felt her warm hand place on my shoulder. So she was using her other "talking" way, huh? I knew her not using it was just a phase.

She showed us playing in the field, me on top of her, always playing. She wanted something more? What more could she want? Oh. Oh...

That's what she wanted. Nessie wanted something more than friendship. Well, I didn't mind that.

I remembered back to the time when I used to think being around imprinted people was annoying. But it seemed like more and more of the "pack" or my old pack anyways seemed to imprint more. Maybe it was just like falling in love, only in the werewolf type way? Maybe everyone who was meant to fall in love, imprinted? And those who just never found that right someone?

This theory had me chewing on ends. I knew exactly that the imprinting thing wasn't true. I knew of two people who were in love, but didn't imprint- Leah and myself - Two of the three wolves that made up the "pack" that I was alpha in. We both "joined" this pack, for our loved ones- me, trying to protect expectant Bella from the wolves, and Leah, trying to run away from Sam.

But when I imprinted, my love for Bella went away. That entire scenario dissolved. I loved Reneesme now, and I would do anything for her. Everything seemed to work our perfectly, until now. Would Edward and Bella be able to let their daughter "hook up" with me? They all knew this day would come. Screw the vampire parents. We would deal with them later.

"Jake?" Nessie finally asked, removing her arm from my arm. "I'm sorry."

"For what, Nessie? I should be apologizing. I didn't mean to not answer."

She shrugged.

"I knew something was up today, Ness, I knew it. So this is what you really want, huh?"

Nessie nodded. So she was the silent mute again. Okay. I could live with that. I could live with anything-as long as if involved her.

She was kissing me before I could do anything else. It felt so right….so nice. Her lips moved in synch with mine- half for half. Everything was perfect. She pinned me softly on the ground without breaking the kiss. I guessed she picked this up from her father; he was very …leading as well, from the times I saw Bella and Edward kiss- which was a lot.

We stayed like this for a long time, my lips moving down towards her neck. I looked at the sky and sighed.

"Nessie?" I asked. "Don't you think we should take you home? We don't want your parents suspicious."

Nessie sighed now. "Okay. Fine."

I laughed, taking her hand in mine. "Come on. We're sure as hell going to get some when you go home."

"They saw it coming." She muttered, grinning.

"Yeah," I admitted laughing too.

"Okay… you're going to have to walk slowly. I don't feel like phasing."

She touched my face.

"I thought you weren't going to do that anymore. I thought you said you hated being the silent mute." I teased, glaring her way.

Reneesme shrugged. "I got over it."

"Of course, another one of you stages right?"

She got down into a crouch, ready to pounce.

"Whoa, Ness, overactive much?" She growled at me. "Quiet. They're going to hear you, and think something's wrong."

She stood regular, and groaned in defeat. "Can't we just play all day, Jakeyyy? I really liked the last few minutes of our 'game'."

"Come on, kid. Let's go."

We approached the cottage, and walked inside.