I posted this AN on what was originally a sequel to this story, so I'll just kind of let the explanation speak for itself with some alterations.

So…my muse decided that the sequel to this story had no place to go. No conflict, no inspiration in the past nearly 3 (!) years since I started the sequel. Normally I'm one of those people who craves the 'happily ever after' explanation, but I think I've reached a point in my life as a writer and a person where I feel that true fairy tales, much like this one, are best left with that little summation. I thoroughly encourage others to finish and imagine and dream up their own versions, but I think that my imagined Ella and Char have worked hard enough to deserve their own happily ever after. They're characters that in my opinion, would do whatever necessary to ensure that they will always be together, through tough times and all, and that's as much as I personally need to know about their future together.

For anyone who was hoping for the sequel, I deeply apologize. Thank you again for enjoying my writing, and hopefully I'll get writing again after clearing this up. Although I will be a HS senior this year (finally) I think I'll be able to use fanfic as an outlet to keep the craziness in my life from overwhelming me. Because I'm older (not a ton more wiser though) I hope I've improved on my writing. Maybe I can get over the guilt of leaving people hanging for so long and finally get back to writing for the fandoms I've fallen for in the past few years as I've gotten older, as well as get better on delivering on my writing.

I guess there's just one way to figure it out, and that's to try my best. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the support and happy reading,