New Story

Just wanted to announce my new story called

Tapas at Twilight

Summary: Single mom Bella loses her job and decides to follow her dream of opening her own restaurant. She has a ton of hurdles to overcome, one being her noisy upstairs neighbor. Can she find success and maybe a little bit of love along the way? AH, AU, Canon pairs

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Here's a teaser:

I breathed a sigh of relief when I pulled into the garage and shut off the truck without incident. As I opened the door a loud creak groaned through out the house. I really needed to oil the hinges. I heard footsteps padding slowly toward the living room and quickly shucked off my crocs and dumped my purse on the small table next to the entryway.

"Bella, you home sweetie?" I smiled at my mother's disheveled appearance. It looked like she'd fallen asleep reading one of her romance novels again.

"Yeah mom, I'm home," I whispered.

"How was work?" She always tried to show some interest in what I was doing.

"Work was...ugh."

"That good huh?"

"Chef Beaufort was on one tonight, I'm just lucky he didn't bite my head off. I did get several compliments on that dish I was playing around with the other night, though."

"Oohhh that was a good one. I'm glad hon," as she let out a huge yawn.

"Did you hear from Phil?"

"Yeah, they should be back in town in a couple days."

"Good. So how did everything go at school today?"

"Fine, Mrs. Yates sent home a writing assignment that's due next week. I think Nessie wants you to help her with that."

I hope you all will enjoy reading it, spread the word, and remember to let me know what you think!