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Raya had always considered herself a reasonably sane person. Even though she saw things that most people could never even imagine and had powers that most people would say didn't even exist, she knew that she was sane. She was not crazy, nor was she going crazy. But as she stood there staring at her twin son and daughter, fully grown and in their twenties she was starting to second guess herself.

She was still trying to recover from the shock of knowing that she had just died moments ago and her son resurrected her. That would be the second time she died that year and had been brought back to life by some angelic force. She didn't want her death to become a habit. She stood quietly as Colton and Aubrey commented on Adam's short hair and then Dean began saying something about how well Colton looked and beautiful Aubrey was, their voices seemed distant for some reason as if she had cotton stuck in her ears. She could see them clearly but everything seemed slower.

She jumped when she felt someone's hand on the small of her back and looked up to see it was Sam. He looked concerned and his mouth was moving but she couldn't hear what he was saying. She sighed as she felt that familiar wave of heat that rushed through her at coming in contact with Sam, and his words finally broke through.

"Raya, are you alright?" he was asking.

She nodded quickly looping her hair behind her ears. "Yes, Samuel. I'm fine. Sorry just zoned out for a moment there," she said looking at him and offering a small smile.

His hand was still on the small her back when all the other eyes in the room fell on them. She forced her eyes away from Sam and saw the look in Aubrey's eyes, something like hope and familiarity, maybe she was used to seeing her and Sam this way. Maybe in their future she and Sam were together like Castiel had warned in which case it meant she was probably evil. Her eyes moved to Colton's and saw what she could only expect in his eyes, anger and disapproval, it made her move out of Sam's touch and into Dean's arms. He hugged her tightly looking down into her eyes and instantly calming her as she looked at him with a sigh.

"You okay?" he asked softly kissing her cheek.

She nodded. "Yeah just…trying to register everything," she said pulling back from him.

"We have to go," Colton said making her and Dean turn to him. "We were warned not to stay to long. We can't change anymore of the past."

"Is that why you guys came back?" Sam questioned moving a few steps closer to the rest of them.

Colton hesitated, but nodded. "Yes, an angel…came and told us to come back and save mom and uncle Adam."

"An angel?" Dean asked with a raised eyebrow. "Which one?"


They all jumped, turning to find Castiel standing behind them. "Jesus Cas," Dean said touching his chest. "Try announcing yourself next time."

"I apologize I will work on my entrances," Castiel said with a slight nod. "Colton, Aubrey, it is time to go. You did what you were asked and now you must go."

"You sent them back?" Raya asked taking a step toward Castiel.

Castiel nodded. "I did what I believed was best," he explained. "But a lot of people are going to be upset about it and both versions of you two being in the same time stream is not good. You have to go back now before….just go back now."

Colton and Aubrey hesitated as they looked at each other then at Dean and Raya. Colton nodded slowly after a moment, and took his sisters hand. "I'll take us both back," he said looking at Dean quickly. "Dad I have to tell you something."

Castiel frowned, eyeing Colton with a glare. "Colton, I would advise against that. There really isn't any time," Castiel said urgently through clenched teeth.

"Wait," Colton said almost angrily looking at Castiel before walking to Dean and wrapping him in another hug. Dean tensed, but received him warmly as Colton pulled him in closer and whispered into his ear. "Dad….whatever you do, don't say yes to Michael…and keep mom close, really close."

Dean hesitated eyeing Colton as he pulled back from the hug and looked him deeply in the eye. There was desperation and urgency in the hazel green eyes that matched Dean's, and his son squeezed his shoulder tightly before turning back to Aubrey and moving to her side. Colton caught Raya's eyes and offered a small wave.

"Goodbye mom," Colton said softly.

Aubrey said nothing as she gazed at her mother and then Dean. Raya watched as Aubrey's eyes moved to Sam and lingered on him before the white light burst around them and they disappeared. There was a heavy silence in the room as they all tried to cope with the shock of Raya and Dean's time traveling children. Dean glanced from Raya to Castiel and back when Raya opened her mouth.

"So what was so bad about their future that made you send them back to change the past?" Raya questioned looking at Castiel. "Now would be the time to tell us what the hell you angels have planned for us in the future that apparently didn't go right the first time and made you send my kids back to fix it."

"I cannot tell you for it may cause similar events to occur again," Castiel said looking at them with a small sigh. "Just know that it was for the best."

He disappeared before their eyes with a distant sound of wings flapping making Dean growl in frustration. "God dammit I am getting really sick of all these cryptic messages and crap," he sighed.

"You think anyone else is coming tonight?" Adam asked crossing his arms.

"No," Sam answered shaking his head. "I think we may be safe for the night thanks to Colton."

"Yeah, your son is pretty kick ass," Adam commented looking at Dean with a smirk.

Dean smiled proudly. "I know…I must have taught him well."

Raya frowned as she moved toward the bed and gazed down at the Aubrey who was still asleep from whatever incantation Meg had put on her. She was breathing evenly and seemed okay, just asleep. Raya reached forward lifting her into her arms and cradling her to her chest, which woke her. Aubrey burst into tears instantly making Raya jump.

"Shh, it's okay Aubrey," she said bouncing her. "It's mommy."

"Adam go downstairs and check on Colt, fill Ellen and Jo in," Dean ordered making Adam nod and head for the stairs. "Sammy, you should get some sleep because you look dog tired."

Sam nodded and wiped at his eyes. "Yeah, holler if you need me," he said as he moved out of the room glancing at Raya before disappearing into the hallway.

"And you," Dean said turning his eyes on Raya. "You need to take a shower. I'll get the twins back to bed."

Raya sighed. "Dean, I don't think I want to have them out of my sight even if it is to take a shower. Besides I am fine," she insisted.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Raya, your covered in blood, you need to take a shower it will help. Trust me I won't let anything happen okay?"

Raya hesitated looking at him with a sigh. She wanted to believe that, but even she had been incapable of protecting Aubrey earlier. If Colton hadn't come back from the future, she would have died and Aubrey would have been taken. How was she supposed to feel like an adequate parent if she couldn't even protect her children and they had to come back from the future to protect themselves?

"Raya," Dean said snapping her out of her thoughts. "Give Aubrey to me."

She hesitated slightly but handed her over to Dean. Dean eyed her as he cradled Aubrey in his arms, before he reached out and caressed her cheek. "Babe I promise you nothing is going to happen while you're in the shower alright? I'm gonna get Aubrey out of these bloody clothes and change her and get her settled. And then I'm gonna go and feed Colton and get him in bed too. Just go take a hot shower and relax alright?"

Raya took a deep breath and tried to run a hand through her hair, she was stopped by the stick clots of blood in it. She sighed and nodded before kissing Dean quickly. "One hair out of place on their heads and you and I are going to have issues, Dean," she warned before moving past him.

She heard him huff behind her as she grabbed her towel and headed into the hallway. She trudged to the bathroom and shut the door behind her as she turned on the light. She turned the shower on nearly as hot as it would go and stripped. Her clothes were sticky with blood and in tatters as she dropped them to the floor and climbed into the shower. The water burned but if felt good as she stepped into the down pour and began working on getting the sticky clots of blood out of her hair. She tried to keep her mind blank, not wanting to think about what had just happened in the room or the way her children cried when they saw her. She washed the blood from her skin and her hair, watching at watery red mixture of her blood and soap as it went down the drain. She made sure she was completely blood free and turned the water off as she reached for her towel.

She wrapped the towel around herself and climbed out of the tub. She grabbed another towel to dry her hair off and then brushed her teeth to get the taste of her own blood out of her mouth. She shut off the bathroom light and opened the door, jumping as she found Dean standing outside the door.

"Jesus, Dean," she said as her heart skipped a few beats. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Sorry Raya," he said with a smirk. "I just wanted to check on you."'

"Where's Colt and Aubrey?" she asked.

"Changed and fed and in their play pen. They are fine," he said stepping toward her and wrapping her in his arms. "Now what about you?"

Raya huffed. "I don't wear diapers and I'm not hungry. But going to bed sounds like a good idea."

"Raya, you just died and saw our kids all grown up and traveling through time. Maybe we should talk-."

"I think that I don't want to talk about it right now," she sighed reaching up to touch his cheek. "I'm fine, really I am. I just need to get some sleep before the kids wake up again and I have no brain power to deal with them. But thank you so much for caring."

Dean hesitated, but nodded. "Okay, well you get to bed and I'm gonna go downstairs and talk to Ellen and Jo. Maybe I shouldn't go on this hunt tomorrow."

"Dean we talked about this," she said moving past him and heading for their bedroom. "You can go, you should go. They need you in this apocalypse obviously."

"I know but with recent events shouldn't I stay-," he started following her into the room and shutting the door quietly behind him.

"Dean, it's fine," she said moving toward the closet and pulling out her sweats and a t-shirt. "You can't stop fighting the apocalypse now just because some demons are coming after the kids. We knew they would be coming before the kids were even born, so what's to change now?"

Dean sighed. "I don't want to leave you utterly alone."

"I won't be alone. I will be with Colt and Aubrey," she answered toweling herself off and pulling on her sweats.

"I know Adam wants to come on the hunt, but maybe he should stay here with you," Dean offered sitting on the bed.

Raya shook her head as she pulled her shirt on. "You are going to need his muscle trust me. If this is one of those apocalypse things, Adam can really help you," she said with a frown.

Dean sighed. "Fine," he agreed. "But if anything-and I mean anything-happens you call me. Immediately."

Raya smirked at him. "Fine, Dean I will."

The next morning

"Dean, okay that's enough," Raya said moving forward to take Colton from his arms.

Dean frowned at her. "Cant a father kiss his son?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah once maybe twice, but consecutively and with stubbly cheeks to boot I don't think so," Raya replied with a smirk holding Colton against her shoulder. "Now say goodbye to your daughter."

Dean turned to Ellen who was swaying with her in her arms and took the infant girl in his arms. He kissed her cheek lightly and felt hesitation hit his gut. He looked up at Raya holding Colton, her green eyes sparkling in the sun as they stood on the gravel driveway about to leave for the hunt. He didn't want to leave his family, didn't want to be away from them, where he knew he would be to far away to protect them. He moved closer to Raya and wrapped his arm around her, still holding Aubrey in the other. He held his family tight for a moment, his face pressed into her shoulder, Colton and Aubrey between them, and sighed deeply. He was going to miss them, more than he had ever missed anything in his life.

"I love you," he whispered into Raya's ear lifting his head to kiss her passionately. "I love you so much."

Raya blushed crimson and nodded. "I love you too, Dean," she said softly as he pulled away from the hug. "Hold Colt, I wanna say goodbye to Adam."

Dean nodded and shifted Aubrey in his arm so she could place Colton in the other, watching as Raya turned Adam. Adam stepped forward wrapping his arms around his sister and squeezing her tightly as he lifted her off his feet. "You know I don't like leaving you," he said softly into her ear. "Look what happened the last time I left, came back and you were pregnant."

She chuckled as he set her on her feet and shook her head, "I am going to be fine alright? Just be careful out there and protect Dean for me," she insisted giving him a playful punch to his shoulder.

Adam huffed, but nodded. "I will….please be in one piece when I get back."

Raya knew who she would have to say goodbye to next and her gut wrenched as she stepped towards Sam. She wrapped her arms around him halfheartedly as he did the same, their bodies staying apart as they hugged. When he pulled back, he smiled softly down at her and she returned it as best she could.

"Be safe alright?" he said putting a hand on her shoulder.

She nodded quickly. "You too, watch my brother, don't let him get into to much trouble," she said trying to lighten the situation.

Sam nodded with a smirk and stepped back as Raya turned to Ellen and Jo. There was the brief moment of awkwardness before Raya reached out and shook both their hands. "Make sure these boys don't get too crazy out there," she said with a chuckle. "I need them all to help me change diapers."

Ellen chuckled in return. "Yeah, I'll get them back to you safely."

Dean passed Colton and Aubrey back her and she stood with the twins in her arms as she watched Dean, Sam, and Adam climb into the impala and Ellen and Jo climb into their car. The engines started simultaneously and Raya caught Dean's eyes as he began to back out of the drive way. Her heart sank in her chest as Ellen's car disappeared around the bend back onto the road and the impala followed with a goodbye honk. She stood there feeling empty for a moment before she looked back down at the twins in her arms and sighed.

"What are we going to do now, guys?" she asked softly before turning back to the house.

Raya spent of the day with the twins and cleaning the house when the twins napped. She placed a few phone calls to pay off the bills in her grandparents names with their fake credit cards and then took the kids grocery shopping in her old mustang. When the night came and she had bathed the twins, put them in their pajamas, fed them and got them into bed she relaxed on the couch to watch some television and wait for Dean's phone call. It came an hour later, waking her as she had begun to doze.

"Hello?" she answered quickly sitting up.

"Hey, how's are the twins?" Dean questioned, she could hear talking in the background and assumed that it was the others.

"They are fine," she answered rubbing her face. "I put them to bed."

"Good, no demon attacks right?" he asked, his voice dropping.

"No, Dean," she replied with a sigh. "I'm fine by the way. Thanks for asking."

She heard him chuckle lightly, and realized just how much she missed him. "I'm sorry, Raya. I'm just worried about the kids," he admitted with a sigh.

"I know," she answered rising to her feet and moving into the kitchen as her stomach rumbled. She hadn't eaten dinner yet. "Where are you?"

"Almost to the town, should be there by morning," he said with a sigh. "I just switched with Sam so I can get some shut eye, just wanted to call and check on you and the kids."

She smiled and nodded even though he couldn't see. "Well you don't have to worry. We are fine…but I miss you," she replied with a pout to her voice.

"I miss you too," Dean said his voice going softer. There was a brief pause before he whispered, "What are you wearing?"

"Dean!" she screeched blushing crimson.

"What?" he said quickly his voice returning to its normal tone. "I'm just curious."

"I'm wearing the same thing you last saw me in. Jeans and a t-shirt," she responded. "Nothing sexy at all about that."

Dean huffed. "Yeah well what are you wearing under that?" he questioned.

"Oh Dean, not while we are in the car, dude!" she heard Adam growl in the background, making Dean chuckle. "I don't want to hear my sister having phone sex. Gross."

"And I don't want to hear my brother having phone sex either," she heard Sam say next.

"Okay, babe I gotta go," Dean said still laughing. "I'm getting C-blocked left and right."

She sighed, but nodded. "Okay…I love you."

"I love you too, be safe alright."

Before she could respond the line went dead and the empty feeling rose back up within her. The house was suddenly overly quiet around her and she felt completely alone. She could still feel Adam the way she always did, but even he felt far. She hadn't been utterly alone in a long time and she didn't really like it. She made herself a quick sandwich before cleaning up her mess and turning off the television. She turned for the stairs preparing to go up them when the doorbell rang making her jump slightly. She walked quickly to the couch reaching underneath to grab the nine mm she knew had grandfather had stowed there and walked slowly to the door.

She paused, hating that her grandfather never installed a peephole in the door and undid the locks. She pulled the door open slowly and found a man standing on her porch. He was short and skinny, his hair thick and brown and his eyes light as he looked at her nervously. He was holding a large duffel bag and looked like at any moment he wanted to go running from the porch, which made her tuck the gun in her hand into her belt. She didn't sense any evil in this man which means that she didn't need the gun…yet.

"Can I help you?" she asked softly.

"Yeah…I uh…my name is uh..." he sighed heavily as he began to shake with his nervousness and she raised an eyebrow. "You are even more prettier than I how I described you in my books," he gushed with a sigh.

Raya hesitated. "Excuse me?"

"My name is Chuck Shirley…you might know me as Carver Edlund. Castiel sent me to help."

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