Angels and Demons

Author's Notes: A little something I just thought up. Spoilers for the season 4 premiere, "Lazarus Rising".

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

He'd been dead for four months, but that didn't mean he'd gotten soft. Sammy was never the type for casual hook-ups, so finding him in a hotel room with some bimbo chick that even Dean wouldn't look twice at had sent alarm bells blaring. He'd kept his mouth shut though, let Sam take the lead, waiting to see if his baby brother would fess up. He thought Sam would crack when Dean saw the iPod in his car, but he took the heat for it without batting an eye. And then Dean had called Sam, and Sam had lied again.

He wanted to tell Sam about Castiel, about this creature that claimed to be an angel, dragging Dean out of hell. He wanted Sam's opinion on the matter, because while Sam was a bit naïve sometimes, he still knew his stuff inside and out, and maybe there was some aspect of something that Dean had overlooked.

But while Dean was meeting with Castiel, Sam had been meeting with the Bubble Gum Princess again. Sam never came out and said it, but even after being in hell for four months, Dean still knew his brother. And he had picked up a new trick in hell, one he wasn't quite ready to share with Sam, especially with all the half-truths Sam had been throwing in his direction. Dean had laid eyes on the girl and knew she was a demon. It wasn't hard to guess that it had been Ruby, either; Sam was just stupid and trusting enough to get involved with her again, to become her pawn without even realizing it.

Dean had agreed to help Castiel, because he hadn't had anyone else's opinion on the matter. He didn't believe he was an angel (couldn't be, not really; there had to be another explanation, he just hadn't figured it out yet.) But if Castiel had pulled Dean out of hell, and it hadn't cost anyone anything, then Dean was willing enough to go along with his plans until he wasn't any more use to Dean.

But lying in bed that night, after Bobby had dropped him off at the motel, after Sammy had come wandering in smelling like cheap perfume and sulfur, Dean couldn't help but wonder if he had made a terrible mistake. Even if Castiel was the real deal, even if he had just entered into this war of angels and demons on the side of All Things Good, he couldn't shake that feeling of wrongness. He didn't think Sam could sense it, didn't think Sam was trying to sense it. But Dean had the sinking feeling that a line had been drawn, and he and Sammy were both on opposite sides.

And if that were the case, Dean would do everything in his power if it meant not having to fight against his baby brother. Even if it meant selling his soul.


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