Chapter 1

It's a normal school day at Haven High, where nothing new happens in a deserted town. Except if you recall the new girl Kaia. A manipulative soulless bitch, that looks for trouble wherever she goes. But, something big is going to happen today. The vice principal of Haven High has talked all week about his best friend's daughter is going to start school here. He bragged about she's every parent's dream child, how long it's been has he's seen her, how wonderful, amazing, smart, sweet she is and so on. It was enough to make you vomit. Rumors were flying around school about how the girl is much richer than Kaia is; she's been on the cover of magazines and commercial AD'S. Well, all truths will come out today. Before the bell rang, so many students were loitering in the parking lot, but six teens stood out. You would call them the most popular kids in school: Harper, Adam, Miranda, Kane, Beth, and lastly Kaia. There was only one main thing the group was conversing about.

"You guys do know that the new girl is transferring today," said Kane. "Yeah, I'll say," Harper said. "I don't see what the big deal is. What is she supposed to be our savior? It's just someone new." Miranda cut in saying, "Apparently, Mr. Snyder doesn't think so, and he thinks she's something special." I wonder how special she really is," Kane said with a smirk. The rest of group had given him disgusted looks and withering stares. Kane looked up with an innocent look, but a leer was hiding behind his eyes. "What... I would be happy to welcome a new student to our school." Harper rolled her eyes, before she could comment on how the whole situation was pointless and a waste of time. Beth started to say, "If Mr. Snyder says great, I'm sure is. Adam, don't you think it would be nice if she sat with us at lunch." Harper looked at Beth with a glare and a thought rumbled across her mind. Who the hell told you to jump in?! "Sure, why not? It'll be cool if there was another addition to the table," Adam said. He wrapped one arm around Beth's waist and gave her a peck on the lips.

What the fuck is going on?! Harper thought. First, her plan to tear Beth and Adam apart couldn't go the way she wanted to, then Kaia became a nuisance, did she have to deal with anymore problems? She quickly suppressed a nasty comment; she didn't want another repeat performance where Adam told her off. Just for once all the odd would be in her favor. As the six talked some more, there was a low rumble that approached the school. Everyone stood still as stone as if the world had froze. A black Mercedes Bentley pulled into the parking lot. As the car rolled by, nobody could see who was in the car because of the tinted windows.

So, this is Haven High Christina thought. I guess this would have to do as she parked in an empty space. The day before school started Christina had first-day-of-school possibilities. There was the black Victoria Secret tank top, pink Chaiken skirt, Forever 21 belt, Jimmy Choo's shoes and Dihh Van bracelet, or the deep blue Apple Bottoms jeans with a deep indigo low v-cut shirt and skinny-heeled stiletto boots, or the black Baby Phat denim miniskirt with the pink Baby Phat sweater that had medium cursive writing across the front that said sexy. The letters were black with pink as the outline. Also, some black Air Forces sneakers with pink shoelaces were to be worn with outfit. These were her first three choices for school. Should she go sultry and sexy, mysterious and clean-cut, or hip and classy? Knowing her she would've gone with her first choice, but Christina knew better. Rule number one in her book (never flaunt off all at once, start a look for less and work your way up, that way you'll always surprise everyone in the end).

Christina is what every man's fantasy is made of. She was so gorgeous that she looked like a goddess. Mass of dark wavy hair that hung to her waist when set free. The gentle curve to her jaw accentuated the full sensuousness of her lips. She had curves that could stop any man in their track and make any women green with jealously. She had large ripe breasts that were fit for a king. Long lean legs and dainty feet. Her skin color ranged form a rich deep brown to mocha milk chocolate. Her eyes are unique and very treasured. They were the color of the sky, when she was angry they turned to hard cold ice and gentle blue when she was sad. When she was full of joy and happiness, her eyes had silver specks in them like diamonds.

Today is the day everything is going to change she told herself. Christina checked her make-up in the mirror. She wore a light coating of makeup. She wore blue smoky eye shadow that made her look like she had a secret to hide. Nude plush lip gloss to make her lips shimmer. She straightened her hair this morning, so it could be braided in a ponytail and wrapped in an elegant bun. Not a strand of hair was out of place.