No fear. I'm still completing What Lays In The Forest but I have writer's block sadly on it and I only have two chapters left. :( I'll finish my chapter soon. I decided to write this before I forget it. There's probably already stories like this out but I hope there's not a whole lot.

I jumped off the cliff. No fears, no looking back. A plunge into the dark waters below. Just to hear his voice. I needed it like a drug. Just one more hit and that would be all but like most addicts know, that's not the cause. You just want more and more until it rules your life. The adrenaline was intense and I heard his gorgeous velvety voice yell at me, I smiled while I jumped and screamed with excitement when I fell.

The water was colder than I thought it would be. It swallowed me whole with one big gulp. I couldn't get back to the surface but I didn't want to. It was peaceful and drowning didn't seem so bad. I didn't even notice I closed my eyes until I opened them to look around. I saw fire. Fire underwater? That was a ridiculous thought and impossible to say the least. But I watched it dance around me but when it came near me, it wasn't hot. It was cold…ice cold.

Feeling a strong tug on my wrist and felt the water rush past me, I broke the surface and landed on a beach but just by a glance, I knew it wasn't First Beach. It was different and wild looking. Nobody probably came to sunbathe out here. Driftwood, seaweed and many other ocean related debris sat on the shore and the storm clouds from before looked further away. I was confused, did the water really push me by itself all the way over to here where ever here is….

I glanced around and decided I had no idea where I was. I tried to get up only to find both of my hands and feet bounded together. I was confused. What are going on? I didn't even get time to panic when I saw the fire again but this time on land. It got closer suddenly and I should have known…. Victoria.

It was obvious now that I thought of it. I had set myself up for this. Being alone then jumping off a cliff and just letting myself drown. I was stupid and I made myself perfect bait for an insane bitch like Victoria. She smirked at me and even her hair seemed to taunt me, "Hello again Bella."

I shook violently but I still managed words. "What do you want?" I cried out. Stupid…stupid. I know exactly what she wants.

She shook her head and came face to face with me, grinning. "Silly girl. At first I just wanted to kill you." She patted me on the head quite hard. "But I heard about your ability and I thought you'd be an excellent companion."

I glared fiercely at her before yelling, "I'd never join you."

She rolled her cat like eyes that glowed red at me. "Why? Would you rather be like the Cullens?"

The name shattered though me with pain and hurt. The hole in my chest began to rip again and I quickly gathered my knees to my chest in desperate despair.

Victoria just laughed at my reaction. She seemed to like my pain and the fact she knew Edward had left.

"Here's the thing. You either join me or I'll kill you." She said, giving me no other option.

"You're going to be killing me either way. What's the point of choosing?" I tried to sound threatening but my voice cracked at the end.

She didn't say a word after and I watched her curiously. She lowered herself to my ankle and I felt her teeth sink into my flesh. I gasped trying to hold myself together. She wasn't going to win.

Victoria seemed content with herself, "That way it will take longer to get to your heart. You'll get the full experience." She stood up and brushed the sand off herself, "After you're done, I'll figure out what I want to do with you." She laughed and started to walk away. It was rather sudden that I felt my ankle starting to burn. The memory of the fire in my hand came back but there was he wasn't here to suck out the pain and make me better. I started tearing up at the thought and the burning grew stronger. I finally let out the scream of pain she was hoping for. I heard her chuckle in the distance, "Let the flames begin."

Alice POV

I blanked out as I talked to Jasper. My vision was strong and frightening at the same time. I could see everything clearly. If I could cry, I'd probably have tears streaming down my face. I gasped and held back sobs. Jasper looked at me with great intensity and calmed me to the best of his abilities.

"What's wrong, Alice?" He asked me concerned, rubbing my arm.

Even though I was freaking out, my voice was calm, "I need to call Edward…now."

He didn't ask anymore questions after that. He figured it was about Bella. He shook his head slightly thinking I was looking out for her. I didn't answer him though, there was no time to explain.

I ran out of the room and once I did, I broke out in sobs again. They burned my throat as I choked them out. I picked up my pink cell phone and dial Edward's number. I really hope he picks him. It rang and rang. I didn't bother trying to look to see if he picked up or not. I was in too much of a frenzy. My hand shook as I held the phone up to my ear.

"Hello? Alice, what is it?" Edward's voice went into my ear and I nearly couldn't speak.

"It's Bella." I croaked.

He growled with anger, I assumed. "Alice. I told you not to keep an eye on her. It's better for her if we aren't in her life." He seemed saddened as he said the last part. I frowned with him.

"I don't think so." I said quietly nearly letting myself sob again.

"Alice. What happened to Bella?" Edward didn't care about leaving her alone all of a sudden. He just wanted to know and I hated being the bearer of bad news.

"Please don't freak out on my Edward but Victoria found her. Bella is one of us." There was silence on the other end of the phone. I could hear Edward breathing heavy on the other end.

"Where is she, Alice?" He yelled, his voice full of rage.

"I…I don't know." I said, sobbing again. I felt useless without being able to give him details. I was supposed to help.

"Did you recognize anything?" His voice startled me again.

I squeaked, "Bella was lying on a beach but it was nothing that I saw before. It looked like nobody was ever there."

He groaned but he knew that I knew nothing more. I was always honest with Edward since he was the same with me with everything. We had a good relationship. "I'm sorry, Alice for my yelling. I'm coming home." I couldn't even say anything before he hung up and I knew he'd be home in a matter of minutes.

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