Note from the Author: I just watched Air so it's the only thing that's been on my mind for a while. It's seriously one of the most beautiful animes you could ever watch. I recommend it to all!

And if you haven't noticed, my poetry obsession lives on...

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Air, no matter how much I may want to.


We learn to spread our wings

We learn to hold this moment

And then we learn to fly


The sky is now illuminated

By the color of these wings

We chose to spread our arms

And have a dream

And now we learn to breathe

Oh, breathe

It's all it takes to fly

To reach out your hand

And grasp a fantasy all our own

Time is passing

Every minute, every moment

I want to spend it all with you

With everything you gave me

With everything we have


Learn to breathe

Learn to cherish every breath

So we don't have to go our separate ways

So we never have to part

If we can just learn to breathe

Laugh and soak in the day

We can fly

We can spread our arms

And we'll know it's not so hard

To live with our prayers

All we have to do

Is breathe