This was written for the anonymous Tales of the Abyss kink meme on lj, in which people posted anonymous comments to a post with prompts like this one:

Asch/Girl!Luke & some Guy voyeurism.

And other people would write anonymous responses. Sadly, the person on whose lj that meme was held has had that account deleted, so we shall all mourn the loss of some good porn… I did a fem!Luke fic for the above prompt, and then posted it to adultfanfictiondotnet and mentioned to someone that I really couldn't see Luke getting an abortion in a million years. Not given his own status as an unwanted child who decided he wanted to live despite that. So I started writing this and then people kept posting other fem!Luke prompts to the meme… You'll see three more bits I did for the meme later on in this, although sadly only one makes the M rating. I rarely do explicit unless Nemi's involved.

The fic is complete for a given value of complete, and hence I'm posting the whole darn thing to fanfictiondotnet. I might post a few others here, I don't know though. Tales kind of lends itself to n/c, and when you consider that the main character is seven and hence any pairings with him are technically child abuse no matter how mature he manages to act (I mean, even at his worse he's managing to act ten years older than he actually is) things get pretty… Yeah.

Somehow most of my crack ends up with plot. Fluff and pwp kind of bore me, since it's like, yeah, it's hot and/or cute…. Now what? But yes, this started out as a pwp/crackfic combo that kind of turned semi-serious since Luke was… Well, Luke at me.


"Obviously an alteration to the body like that could only be accomplished through the use of the seventh fonon. But the complexity would be far beyond the scope of most fonists today. One of Daath's secret Fonic Artes?"

Luke sat on the examining table, blushing and covering herself with the hospital gown.

"You're right, there is one that does this," Ion admitted. "I can't use many of the artes, but my predecessors did a lot of healing spells that no one else could. But I can't imagine why Sync would have used a fertility arte on Luke, especially the one for the wrong gender."

"A, a fertility arte?" Luke's face was almost as red as his hair.

"Yes, this one was meant to turn women who couldn't become pregnant due to age or disease into healthy young women. It lasts until a child is born, but when they are everything catches up to the body all at once, so it's not really something that's good for old people to use unless they're nobles who really want children or something."

"Can you remove it like you did the curse slot?"

Ion shook his head. "This one requires the fon master and another seventh fonist to cast because it's hyperresonance-based. It reshapes the body on a level a single fonist can't match. I can't think of anything that would undo it except a second-order hyperresonance, and... I would need three other seventh fonists, and I don't think I would live long enough to complete removing the arte."

"What's a second order hyperresonance?" Luke asked. "And I'd rather stay a girl than have you die trying to save me, Ion. At least this way no one can confuse me with Asch."

"A second-order hyperresonance is two hyperresonances. Asch! Of course!"

"No! No no no no no! Asch is not finding out about this!" Luke folded her arms over her breasts, trying to squash them flat.

"Luke, do you see these numbers? These are bad numbers," Jade explained as to a child. "The arte is interfering with the fonons making up the genetic memory that holds your body together. If they separate, not all the life bottles in the world would bring you back. It's a unique assassination technique, but it will work if we do not remove it within two more days."

"Hmm? It shouldn't be that bad, even if he is..." Ion took the papers from Jade. "Luke, what are your feelings on abortion?"

"A what?"

"You mean pregnancy would halt the damage?"


"This arte was meant to be cast on a royal wedding night, or... the night they were planning to become pregnant. It's been two days, and, well... it's not supposed to be in stage 1 for so long. The stability level with the arte active normally is actually a lot higher than the mother's normal stability level, to ensure the child is carried to term."

"So we could artificially inseminate Luke and use that as a stopgap until Asch regains his mental stability and can cast a second-order hyperresonance?"

Luke was glad she didn't know what those first two big words meant together.

"Oh dear." Ion paled. "You said that they had also cast an arte on Asch. Was it the same arte?"

"Asch isn't female," Jade assured him.

"Lucky bastard," Luke muttered. "Yeah, they only cast one arte that I could see, and then they untied Asch and he just jumped at me. I managed to knock him out with my sword even though my balance and everything is all wrong. He was out of it."

"Oh dear. Sometimes, there are people that the Score states need to have children that refuse to. I thought it couldn't be that one because Van wants Asch to join him, and... The numbers looked a little low, but they're a little high if it's that arte." Ion looked it over again. "Oh, here's your fonic defense stat... It was Prophecy Child. Oh dear."

"The one that was used on Emperor Peony's great-grandparents?"


"...My. But why would Van Grants want them to have a child or die?



"Guy, please, don't do this!"

Luke... yet a girl. Luke... yet a girl... Guy shuddered. "Luke, you'll be dead in three hours if we don't do this. And Asch practically killed himself an hour ago trying to break loose. Look, I'll stay with you, okay? I'll hold your hand, and I won't let him be rough, and as soon as the arte takes effect I'll get you out of there and... I don't want you to die, Luke."

"I hate this, I..." Then Luke saw Asch.

Ion was right, Luke's high fonic defense stat was what had allowed her to resist the effects long enough to beat Asch off with a sword. Stripped of her gear, the arte was able to turn her into as crazed a sex fiend as Asch. She was out of Guy's arms as soon as Natalia opened the door.

Natalia couldn't look. Guy couldn't look AWAY. Luke was almost demure, in a come get me NOW, MISTER way that way that turned submission on its head. She appeared to be able to think clearly enough to unchain Asch, but there was only one thing going on in that mind.

Why was there foreplay? Guy would have thought they would, well, get to it, but they were kissing and oh damn that was hot. Asch pressed Luke against a wall and knelt down (and if Asch remembered that when he was in his right mind again he would go ballistic) and oh man. Guy told the hand that was on his hip to not creep any closer to where he wanted it, damn it!

It was... two Lukes, and muscles, and Luke's were smaller than Tear's but were better than her breasts because they were Luke's, and then Luke moaned, pulling Asch up with her fists in his hair as he surged up and finally entered her.

When had his hand ended up at the front of his pants?

"Ligers mate constantly until the female is pregnant and so do subjects of this arte. Since Luke's organs are so new that might take a few hours. Guy, take readings on their health every ten minutes and apply gels if necessary."

"Uh, sure Jade."

Before Guy could move his hand Jade pressed his down over Guy's and rubbed a bit, making Guy jump back and stare at Jade. "You're not going to be able to take readings if you're standing there drooling. Get it out of your system as necessary."

Did Jade just say what he thought he said?

When this was... over, Asch was going to kill Luke, and him for watching this, and then die of embarrassment.

Well, he might as well enjoy his last minutes (or maybe even hours) alive.