Teague looked down at the baby in his arms. 'My God, I'm a Dad?' He thought to himself. Shortly after his wife, Danielle, had their baby, she passed out. She had always had fainting spells from over working herself, some sort illness she's had all her life. Of course, that was a day ago...

Just then the baby started crying. Teague tilted his head to the side. "What's wrong Jackie? Hungry? Thirsty? Oh right, you can't talk yet." Teague said. "Let's try the bottle first, just in case." He had someone get some cow's milk, the day before, since he heard that it's good for kids. Then he's kept it as cold as possible, by burying it, then digging up a bottle and washing it before checking on Jack.

After a few minutes, Jack had drained the bottle and was about to fall back asleep. Teague rolled his eyes. "Oi! Not yet!" Teague said. 'Now what was it that needs to be done after a baby eats, but before it sleeps?' He thought for a moment, but didn't get anything until he almost burped in Jack's face. 'Oh that's right. I need to burp him!'

Teague placed a rag on his shoulder, then placed Jack on top of it. He patted the baby's back, like he saw his mother doing the first time. After a while, it worked.

Teague looked down at the baby in his arms. 'How does one get a baby to sleep? Maybe playing my guitar might work?' He walked over to his chair in the Bretheren Court Meeting room, used one arm to move the guitar to the floor, then sat down, only to find his son was already sleeping. 'Well, that was easy.'

Teague sat in that chair and rocked Jackie back and forth, and soon began to sing:

"I'll love you forever

I'll like you for always

As long as I'm living

My baby you'll be"

The other day, I was looking at my old books (from when I still read picture books) and found a copy of the book Love You Forever and reread it...