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27. Epilogue: Everything Goes On


Two years later

"He proposed to me last night. It was my eighteenth birthday. I should have known that Emily and Kim was going to throw me a party but I was actually surprised when I walked into their living room. Everyone was there like always. I guess you could imagine what that is like. I had no idea what Jacob's intentions were when he asked me if I would go with him for a usual walk. All he said was 'I've got a present for you that requires us both to be outside when I give it to you.' It was a cold night but I never knew the difference because Jake wouldn't let go of me. I think he gets warmer everyday.

He took me for a walk down the beach like he had done the day we officially became friends except this time we knew everything about each other. It's funny how much time can change things. I didn't know where we were headed until he suddenly stopped. The ocean was a couple of feet away. The water reflected the beautiful full moon and the glowing stars.

He turned to face me with this big goofy grin on his face. I expected whatever present he planned to give me would be either very weird or dirty. What can you expect from a guy? He then grabbed both of my hands in his and dropped slowly down to one knee. The smile never left his face. I wish you could have seen how beautiful he was. He had dressed up in a light green button up shirt with a blazer and black pants. The only time I've ever seen him like that, and here I was in Levis with a brown sweater covered by a black coat. It took me a few seconds to comprehend what he was doing.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny black box. I think I was emotionally numb at the moment. 'You might as well say yes,' he explained mischievously, 'cause ya know you want me too.' I laughed at his remark but he was dead right about what he had said. You know me though, I couldn't let that slip. So I told him 'It might help if I knew what you were implying.' He smirked at me and said 'Fine, have it your way.' He popped open the box and revealed a silver band that twisted elegantly around a small diamond. 'Cora, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you. I only want you to know that I will love you for as long as I live and that my whole heart will belong to you only.' he said seriously, 'I know that we are young but the way I feel about you will never change, only it will grow stronger. I don't think that I want to wait any longer because my life began when I met you. So...would you marry me?'

My knees were shaking but not because I was cold. I had planned to happily joke around and play with him a bit before I would accept the offer but I was already crying, like a big baby. Not exactly my most dignified moment but it was one to remember none the less. So I said 'Of course.' He gently placed the ring on my finger and stood up to kiss me. I believe that was the sweetest kiss I had ever received from him."

I ran my finger over the cool granite and the picture that was encased near the top. Some would think I would be crazy for talking to a headstone but the thought really didn't occur to me at the time. The main reason being, I wasn't talking to a headstone, I was talking to my sister. I could feel her presence right there in front of me as if she heard everything I said. I couldn't help to believe in that very moment she was happy for me. It comforted me that I imagined her relishing every detail that I told her about mine and Jacob's engagement.

I had been coming to visit Lori's grave a couple times a month now. I would always make sure that there was flowers near her headstone. I wouldn't settle for plastic ones either even though the real flowers never lasted long. I didn't mind coming here alone though countless people, especially Jake, would offer to come with me. This was sort of like mine and Lori's time together whether it was real or not. I refused to forget all the things that my sister done in my life. This was the least I could do to remember. It turned out that it helped me as well.

A cold wind blew through the silent graveyard as the sun became almost invisible in the trees. It was getting late and very cold especially since my space heater wasn't around. "I'll talk to ya later sis." I whispered as I stood from my sitting position in front of Lori's headstone. I walked down the dirt path from among the trees and hopped into my jeep that Jacob repaired for me. I drove along the winding roads that gave me a quick view of the murky ocean. This road would lead me home.


"Hey dad." I said greeting my father as I walked through the door.

"Hey son, where have you been this evening?" He asked breaking out of a trance that he seemed to have been in for a while. I knew when my father set out on the porch like this he would be thinking about my mother. This was her favorite place to be this time of day.

"Spreading the news. I asked Bella's little pixie if she would be interested in catering a wedding. Who knew vampires could be so...enthusiastic." I had gone to the Cullen house today to let Bella know about my engagement. If vampires could cry I knew that Bella would have.

I rolled my eyes at her overemotional response. But that was nothing compared to what Alice did when I asked her to decorate mine and Cora's wedding. It was like giving a four year old a huge bag of candy, willing them to eat as much as they wanted. Alice was so excited I thought she would break everything that she came in contact with.

I looked over to Billy who was staring out across the beach. "What are you thinking about?"

Billy shifted in his wheel chair but continued to look beyond me. "Oh, I was just thinking about you and your mother. She would be so proud of you Jacob. I was just imagining how much she would love Cora."

"I believe Cora would love her just as much. She loves everybody." I said with a chuckle.

"You really got lucky with her." Billy joked.

"Yeah, I did." I agreed.

Billy glanced at his watch. "Speaking of Cora, where's my daughter to be?"

"She should be on her way. She went by the cemetery for a while." I told him.

"Well that's good," Billy said, "no one should forget who was important in their life."

I only nodded my head and soon after I could hear Rachel's car come quickly up the drive way. "Well here comes one daughter." I said to Billy.

Rachel got out of the car and walked hatefully onto the porch. My dad and I both laughed at her.

"What?!" she demanded.

"One guess..." I whispered to Billy.

"Paul." we both said at the same time.

"Ugh." Rachel breathed dramatically as she stomped into the house.

I helped wheel Billy into the living room while Rachel looked through the cabinets for food. "What did he do this time?" I asked her.

Rachel found a bag of chips and flopped into one of the chairs. "What doesn't he do? He is so pigheaded." She explained.

"And you aren't?" Billy laughed.

Rachel and Paul have been married for over a year now. They have little fights every now and then that would only last one hour. Paul would be showing up here any time now begging for her forgiveness. Rachel is known to be more stubborn than him.

Rachel ignored Billy's comment. "How's Emily doing? I haven't seen her in a while."

"She coming along fine according to the doctors. They will be able to find out the gender in a few more weeks." I said stealing some of Rachel's chips. Emily had found out she was pregnant almost four and a half months ago. Her and Sam had been trying for a baby a couple of months after they got married.

I suddenly became aware of the faint roar of Cora's jeep coming down the road. I smiled wide and ran out onto the porch. I ignored Rachel and Billy's teasing me, I was used to it by now. Cora pulled into the driveway and got out of the jeep with a blush across her face. I never would forget how she looked at me like that.

As soon as she got close enough I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her until she was eye level with me.

"I missed you." I told her as her blush deepened.

"I haven't even been gone a whole day."

"It feels longer." I told her as I leaned in to kiss her. It only lasted for about five seconds until Billy interrupted us.

"Stop kissing up on my new daughter." He barked playfully.

She giggled as I set her back down. "Hey guys, what have you been up to?" She asked.

"Don't ask her," Billy pointed to Rachel, "my opinion you don't want to know."

"Okay." Cora replied. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"So, how's my favorite girl doing?" Billy asked.

"Hey!" Rachel protested.

"Sorry kid," Billy said shrugging to Rachel, "she's the only one that still offers to clean my house so I only have to suck up to her now." He said with a laugh.

Cora laughed with him. "I'm not complaining."

Billy rolled over to door and looked out at the darkening sky. "You might as well come out here and sit with me Rachel. Paul will be here soon."

Rachel got up with a dissatisfied grunt and followed Billy out the door. "Fine," she said, "I'm only going out there just because you asked me to."

"Sure, sure." I told Cora. Rachel loves Paul just as much as he loves her. She'd do anything for him.

I grabbed Cora's hand and pulled her to the couch. I grabbed the remote to turn on the TV while she nestled into my side. I didn't pay one bit of attention to the show that was playing whenever she snaked her arms around my waist. She laughed when I finally gave up and threw the remote onto the table.

"I think you've missed me too." I told her.

"I guess I did." She said with a smile.

Her left arm was wrapped around my abdomen, I could see the diamond on her finger sparkle in the light. I picked up her hand and studied it.

"What?" Cora asked curiously.

"Do you know where this ring came from?" I asked her while still moving her hand around so the diamond could catch the light.

"You haven't told me." She raised her head to look at my face.

"The silver band..." I paused.

"Yes?" She insisted.

I grinned at her. "Came from the jewelry store."

Cora's smile deflated a little. I knew that she thought I was going to tell her it came from somewhere special.

"Oh." she responded.

"But the diamond was my mother's," I told her, "the band she wore was a different size then what you wear."

"You don't know how much that means to me Jacob." She said wrapping me in a hug.

"You deserve it more than anyone." I replied.

"When she let go I kept her left hand grasped in mine. I held her hand up in front of her face so she could see the ring. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked referring to the wedding we would be having soon.

"Sure I do. Why fight the inevitable?" She teased.

"Good," I sighed, "cause I already got us a wedding planner."

"Let me guess. Alice?"

"Yep." I answered. She smiled while rolling her eyes. "I wonder what she will come up with?" Cora has been close friends with the Cullens for a long time now, despite the incident she had with vampires two years ago. She didn't stay in the hospital long after she woke up. It only took her broken bones a month or so to heal.

She grew quiet as she watched whatever was playing on the TV. I stroked her back smoothly as I thought about the day we would finally get married. I could see her now, walking down the aisle dressed all in white. That day she would truly be mine forever, and I would be hers. I chuckled when her snoring interrupted my imagination. I had lost track of time while daydreaming. I softly kissed her forehead that was resting on my chest.

"Love you." I whispered to her.

As she slept, I sat there and thought about my life in the past two years. I knew that when my children, the ones I would be having in the future, asked me about my life I would begin with the time I met their mother. Because the moment I met her, my life truly had begun, with every piece put together again.

~The End~

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