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In a galaxy not so far away...a dark figure observed a planet called 'Earth'.

Person's POV

"I have wandered much of this galaxy but even I could not imagine this. A planet teeming with force sensitive life. Human no less. This is an interesting development that I did not anticipate, and more likely than not, neither did my Master. Their technology is primitive, but they seem to have developed abilities with the force that are completely different from any Jedi or Sith. Most likely due to their isolation... a freak discovery due to a damaged hyper drive system may just yet prove to be quite invaluable. This will require further investigation"
I turn leaving the bridge of my ship behind, heading towards the research and development sector of the ship, which is right next to the medical ward. I arrive in scant few minutes, the crew backing away as I pass, they know better than to stand in the way of a sith lord, of that I have made certain. As I open the doors with the force, I come face to face with just the person I'm searching for. "M'yria." I greet startling the poor woman.

"Yes sir?" She answers, recovering quickly from her shock at seeing me here

M'yria Ilir, is my best scientist. I have known her for nearly as long as I have been a Sith, assigned to me by my Master. When the fleet was commissioned, and regulations were placed for only male humans to crew it, I pulled special strings to keep her aboard due to her skills in the field of Biotics medicine and Robotics, an all round package one would want in a scientist.

"As you may or may not know we have discovered a habited planet in this system we arrived in." I explain watching her nod. "The planet is inhabited by humans but they appear to have developed some unique abilities. I will soon send down scout droids and possibly a black storm trooper squadron to investigate and to take a captive. Regardless of weather or not we bring one back, I want you to analize the video feeds, atmospheric, floral and bio-radiation analysis of the planet. Find out why these humans have the abilities they have and how they use them." I pause for a moment watching as her eyes take on that familiar analytical look, no doubt already calculating just how long that would take and what she should do first once the samples arrived. "Do not fail me M'yria, you are not irreplaceable."

I threaten her, more out of habit than actual spite...I don't think she would be capable of betraying me.

If she was...then she would have to be eliminated.

Because no one betrays me...no one betrays Darth Vader...


Time skip 4 yrs later

Normal POV

A 13 year old boy walked calmly through the village. He had wild and untamed blonde hair, blue eyes and three whisker marks on each cheek. This was Naruto Uzumaki, self-proclaimed Rokudaime Hokage and

container of the Kyuubi.

He was in a bit of depression since Sasuke just left the village on his own free will. It had been 2 months since his betrayal,and he's been training non-stop, determined to bring the Uchiha back.

Jiraiya, one of the Densetsu no Sannin, was training him. He already taught him the Yondaime's famed rasengan. But with the determination he had now, he had in mind taking him on a training trip.

Naruto was going to the Hokage tower to see if Tsunade had a mission for him. As he entered the tower, he walked past the many civilians and shinobi that also walked along its halls. Walking up the stairs and reaching the door, he didn't bother to knock. "Hey ba-chan."

A flying stack of paper that sent him flying through the door and a cry of "Don't call me that!!" was the return greeting. After recomposing herself and after Naruto entered the room again with a bruise on his face she spoke, glaring at him. "What do you want gaki?"

Naruto stared at her blankly for a moment as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I want a mission." He said finally.

Tsunade's eyebrow ticked in slight annoyance, most Shinobi would be happy to take a few days off considering the danger of their work, but this brat was just charging headfirst right back into the fray. She sighed, figuring it would be best to give him something simple and have him talk it over with Kakashi later."Alright...I got one C rank mi-"

Suddenly the door was swung wide open, and Shizune, out of breath and panic stricken across her features entered "Tsunade-sama!! Jiraiya-sama was found at the front gate injured badly. The medics are already working on him but we need your help."

That was all that needed to be said before both blonds were out the door making their way to the hospital.


At the Hospital

Tsunade came barging through the doors marching up to the nurse at the front desk "Where's Jiraiya?"

The nurse jumped a bit at the sound of the angry Hokage, but had been expecting such a reaction and so spoke quickly. "He's on the third floor,room 314" Tsunade turned and walked up to the room, swallowing the distance with long strides. She ran up the steps two at a time.

A few seconds later Naruto arrived at the front desk, panting. He opened his mouth to speak but before he could the woman spoke. "Room 314."

Naruto blinked stupidly "How did you...never mind." And with that he went to the room.

When he got there his sharp ears picked up the sound of Tsunade's voice. "Ok, what happened to him?"

Another medic, this one male from the sound of his voice answered."Tsunade-sama, he has three broken ribs, one punctured lung and judging from the inflammation we also believe he may have a ruptured spleen the dilation of his pupils suggests he may also have a concussion."

Tsunade nodded, green chakra coating her hands as she ran her own diagnostic over her injured teammate "Bring me 15 cc's of adrenalin, keep his heart rate up. Alcohol and Anti-biotics as well, get moving." Glancing at her side she saw Naruto standing at the doorway. "Naruto, wait outside."

The blond had been so dazed by the sight of his injured sensei he didn't register the statement until a few seconds later."But-"

"GO!!" The Godaime barked making him jump at the sound of her voice. Dejectedly, throwing one more glance at his sensei he went outside to wait.


3 Hours later

Tsunade came out wiping her sweat from her brow. Naruto quickly got up from the chair outside the room, his blue eyes lit with a slight hesitance that was born of fear. "How is he?"

She smiled softly. "He'll be awake in an hour or so."

Naruto sighed, his shoulders slumping with relief as the tension simply bled out of him. "Can I see him?" he asked hopefully.

Tsunade made a hesitant face. "Normally, I'd say no but I'll make an exception this time. Just make sure to stay quiet."

Tsunade smiled as she watched his own smile spread across his features lighting up the room. He got up and went in.

As he crossed the door, he wasn't happy with the sight of a mummified Jiraiya. He had bandages all over his upper body and a little on his head. Naruto sat in a chair beside the bed and spoke in a quiet whisper. "Damn, Ero-sennin what the hell happened to you?" He asked tilting his head before he smiled. "You're lucky Ba-chan was here to save ya."

A book came flying at his head from somewhere.

An hour later Naruto was still in the room staring up at the ceiling as he waited for Jiraiya to wake up again. Tsunade was checking over the machinery making sure everything was in order. It was in the midst of this that the patient shakily sat up, startling both Tsunade and Naruto

"Jiraiya/Ero-sennin!" The two spoke simultaneously making Jiraiya cringe as he clutched his head.

"Not so loud." said the hurt Jiraiya

"What do you mean? We're not yelling." Naruto said walking up to the bed. Despite the fact that, for once, his voice was a human volume, the closer proximity made it resonate in Jiraiya's head. So the toad Sannin did what was most logical to him at the time.

He took a nearby book (the same one that had been thrown earlier) and smacked it down on the blond's head. "NOT SO LOUD DAMNIT." Of course, his own yelling did little to improve his condition and was left in even more pain than before. Groaning he clutched his head delicately, since even the slightest physical contact was making everything up there hurt. "Ugh."

Tsunade walked up to Naruto whispering. "Its normal that loud sounds hurt a concussion victim, even your normal tone of voice can seem like a loudspeaker in his ears."

Naruto groaned rubbing his aching head and vowing to burn that book so that it could take no more braincells from him. "You could've warned me ya know." He muttered before looking to Jiraiya, seeing the large man in pain, he figured he could cut back on the normal tongue lashing he would have given the toad ninja. "Ero-sennin." He whispered, loudly. "What happened to ya?"

"Don't call me that you gaki you'll ruin my reputation." Jiraiya replied, more out of reflex than anything.

Naruto snorted, muttering under his breath. "Like you got one..."

Tsunade decided not to let them get too off topic. "What happened to you?" She questioned, truly curious as to what could have put her teammate in the state he was in.

Jiraiya blinked confused for a moment as he struggled to comprehend what she was talking about. Finally he seemed to load properly as his face took on a serious edge. "I was attacked when I was contacting an agent of my spy network in Iwa. It isn't pretty."

Tsunade straightened, knowing that little news from Iwa could be good. She still remembered the last war with them, brutal ninja if she had ever seen any...effective true...but brutal.

"What's the news??" she asked.

Jiraiya didn't say anything for a moment before he finally replied. "Apparently...we're going to war in two years with Oto and Iwa."

Shock was the emotion that crossed Tsunade's and Naruto's face. Orochimaru alone was bad enough but Orochimaru with two villages backing him...that was more than just a headache.

"Are you sure?? She questioned warily. "Couldn't it be just a rumor?"

"My source is 100 accurate and he is sure that it's true." Again Tsunade straightened. "The council must be informed, are you certain it will be in two years."

Jiraiya nodded. "Fairly certain, money needs to be laundered, ninja's trained, approval of the Daimyo's obtained. All this takes time and Orochimaru still needs to find a way to recover the use of his arms. Not to mention train the Uchiha."

Tsunade nodded. "Very well, we wont let anyone but the council and ANBU know of this then, we'll maintain the illusion that we know nothing of their plans for as long as humanly possible. I'll start shifting funds to the border defenses in secret." She turned to Naruto. "And when I tell you to keep your mouth shut about this Naruto I mean it. Don't tell anyone."

The blond nodded, wide fearful eyes coming to grips with the situation.

Naruto and Jiraiya watched her retreating back as she went to deal with this new development. "Ero-sennin" The blond said after a moment of silence."...we better start training once you're better because I'm not gonna just let everybody do all the work, I wanna fight too." He said with a smirk.

Jiraiya turned to face the blond, who's smile remained resolute. He'd let him keep that confidence for now...that naivety. Let him enjoy it for this next year at least. He returned the smirk "Heh...I'm going to double your training brat!!"

"You better because I'm going to kick their asses!!" Naruto finally gave into the urge to yell making Jiraiya wince as he covered his ears.

"Sorry." Naruto whispered sheepishly, catching his mistake. He decided to go train on his own and leave Jiraiya alone to rest.

With Darth Vader and M'yria

M'yria was currently observing the latest video feed of these "humans" if they could even be called such. Darth Vader had frequently returned to this planet between missions and errands for the empire, sending out more probes with every run and picking up the ones he'd left behind the last time he came. She had come to the conclusion that they were...interesting to say the least. They were trained in what they called 'Shinobi Arts' seemingly magical abilities that M'yria had only heard of in the old holo vids of the Jedi. But it was different somehow. M'yria had frequently discussed her various findings with Lord Vader this with Vader seeing as how the seven foot tall half man half machine had developed a deep curiosity of these humans and their abilities.

She figured it was just the curiosity similar to a scientist that had just discovered a new species of animal, no doubt if Vader reported his findings to the empire it would make quite an impact on the scientific community. But no, his curiosity stemmed from a different source.

For all his privileges and power, Vader hated serving another. Palpatine had been a good friend and ally to him over the years, but the old crone simply refused to 'Die' and give up the throne. Vader wanted to control the empire, and re-shape it into what he wanted. It was a dream he took when his wife died. For power is the only thing he had left in his life, a thirst for unending power. And what could be more powerful...than a dark lord at the head of an entire Galaxy.

But Vader knew that for all the skills and abilities he had he could not defeat Palpatine if he faced him openly, his condition made him much more vulnerable to Palpatines seemingly signature attack. Force Lightning. Vader needed a way to nullify that attack, or at least resist it enough to force Palpatine to engage in a light saber duel. Where he held the advantage. The old man had forsaken the arts of a more martial nature in favor of mastery of the force itself. Vader was nearly the exact opposite, he enjoyed the fight, the feeling of an opponent meeting him blade upon blade, where a single misstep could be the difference between life and death.

Vader felt that in these strange humans in this isolated system he could find the answer. The power that would allow him to strike down his Master.

M'yria was once more startled as the hydraulic doors swooshed open revealing the dark lord in his full seven foot glory, the breathing apparatus echoing throughout the room. "What are the recent developments?"

M'yria nodded as she stood "Well sir apparently there is some talk of war between the nations known as Konohagakure, Iwagakure and Otogakure."

Vader said nothing. The sound of his breathing device was the only thing that came from him. From what they had observed so far, Konohagakure was the strongest of the five largest villages. The fact that two nations were allying with one another to defeat it only proved this thought. Darth Vader had been searching for an opportunity to contact these people, now that the Emperor was busy trying to track down whomever was finding a rebellion that had been cropping up everywhere and these ninja would be going to war and needed aid. This was the perfect time. He would offer his assistance in exchange for their arts.

Turning, he was gonna leave the room when she spoke up. "Where are you going my lord?"

"I will prepare my shuttle and head down to the planet. Make sure you destroy all samples and video recordings we have of this planet.

M'yria looked startled but wisely decided not to question the Dark Lord and simply bowed. "As you wish lord Vader."

If things went right, he would have complete power and he would rule the entire galaxy.


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