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The day couldn't pass quickly enough in Vader's mind, anxious to finally meet the leaders of the village in order to finally get down to his demands and negotiations, of which he was quite certain they'd be more than willing to listen to considering his defeat of the infamous snake, who's actions had brought on the attentions of Vader's spy droids several times.

Of course, if they ever realized his hand in the actual attack then he was quite certain they would brand him an enemy.

For indeed it had been Vader that had allowed the enemy to amass as such, his spy droids knew very well for many months of Oto and Iwa's plan to invade Konoha. And through a careful, covert drop of his best assassins, Vader had given them their target. Jiraiya's spy.

Keeping his family hostage, the dark lord had forced the man to feed Jiraiya false information over Iwa and Oto's movements. Telling him that they would be ready in years, when they had already been marching across the border lands. Allowing him, to intervene at the most opportune moment.

Now the village was in his debt, and they would not refuse him lightly even if they weren't. He held a great advantage here, and he was almost guaranteed to get what he wanted.

Still, apart from his imminent acquirement of the coveted "Ninja arts" something, or better said someone else clouded his mind.

Now Darth Vader was a man who thought about many things, who's mind was always in motion. It was rare however, that his thoughts would be occupied by anyone below even the age of twenty, for a child…..a mere child….to be doing so now was nothing short of remarkable.

The feel of that power that lay within that young, delicate shell was something Vader would not soon forget. Wielding that much power within him, that alone made him an anomaly among even these people.

What was he capable of, Vader wondered? Why was it that the force seemed to war within him. Light and dark melding, yet, clashing together. The Dark lord had never heard of such a thing even, with all the knowledge he'd garnered from Sith and Jedi Holocrons, taken from the broken ruins of the Jedi temple. Just what was that boy? And was he perhaps of enough worth for Vader to consider taking him on as an apprentice?

For years the dark lord had searched for any strong in the force that had been untouched by his master , and here this planet hidden deep within the percius nebula was not only giving him a means to defeat his master himself, but also a possible apprentice of his own.

It was for this reason that the dark lord had decided that he would seek the boy out before he went to the meeting. Intending to see what he was capable of or to simply get more of a feel for that power that resided within him.

He wandered through the streets with purpose, never forgetting that he still had to go to the meeting. As the intimidating dark figure made his way through the civilian filled streets, people kept sending looks of fear, curiosity, and quite surprisingly, disregard. Fear because of how powerful this unknown man in black was said to be…. curiosity by how exceedingly weird his type of clothing seemed to them. And disregard because some ninja, even from Konoha, were more intimidating than even this figure of black armor. One only needed to look into the bingo book, Kisame, Zetsu, one couldn't get much more weird looking.. To them, all he had on was some weird armor.

Vader brushed them off rather easily. Used to looks much worse in certain planets he had visited, many of which showed even open hostility. These people here were just civilians, and if anyone of these mere people got in his way, he would quickly dispose of them, without raising suspicions of course. But he doubted anyone would be doing that….

He made his way closer towards the edge of the village, the presence of the child becoming stronger and stronger in his mind. It was not long before the dark lord found the boy. He stood in a field cradled by the dense foliage of the forest and surrounded by clones. A dozen or so. The dark lord had seen the clone technique and its variants through his spy droids. Perhaps this would give him an opportunity to see what the boy was capable of.

Mind resolute, he used the force to conceal himself, making him seem, invisible to anyone who wasn't looking. He made his way deeper into the forest, the lenses of his helmet focusing on the young child as his dopplegangers began to fight him. The shadows of the forest cradled the Dark Lord, keeping him from sight.


Naruto blocked a harsh kick to his ribs, before ducking under several shuriken, pushing his shadow clone away he began backpedaling, avoiding more attacks before leaping onto a tree branch.

Using chakra to stick to its surface, Naruto drew two kunai which he used to block more projectiles thrown his way.

He challenged himself, that he'd last as long as he could entirely on the defensive, a cut that drew blood, and/or an offensive technique of his that made a clone dispel marked his "loss" of the challenge.

A kunai pierced the small of his back, bringing a startled gasp from him before he vanished in a cloud of smoke, replaced by a log.

The young Jinchuuriki appeared in the clearing, crouching low, allowing one of his clones to pass right over him as it attempted to tackle him.

Drawing a shuriken he threw the metallic star to the right, a clang reaching his ears as it intercepted another of his clones kunai.

He dodged and weaved between several more of his clones attacks, but the wild, continuous frenzy was beginning to knock him off balance, stumbling over his own feet, it wasn't soon before one of his clones managed to tackle him onto the floor.

Landing with an "umph" the Jinchuuriki felt the air leave his lungs before a kunai cut deeply into his cheek, drawing copious amounts of blood signaling his defeat.

Growling in annoyance the original groused his smiling counterparts. "Alright, alright, let's go again." He said pushing himself up onto his feet.

The Dark Lord observed all of this from his vantage point. Impressive, but not remarkable. Nothing gave an inkling to the power the Sith could clearly sense spilling from his very being. He would need to be observed more closely.

But that was for later, for now, he needed to get to his meeting.


Bail Organa had made many friends in his life A man of charm, charisma, strong sense and dedication to justice and common virtues, it was no surprise that this Alderanian member of the royal family could gather so many other good people to himself, like moths to a flame.

All sorts of people, rich, powerful, military, civilian, powerful and common people alike were drawn to him.

Even those that at one point...were of the proud Jedi order.

An order that was now Shattered, scattered like leaves to the storm, divided, leaderless, those Jedi who had the strength had turned away from their light sabers, from the force itself, neither having the will or ability to fight the empire.

Others still clung to it though, and perhaps they were the strong ones in a sense, though they stumbled like ghosts, lacking direction or purpose. The Jedi who still clung to the force from what Bail had seen, did so out of necessity, they didn't know any other way to live. They stumbled in misdirection and fumbled in ignorance, knowing that they had to defeat the empire but not knowing where on earth they could even begin.

Did Palpatine feel the same way at any point in his life Bail wondered. At any point before he meticulously planned the events that would pierce the heart of the Jedi order in a single fell stroke.

In mere hours, hundreds of Jedi knights, thousands had been struck down, their lives snuffed out in seconds. Palpatine's blow had come from the shadows and with force, that Bail didn't consider anyone capable of having fathomed at the time. The Alderannian could not help but wonder...if perhaps there were even 100 Jedi left out of the thousands that had once graced the halls of its temple on corrusant.

The two Jedi closest to him, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the great, Grand Jedi Master Yoda; Bail couldn't help but speculate if the brilliance of Palpatines plan and his apparent strength had shook them both. When he had first assisted them nearly fifteen years ago, he had expected them to attempt to gather the remaining Jedi, organize them in order to fight the Emperor.

But they instead had chosen to hide. To conceal themselves, and order others to do the same. In retrospect, that plan possibly was the better choice, but their quickness to it; several times Bail couldn't help but speculate if they had been shook by the sudden fall of the order more than they let on at the time.

And so it was with great surprise that the Senator had received the transmission of the Grand Jedi master, requesting him to use a highly encrypted frequency, which his com. Techs hadn't even known about, to send out a repeated simple message.


Yoda was calling his Jedi too him.

Why the Jedi master was doing it, Bail did not know.

And that's why he found himself here. On the stink infested swamps of said planet, having boarded his private ship, with no crew to speak of, leaving in the middle of the night.

He prayed the coordinates he remembered were accurate and that he wasn't miles away.

Hand covering his mouth and lips, the Alderanian senator repeatedly called out for the grand Jedi master, praying that those big ears of his weren't for show and that he'd hear him.

"Master Organa, expecting you, I was." Came the voice directly behind him making bail turn with a sharp about face.

When his eyes landed on the little imp the Alderanian senator had to refrain from gasping openly.

The wrinkles that lined his face, previously light, complementing his wise nature, were now deep, as though carved into his face by the harsh edge of a knife, deep jagged trenches made only harsher by time, cheeks, once full and fleshy now thin and sallow, his robes hanging heavier about his body, showing just how much weight he'd lost.

"Master Yoda" The Organa patriarch greeted with a quick bow to the waist.

His patience for formalities having diminished in his isolation Yoda waved a quick, dismissive claw at the human. "Time for that there is not. Quickly, waiting, the others are."

Turning on his heel the little alien began to hobble his way through the foliage, with Bail following closely behind.

Despite what any may tell you, the little green imp was fast. Like...ridiculously so. By the time they reached the small carved out hut that was Yoda's house the Alderanian senator had felt as though he'd just done a professional 200 meeter dash.

Opening the door, the grand master walked into his home. Bail stood awkwardly in front of the pint sized portal for a moment, trying to best decipher a way to go in without banging his head or looking completely ridiculous. Finally, he crouched down low, entering with his left shoulder first, he glanced around once he finally made it inside.

And couldn't stop the smile from spreading over his features.

Obi-wan Kenobi stood on the far end of the hut, time having been unkind to him as well, 20 years seemingly having aged him double that time, hair, once a deep shade of copper brown now a stark gray, deep wrinkles lining his face , but that same patient, understanding smile still lined his face, however weary it was. Bail could only imagine that the Jedi master could only be all too glad to see so many of his old friends.

Next to him was none other than the Jedi master Shaak Tii, the Togruta, who aged slower than humans, was as youthful as the senator remembered her, deep orange skin the same shade. She had to lower her head a bit more than the others though, the horns atop her skull making it so that she continually bumped its tips against the ceiling of the overtly small hut. Yoda apparently hadn't planned on having guests.

Next to her was Jedi master Adi Galia, pilot of the first Jedi starcraft the Jedi master had been assigned to the Carthack system towards the beginning of the clone wars and long after. One of the few regions of space that had not needed much clone influence, with the rebel pirates that fought against the CIS and the trade federation with an almost religious zealotry, the system was well in hand, and those same pirate allies had done more than well enough in shooting down hundreds of clone pilots when they attacked the Jedi master.

And only those three he recognized, all around the hut about seven others sat around, making a total of seven Jedi and one senator.

It was quite comical to see them all stuffed in there, cramped, knees hugged against their chest as they sat on the floor.

Comical...and...sad. In this image, Bail could see just how much the Jedi had lost. Their once great, beautiful High council room, where dozens could fit comfortably, now here they were, in this ruined, rotting hut, hiding in their meetings, cowering in the shadow of the empire, in the shadow of Darth Vader.

"Master Organa." Obi-wan greeted. "I would stand up to greet you properly but obviously..." He paused tapping the ceiling. "It would be rather troublesome.

"Please master Obi-wan think nothing of it."

"Time for pleasantries there is not." Yoda said hobbling onto a seat, he plopped down before looking around the room. "The shroud of the dark side, hide this planet it does. But hide us for long, it will not.

Of essence, time is."

"Very well Master, then why have you gathered us all here?" Obi-wan began. "When we sent out the signal beacon to warn Jedi away from the temple we agreed that we would all go into hiding."

"So it had been you two then." Shaak began. "You were the ones that changed the signal beacon's message."

"Yes." Obi-wan nodded."

"But why." Another of the Jedi questioned a young dark haired girl. "You and Master Yoda-you were both aware of each other being alive, why had you not contacted us? Gather us? We could have-"

"Done what, young Padawan Starstone?" Obi-wan interrupted. "Palpatine has legions of trillions of storm troopers, battle cruisers and security droids. A hand full of Jedi that we are, even a hundred Jedi, wouldn't have been able to prevail against such adversities."

The young Starstone, somewhat cowed by the elders patient interruption spoke up somewhat uncertainly, her hesitance to be shot down again easily visible to the others. "Palpatine has been corrupted by Vader...if we defeat him...perhaps we can end this madness."

Yoda and Obi-wan shared a look, to this day, Sidiou's true involvement in the events remained a largely unknown fact.

"If only master Skywalker was here." Another of the younger Jedi spoke, and Yoda could see the pained look cross over Obi-wan's features.

Shaak, misinterpreting his expression for pain at Anakin's supposed death rather than his betrayal placed a hand on his shoulder. "It is alright Master Wan, master Anakin is one with the force now."

Obi-wan opened his mouth but Yoda soon interrupted with his graveled, harsh voice.

"Destroying Vader, nothing will change. Focus we must, on what he seeks."

"What do you mean master Yoda?" Bail spoke up.

"Disturbances, deep in the force they run. Many years now, to find the source, I have tried. Succeeded I have, but only recently."

"I have felt it as well." Shaak spoke up.

"Does it have to do with Vader?" Obi-wan questioned.

"Indeed." Yoda answered sharply. "Many cycles now, passed through the system Vader has. Leave he does, in the same direction, and come he does, from the same."

"Passing through the Dagohbah system?" Another of the Jedi spoke up. "There are only two Hyperspace routes that can take us into the Dagohbah system, through which is he heading?"

"A third he has discovered." Yoda answered.

"So whatever is causing these disturbances in the force is most likely linked to Vader and this mystery place." Obi-wan concluded.

Yoda nodded. "Find a way to follow, we must. Difficult it will be. With no other ship, has Vader come through here. A secret he keeps this."

A silence descended over the assembled Jedi each garnering their own thoughts over this development.

A quiet cough from the entrance brought their attention to a somewhat nervous Bail. "I may have a plan. Though I'd rather know who would be going into this mystery system Vader's visiting.

All eyes immediately turned to the three Jedi masters, Shaak Tii, Obi-wan, and Yoda.

Obi-Wan leaned back in the wooden hut sighing. "I cannot...there's...ahh...a previous investment I am following, which, with time, may allow us to destroy the empire entirely. But it must be monitored carefully."

Sharing a look with Bail, the Alderanian senator knew exactly whom the Jedi master was referring to.

Of course then all eyes turned to Yoda who ran a hand over his wrinkled, bald head.

"Too old, I am. Strength, I have not, to fight Vader any longer. A hindrance, I will be."

Finally all eyes landed on Shaak, who nodded once. "I will go masters, but...I feel...that I am not strong enough to face Vader. I will need help."

"Good." Yoda stated. "Recognize your limitations, you do. And correct you are...Beyond you. Vader is. Tonight, think, the others must if they are willing to go. Tomorrow, Master Organa, listen to your proposal we will."

The Alderanian senator nodded, bowing once. "Thank you master Yoda, should any of you need, my personal ship is rather spacious and is well stocked."

Stepping out of the hut, the regrouped Jedi all bid each other good night, their minds heavy with the possibilities.


Vader made it to the impressive structure called the Hokage Tower and made his way inside the building. The architecture reminded him of the wookies, carved out of wood, impressive in their resourcefulness and design ingenuity.

Inside, he walked towards the secretary who in turn looked at him with something akin to boredom…..or was it annoyance? She was a quite attractive woman with raven black hair, hazel eyes and basic chuunin clothes.

"How may I help you sir?" said the black haired secretary.

"I have an appointment with your leader…" replied Darth Vader seriously.

With a, "Let me check.", the secretary looked for a notebook and searched for the appointments for the day. "Let me see….Darth Vader?" she asked.

"Yes." replied Vader with a tone of slight annoyance. He wanted this over fast. And used to his post as the emperors right hand, the dark lord was used to getting things his way, despite his impatience, choking any of these people, would only delay his results.

"Alright, then please proceed to climb the stairs to your right to the seventh floor and the first door to your left will be her office. And a piece of advice," at this she lowered her speech to a mere whisper,

"Be sure to knock first. She has a rather, unorthodox way of greeting someone when they barge in." And with that, she waved him a dismissal and resumed to her duties.

Darth Vader proceeded to climb his way up the long, circular stairs up to the seventh floor. Soon enough, he made it to the seventh floor. He walked through the hallway until he saw the door the secretary had pointed out flanked by two ANBU ninjas, and made his way to them.


Tsunade was a woman with a short temper, and with strength that could send the hardest trained ninja crying from pain. Now, when she said that something shocked her, it had to be something pretty big to shock her. Here she was, sitting in her office drinking a cup of sake, pondering on how did this person named "Darth Vader", defeat an opponent even Jiraiya would have a hard time against.

How? That was her simple thought. How did he do it? He clearly had no knowledge over Ninja Arts, since he was asking to be taught in them…So how did he do it? And that kind of technology he has… is nothing like what they have, and to have it for them, would be a good advantage for Konoha. But was it worth it? Worth teaching this person about chakra and the likes and making him far stronger than he already is, for advanced technology?

A heavy thudding knock on her door interrupted this difficult debate in her mind, to which she responded "Come in."

In walked Vader, his cape following his every move as he walked to stand until he stood directly in front of her desk, the hiss of his heavy breathing once again unnerving her, that was just so incredibly freaky.

"Tsunade….", said Vader words punctuated by the hissing breathing. Said woman put her cup of warm sake down and raised her vision to the tall man standing in front of her.

"Glad you could make it Vader, now I think we have some important matters to attend to." said the slug sannin bringing her business voice to the forefront. "Since this is something of great importance, we must hold this meeting with the council. Follow me." continued Tsunade and got up from her seat and motioned him to follow. On the way out, the two ANBU curiously looked at where they were heading to, but quickly went back to their posts.

Quickly walking towards the council chambers, The Dark Lord was thinking on how he would handle this. Not that he wasn't sure he could, but he had to be cautious…One slip and his opportunity with the, apparently strongest of these ninja nations went away like the wind.

Soon enough, they came to a stop in front of two fairly large doors which led to their destination. The Legendary Sucker opened them and they came upon a room filled with seats and desks of heavy, red oak, the layout of the room resembled the layout of a ninja academy class room, with a low podium, and increasingly higher rows of seats in front of it.

At the very top, right and dark part of the chamber sat Danzo, head of the ROOT agency, with Homura and Koharu at his sides respectively. A couple of rows down at the left side sat Hiashi Hyuuga, head of the mighty Hyuuga clan who possessed the powerful Byakugan Doujutsu, which had an almost 360 degrees vision, with Tsume Inuzuka at his left, the head of the Inuzuka clan, who had powerful noses for tracking.

At the right side, on the first row, sat the original Ino-Shika-Cho trio: Inoichi Yamanaka, head of the Yamanaka clan known for their mind jutsus, Shikaku Nara, head of the Nara clan known for their supreme control over shadows, and Chouza Akimichi, leader of the Akimichi clan recognized for their large sizes and body parts expansion jutsus.

" Honorable council, as you may or may not know, a person came to me seeking for an agreement. Unfortunately, we could not finish our discussion since Iwa and Oto decided to attack." as Tsunade said this, several of them began muttering between them while looking at the person that stood tall next to their leader.

" As such, today we are here to discuss what Darth Vader here would like to propose to us." at this, Lord Vader stepped forward, intending to say what he wanted. The weird sound of his breath creeping out a little some of those who were there.

"I, as Tsunade said, am Darth Vader," began The Dark Lord his deep, resonating voice easily reaching everyone in the room."and I came to this planet with intention of learning these "Ninja Arts".

With that, a brief whisper session commenced in the chambers until Tsunade silenced them.

"If you will teach me this, I will provide you with my advanced weapon technology, the vessel I arrived with here, medical equipment and aid against anyone who may cause problems towards you." said Vader with a tone of finality in his speech.

To say that the council members were shocked would be a huge understatement. But that soon disappeared and was replaced by a thick feeling of curiosity. Shikaku was the first one to get over his shock and said "Where do you come from?"

Darth Vader set his gaze directly on him and responded "That is none of your concern. My business is my concern, all you need to know is that I have enemies, enemies that I will be able to defeat easily with the additional aid of your ninja arts, rest assured that, should you cooperate, this planet will be forevermore under my protection." The dark lord was laying it on thick, this he knew, but cared little. This was necessary for the time being.

"How do we know that you're not an enemy spy preparing for an invasion of some sort? Since you apparently come from another world entirely, then for all we know you could merely be looking to learn our secrets to take advantage of them when your attack force strikes" This time, it was Hiashi who spoke up his suspicion. Every other member agreed with his assumptions and awaited Vader's answer.

Patience running thin the dark lord decided to resort to the familiar tactic of threats to get what he wanted."If I really wanted to, all I have to do is direct the coordinates to my ship and an orbital bombardment would glass the entire surface of this planet and there would be nothing you could do to stop it…."said The Dark Lord said with a serious and dangerous tone, making them realize he was not joking around. Using a mild influence of the Force Mind trick to back up his words the dark lord watched in satisfaction as their features gained a look he was far more used to, fear and unease.

Every occupant of the room were staring at this person claiming he could destroy the world if he wanted with wide eyes. Could he really do it? The way he said it…. made them believe that what he said was true.

Tsunade was wide eyed and a bead of sweat slowly made it's way down her forehead.

At this point, Danzo stood and spoke up, saying "Very well, but before we can make the final decision, we would have to view the effectiveness of your technology and if it is truly helpful and convenient to us, we would accept. I think I speak for everyone here when I say I agree with your proposal." with his speech over, he calmly sat down.

Tsunade looked at everyone of the council members. Being sure if everyone was sure with what Danzo said. "Does everybody agree?". Several heads could be seen nodding. "Ok then. It's settled. Darth Vader, we accept your proposal with the exception that we revise the effectiveness of your technology. Only then, we will truly accept. Should we accept, then in 24 hours, after the declaration of acceptance is made we will provide you with a private instructor. This meeting is adjourned." And with that, Tsunade ended the meeting and saw Vader walking towards the door. She let him go, considering she had other things to do….and think of.


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