Needing Me

Needing Me

He was all alone now. Empty. Lacking. They were gone, all of his creations, gone. Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw had been destroyed at Tyger Pax, Ratbat on the fourth planet of the red giant star Exus 10, Rumble had perished when he had returned from a mission without the information that Starscream had wanted. Ravage had lasted up until they landed on this dirtball of a planet, finally succumbing to old wounds that had been grating against his internals for eons. And Frenzy, the only creation that he had trusted to the care of another, had been killed under said Decepticon's oldfactory sensor.

He was so alone. He didn't have a cause to fight for anymore; Megatron was dead, along with his brother Blackout. He couldn't sense any other Decepticon energy signal, so they all must be dead or have fled the planet. So, he was alone, alone with only his growing despair and misery. Most would have called him sparkless, cold, unfeeling, but those few that truly knew him would say otherwise. Blackout always joked that he was the most feeling Decepticon around, but only to those that he loved; his creations and his brother. Everyone else, however, could roast in the Pit for all he cared.

Megatron had sought him out because of his creations abilities. They were the perfect spies, but of course, mischievous as they came. No matter how many times he scolded them, warned them that the others wouldn't stand for such things, they continued, laughing as they raced back to him to hide. He protected them of course, fighting off whoever was dumb enough to follow them. But, as each one passed on into the Matrix, he felt a bit of his resolve go with them. Then his strength just left him when he felt Frenzy's spark disappear forever.

How long had he stayed here brooding to himself? Alone in some fleshbag infested lot, surrounded by their vehicles. He blended in so well that no one bothered to question where he had come from. He watched the stupid flesh creatures walk by, some admiring him, others scoffing at his "fuel efficiency", or rather lack thereof. Stupid fleshbags; they honestly thought his body was as disgustingly wasteful as their pathetic designs. He would never stand for such things; one had to use whatever resources they had to survive and not waste it for useless functions.

He was just thankful that none of the stupid organic blobs had considered taking him home with them. Not that he would have allowed them to; he was not having some pile of flesh and bone sitting inside of him. Primus would he fragged in the head before that happened.

"Well, what about this model?" A male voice asked, snapping him out of his musing for the day. The owner of the lot was standing beside another male with graying hair and dark brown eyes. Disgusting.

"Well, it certainly looks like it's in good shape." The strange male replied, walking around his frame. "Nice colour too. Don't find too many that are this dark of blue with golden trim on them unless they are custom built."

"Well, this could be your lucky day." The owner replied with a grin. "Been sitting here for a while collecting dust." Liar, he repelled dust and refused to let the blasted junk get into his systems.

"And I'm sure a small dealership like yours has been washing him every day?" The stranger asked, his tone echoing his thoughts.

"But of course!" The owner lied again. "Like to keep all of my cars in top working condition." Sure, that's why all the others piles of scrape are rusting away and look like they were just uncovered from the desert.

"Hmm," the stranger replied, "I'll take your word for it." He replied. "Well, I think I'll take it."

"Excellent!" The owner laughed. No it wasn't! "Let's go inside and sign the forms and you can take this little beauty home with you."

He wasn't going, forget it. These stupid fleshbags were out of their organic minds if they thought that he was going to let them take him away without a fight. He had set his tires down here and he was staying here. There was no way that he was…curse those humans and their keys. While had he had been busy snarling to himself, that new human had somehow opened his door and started his engine without him realizing.

They were flying down the human highway now. He hated to admit it, but he was happy to be moving. The human kept patting his dashboard and he was so tempted to pitch him headfirst out the door. Like he wanted his filthy organic appendages touching him, a superior being. But, he supposed the flesh beast could be of some use; he had gotten him to leave the confinements of that disgusting hole of a piece of land. And he must have been very impressive if he had managed it without alerting him to his presence.

They drove for over an hour before they turned off the highway and down onto a side road that led to a small suburban neighbourhood. The human continued to drive down the road until he turned right at a sign that read "Poplar Drive". Another minute passed before he started slowing down and turned into a driveway that had a small mailbox that had the word "Campbell" written on it. The human drove into a small parking garage before turning the "vehicle" off and stepping out.

"There, no to make sure that snoopy little sweetheart of mine doesn't come looking in here." The human male laughed. "Not exactly a Porsche, but I'm sure she'll love ya just the same." He added as he patted the driver side door.

With that, the male turned and left the garage. He snorted to himself. Not only did this fleshbag appear to think that he owned him, but he was going to give him to his lover too. How absolutely disgusting! He was not letting some organic glitch sit in him, never! It was absolutely unthinkable! His standards would never allow such a thing to occur! He would never, ever allow some fleshling to occupy HIS seats! Never!


That night, he was plagued by visions of the incidents that took his creations from him. Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw's final screams of pain echoed through his mind as their wings were torn from their bodies and they fell into the raging inferno below them as the buildings crumpled. The sight of their melted frames tore his spark apart again, reopening wounds he had tried to heal shut. The only part of their bodies that had helped to identify them was their head and the fact that Lazerbeak had reached out with his foot and grabbed hold of Buzzsaw's just before they died. It was the only consolation for the pain; they hadn't died alone.

Ratbat's body collided with the grenade as it sailed towards them, giving up his own life to save the others. His head rolled across the ground and stopped at his feet, his mouth opened in an eternal scream of pain. They found the rest of his body scattered across the barren landscape, each piece tearing into his spark with more brutality that Megatron's own flail and claws. He had died painfully and it could have been prevented if he hadn't told him to eject to help fight. If he had just brought Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage out, Ratbat could have been spared.

Rumble screamed in pain as Starscream tore his limbs off. He was being held back by the other two Seekers while Blackout was chained up to prevent him from interfering. Energon was pooling around his purple frame, dripping from his mutilated body, flying out of his mouth as he coughed it up. Starscream laughed the whole time, calling Rumble names, insulting him, his creator, his deceased brothers, anything that came to mind. Rumble let out a garbled cry of pain as he locked optics with him as he struggled pitifully against Thundercracker and Skywarp.

"I'm…sorry…Dad." He whispered before Starscream ripped his head clean off before tearing his chest plate open and crushing the dimly pulsating spark between his claws.

Ravage growled weakly as his back legs refused to hold his weight. He crawled forward, determined to reach his smoldering form as he quickly left his protoform mode and reassumed his bipedal form. He picked his only remaining creation up, holding him close to his chest plate, silently begging him to hold on. Ravage purred weakly, licking the glass on his chest compartment before letting his head fall onto his arm as his back started sparking from a wound that had reopened upon landing.

'Forgive me, Creator.' He whispered over their bond. 'I do not have the strength left to continue. I...I fear it is time to say good-bye.'

He held his eldest creation close to his chest compartment, begging him to fight, to remain. His processor told him that it was useless to beg, that Ravage had fought long enough, but his spark couldn't bear the thought of losing yet another of his creations. He watched as Ravage gave one final intake of air before he went limp in his arms and his spark went out, forever. He let his head fall back as a wail of agony left him, cursing the Autobots for doing this, cursing Starscream for dragging the search on for so long, and even cursing Megatron for leaving that fool in charge.

He had to hurry, Frenzy was so close! He could hear his spark pulsating, whirling with excitement as he closed in on the humans left in the Hoover Dam. He shared his final creation's enthusiasm; all these disgusting pile of organic matter deserved to be crushed under their feet. He would help of course, but he would let Frenzy have his fun. Just as he was getting closer to the Hoover Dam, close enough to actually see it, he felt his spark grow cold.

'Oh shit.' Frenzy's voice echoed through the bond before it went silent and the final connection leading into his spark faded away like it had never existed.

His scream of disbelief and anguish echoed around the rocks and out across the river leading to the Hoover Dam, bouncing back to mock him as he sent himself toppling over into the ditch beside the road in shock.


He woke up from recharge with a jolt, panting as he scanned the area around him. Right, he was in a human's garage and those images were just of the past, something he couldn't change. He let out a low sigh of relief, sinking down onto his tires. As much as he hated what had happened, he was relieved that they were not happening again. They images were just too horrid.

He immediately straightened up as he heard voices.

"No, you can't peek." He heard the male human laugh.

The door to the garage opened up and he came in leading a young human female in, covering her eyes and grinning happily. That was his sweetspark?! A YOUNGLING?! How absolutely revolting!

"Ok, you can look now." The male laughed as he pulled his hands away from the young female's eyes.

He watched as her facial expression went from confusion to slight repulsion quickly. "You…bought me a Hummer?" She demanded.

"You bet." The male chuckled. "You are always complaining that the car that we have won't fit all of your stuff. This baby will fit everything." He added as he patted his hood.

The youngling's face twisted slightly before she sighed. "Alright, I guess I could live with it." She stated. "It's just going to eat my money up with the amount of gas it's going to take to fill it up." She muttered.

Stupid flesh brat.

She walked over to the male and hugged him. "Thanks Dad."

Dad? Oh, so the femme was his creation! Well, that made more sense than being his bonded mate. He scolded himself for jumping to conclusions like that; the identity of the mystery femme should have been so obvious. Slag him for not paying attention. He became aware of the light source vanishing before his door opened and the youngling climbed into his front seat.

"Guess I got stuck with you huh?" She asked, obviously not expecting a response. She let out a groan before she hit her head against the steering wheel. She hissed bitterly. "I said my stuff didn't fit in their car! I didn't mean I wanted one! Hell, what am I supposed to do with you? I just moved here! It's not like I have any friends!"

Why did this human think that he cared about her pathetic life? And why was she sitting in him? He wanted her out, now, but he wasn't about to reveal himself; that would get him a one-way ticket to the smelter. The Autobots practically had total control of this planet and would be in the vicinity within moments.

The femme was stroking his dashboard. "You poor thing; you probably don't want to be here. Rather be wasting away in some landfill somewhere." She muttered. "I'd like to be there. I mean, my dad's great and all, but he's trying to get me to like him too much."

He didn't care. Let the femme talk to herself, wasn't his problem. As soon as he could figure out a way out of here, he'd be happy. He felt something slid into the ignition and had to bite back the surprised yelp.

"Dad left the keys in the cup holder." She muttered. "He's asking for something like this to get stolen." She turned the key over and he allowed his engine to start up. "May as well take you for a spin; not like I have anything better to do." She added before she hopped out to open the garage door.

Foolish brat. Like he was just going to let her…what was wrong with him? There they were, backing out of the garage, down the driveway, onto the road, and heading towards the metropolitan sector! Why wasn't he stopping himself? Why was he letting this…this…filth drive him?! And yet, in spite of his disgust, he found it rather amusing, almost like an out-of-body experience. The femme obviously knew how to drive, although the foot that she had on the gas pedal was slightly heavy. He eased it up slowly, just so that she wouldn't notice as much; he didn't want to take a turn to fast and end up on his side or end up rolling; that would be painful.

The femme turned into a building with a large B and K with a strange meat in two pieces of wheat. Upon further investigation using the Internet, he discovered that the place was called "Burger King" and was chock full of chemicals that were not extremely good for a human body. Why she was pulling in here was beyond…oh…there were other humans here.

"Time to bite the bullet." She muttered before she parked him in backwards, twisting around to see out the back window, and turned him off. "Wish me luck."

Luck…wait…did he just think that? He watched the femme walk off, one hand holding the other arm in an obvious display of nervousness. Strange, she seemed to be confident when she was talking to him. He watched as she stopped in front of some tables filled with other femmes. He couldn't quite hear them, but he could hear the odd, shy tone that had entered her voice.

Maybe if he sent…oh wait…Lazerbeak…never mind. Maybe if he turned up the sensitivity on his audio receptors…there, now he could hear them.

"And who are you?" One of the other femme's demanded, tilting her head back and sneering.

"I'm Caraden." His femme replied. Wait, his? "I just moved here."

The femme seemed to sneer more. "And you thought you could just join us?"

The femme, Caraden if his audios were correct, stiffened. "Oh, sorry." She replied, a hard tone entering her voice. "I wasn't aware that this town had cliques."

"Yeah." The femme snapped, flipping long, yellow hair behind her.

"Let me take a guess at which clique this is." Caraden asked. When the other femme snorted, she grinned. "The Bitches." She sneered before she turned and walked away, leaving the girls sitting surprised and angry.

"Did she just call me a bitch?" The yellow haired girl demanded. "That bitch! I'm going to show her a thing or two!"

Caraden had approached another table, this one contained two young males, one of which currently had one of the meat and wheat stuck down his throat, and a young female. They were a little surprised by her but smiled in return. The young male started making gestures behind her, trying to get the chunk of food down his throat.

"Behind you!" He choked.

She turned at the last second and ducked just in time to avoid getting hit with a purse.

"How dare you have called ME a bitch!" The yellow haired femme screamed as she took another swing at her.

"Well, you certainly aren't helping your image!" Caraden yelped.

"You miserable little…."

"Just shut up, Becca!" The other female snapped as she stood up and snatched the bag away. "She's new here and you act like you're the top dog or something. You tease a dog, it will bite you back."

Becca grinned. "Well, Mikaela, you just confirmed it; she is a bitch." She sneered.

Caraden looked shocked before she growled. "Yeah, and guess what? This bitch is ready to bite."

Becca's internal reactions gave off fear, but she stuck her nose in the air and took her purse back from Mikaela. "I have better things to do than spay this dumb bitch." She snapped before walking off.

Caraden rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Well, that's a beautiful way to start my school year here; I already made an enemy."

He chuckled to himself. This little femme was quite amusing; perhaps he would stay, if only to keep himself entertained.

Author's note: And it's another story…this one's going to be short though. Just a little something to help make everything a little easier on me since everything is making me freak out. Like the girl's name? I like it, not sure if it's original or not though…anyways, I know that the mech who is the Hummer is very obvious, but still, can you guess who it is?