Wiol Onr Ilian

Wiol Onr Ilian

For Your Happiness

It had been three weeks since that battle. Three weeks since he had been utterly crushed by his brother. Three weeks since he had been reunited with Roran. Three weeks since he had returned to the lofty pines of Ellesmera.

Eragon sighed and stepped out of Vrael's house. He wandered the mystic paths of Du Welden Varden.

After losing to Murtagh he had been asked by Nasuada to return to Ellesmera to complete his training.

He had learned much since he returned. As he wandered along the wandering path he came across Oromis. Oromis was garbed in flowing robes of white. his hair rippled like water across his shoulders. He stood still admiring the trees and the birds.

"Ebrithil." whispered Eragon as he bowed.

"Ah. Eragon-vodhr. I was hoping you would make it here." replied Oromis.

"What did you me to do?" asked Eragon in the Ancient Language.

"Glaedr and I have decided. We believe that you are now mature enough for the knowledge I will now give you. You wished to know how Galbatorix had grown so strong and to a lesser extent Murtagh. Galbatorix has been taking the Eldunari of the dragons. I know we have already mentioned this to you and Saphira but what Glaedr and I have been withholding is that while he may have hundreds of Eldunari at his disposal he has one main one that is greater than all others."

"Whose Eldunari does he have?"

"The Eldunari of the first dragon of our order. He has the the Eldunari of Bid'Daum. He possesses the soul of the First Eragon's dragon."

"But why? Why did Bid'Daum stay after the first Eragon left?"

"He stayed to council and teach the new generations of Riders."

"I tell you this because you our last hope of defeating Galbatorix. Glaedr and I have nothing left to pass on to you and Saphira. We have fulfilled our purpose. The next time we meet will be at the gates of Uru'baen. Farewell Eragon-finariel. It is up to you to teach the next generation. Atra Esterni ono thelduin."

"Mor'ranr lifa unin hjarta onr."

"Un du evarinya ono varda." with that Oromis turned around and walked into the hidden depths of the forest and disappeared.


"Yes Eragon?"

"What do you make of what Oromis told us?"

"This is powerful knowledge indeed. We should inform Arya of what we know immediately."

"Yes. Whether she knows or not we should tell her and then alert the Nasuada."

"Shall I meet you at Tialdari Hall?"

"No, I know that you have been hungry for awhile. Go. Hunt Enjoy yourself."

"As you wish!" roared Saphira as she sent Eragon a mental image of her blasting into the sky.

"Now I march into the den of a lioness." thought Eragon as he marched towards Tialdari Hall.