Eragon looked up as he appeared in the ruins of Carvahall. A tear rolled down his face as he glanced around at the burned and destroyed buildings that was once the peaceful town of Carvahall. As he walked through the ashes of Carvahall silenced dropped upon the destroyed town. The wind stopped blowing, animals disappeared, not a single sound echoed throughout the desolate valley.

"Here it began, and here it ends," Thought Eragon as he unsheathed Blodhren with a metallic ring.

"I am honored to have been your partner in battle Eragon, even if it was only for a short while," said Blodhren as Eragon smiled sadly.

"The pleasure is all mine. I just wish that this partnership could have lasted longer. There is so much more of Alagaesia that I could have shown you."

"Our last battle begins," whispered Eragon as he Saw Galbatorix walking out of the shadows.

"Drop the illusion Indra. I know it's you," said Eragon as swung Blodhren around him to test his own speed.

Galbatorix smiled as his outline wavered and his features started to reform themselves. Before he knew it Harry was staring at his namesake. The First Eragon.

"I have really bad luck," whispered Eragon as he settled into a defensive sword position.

"You have come farther than anyone else ever has. I congratulate you," said the First Eragon as he unsheathed his own blade.

"Why?" asked Eragon.

"Why? Because, the world was for anyone's taking. I just saw my chance… and took it. After the first Armageddon failed, I was weak, only a demigod then. I used magic to hide as an elf. When I saw my chance to take a dragon for it's power I took it," said the god with a grin.

"So what was that about then? In the Vault of Souls? Was that all just a lie?" asked Eragon angrily as he readied Blodhren.

"Ah… you went to the Vault then. I was wondering why you didn't show up earlier," said his namesake. "That was me. Or rather, me before I became the power hungry, crazy individual you see before you."

"So you couldn't stop yourself," said Eragon. "I have nothing more to say to you."

"So be it. Let us begin."

Eragon leapt forwards, bring Blodhren down in an overhead smash. His foe parried and riposted. The god flourished and drove towards Eragon's heart. Eragon back flipped away from him and used Blodhren's power to try and decapitated the immortal.

"That won't work on me," said the deity as he raised his hand.

Eragon was blasted backwards and slammed into the ground; as he tried to get up a punch to his back sent him sprawling back onto the ground.

"I had really, really hoped that you of all people would have been able to challenge me…" said the First Eragon with a sad smile.

"You've forgotten one thing," said Eragon from the ground.

"And what is that?" mocked the First Eragon.

"Where light shines, it creates shadows. Where shadows exists. Demons do," said Eragon in a deeper voice as he called upon spirits to aid him in the Ancient Language.

The First Eragon looked on in surprise as thousands of spirits poured out of a magical rip floating in the air. His reflexes; dulled by surprise, were not quick enough to prevent the spirits from starting to bind and slowly pull him towards the opening. He gritted his teeth and struggled against the spirits, ripping free of their grasp after a couple seconds of effort. When he looked up, the First Eragon realized that those precious seconds had bought his namesake the time he needed to prepare his next assault.

Eragon had used the time the spirits had bought him to start casting as many wards of holding as inhumanly possible. When he finished, Eragon started creating a permanent field of anti-magic around the 'god', intending on sealing him in the ruins of Carvahall forever.

When Eragon had created a couple thousand wards of holding around him, the god had started to grow concerned. When Eragon started constructing a permanent field of anti-magic around him however, the god was positively alarmed. Even though his power was near limitless, he still needed a focus to wield it within the world. Eragon was stripping him of that focus. He immediately started muttering counterspells underneath his breath trying to stop Eragon's field from coming into existence at all costs.

"You feel it don't you?" asked Vrael quietly as Lazus, Saphira, Arya, Evandar and himself prepared to interrupt the ritual to begin Armageddon.

"Yes, Eragon might… he might have actually managed to trap Indra," breathed Lazus in amazement.

"A couple thousand wards of holding and a permanent anti-magic field is nothing to joke about, but I wonder if Indra would be so easily vanquished," mused Vrael.

"Whatever is happening, Eragon is buying us time that we should not waste," said Arya quietly.

"I agree. We should go. The last thing I'd want would be for Alagaesia's greatest champion to give his life in vain," muttered Vrael grimly. The rest of the group nodded in agreement as they quietly slipped out of their hiding place and slowly inched towards the nexus of ritual magic they could feel coming from the heart of the Spine.

Indra gritted his teeth in frustration, as Eragon was still able to make progress on his field of anti-magic. Sweat rolling off his brow, Indra redoubled his efforts as he quickened the rate that he spoke the Ancient Language.

Eragon started to pray that Vrael and the others had reached the site of the ritual because he knew that in a couple more minutes, Indra would completely unravel the trap he had set for him. As he continued to try to finish the anti-magic field Eragon's mind desperately wandered in search of an alternative solution.

"This is it," said Vrael as he stared up into what he could safely say was the most complex and dangerous piece of magic ever wrought on Alagaesia.

"Um… how are we supposed to unravel this thing? Just fling random spells at it?" asked Lazus as he puffed on his pipe.

"No. Don't do that. This ritual is very, very delicate. One wrong move and we could set off a chain reaction that would wipe out all life within a radius twice the size of Alagaesia," said Vrael looking pointedly at Lazus.

"Oh. Okay. Bad idea," said Lazus quickly.

"My guess would be that normal ways of undoing ritual magic will not work on it. So we would need to use an alternative means…," muttered Vrael.

"The Void is the end of all things is it not?" asked Saphira, projecting her mind for everyone else to hear. The others nodded in confirmation. "Then instead of trying to pull something back from the Void like resurrection, why not push the entire ritual into the Void?"

The others could find no flaw with Saphira's plan in the short amount of time they had so they quickly devised spells to send the Void.

Indra's eyes widened as he felt parts of his ritual slipping away from him into a vast darkness. The horrible realization that he had been tricked by Eragon dawned on him. "NO!" roared Indra in fury as a vast ocean of magic surged from him shattered all of Eragon's enchantments and throwing Eragon back from the shockwave of energy. Turing towards the direction of his Ritual, Indra began to cast a spell that would teleport him to the location of his Ritual.

Eragon did the one thing any man, half elf, Dragon Rider, Dragon Master or whatever he was, hell bent on saving the world would do. He tackled Indra the moment the spell was completed. With a flash of light, the two falling figures disappeared.

Vrael, Lazus, Arya, Saphira, and Evandar turned to look in the direction of a bright flash of light. They watched as first, Indra appeared falling towards the ground as Eragon followed with a second flash of light. They watched in confusion as Eragon fell sprawled onto Indra, the two legends completely forgetting about magic or weapons, locked in a wrestling match on the ground.

"Get… Off… Of… Me!" grunted Indra as he managed to get his legs underneath Eragon's torso and kicked him off of himself. Indra watched in horror as he saw Eragon sail off him… right into the nexus of ritual magic.

Vrael, Lazus, Arya, Saphira, Evandar, and now Indra watched in shock as Eragon was immersed in the heavy magicks of the ritual. Indra watched in horror as Eragon started to absorb the titanic amount of magic in the millennia old ritual.

As the last of the magic flowed into Eragon, he slowly floated to the ground. Eragon regarded Indra with an amused expression. After he realized that the ritual was no longer a threat to Alagaesia, he felt that there was a certain irony in Indra's actions. He had spent millennia trying to achieve a state of semi-divinity only to have it undone by his own accident.

"I can't believe it… finally after all these years… my goal has been achieved," breathed Indra in wonder.

"Your goal? I thought it was godhood? Divinity?" replied Eragon, his own voice brimming with power.

"No. Although me achieving divinity was the preferred result, I only wanted someone to actually become a god. Alagaesia has been weakened by the races for too long. I wanted someone to achieve divinity in order to crush the different factions within Alagaesia and bring peace under the single, immutable rule of a god," said Indra. "And now, you have done it. You have become that which was impossible. You… are Eragon Bromsson, God and Ruler of Alagaesia."

"No. I'm no god. I'm Eragon Bromsson. No more, no less. You, you will pay for your crimes, Indra, Eragon, First of the Dragon Riders," said Eragon as he used some of his newfound power to force his way into his predecessor's mind, strip away all of his memories and knowledge on swordplay, magic, the Ancient Language, the Ritual of Armageddon, Dark Magic, and the Grey Folk. He then used the Ancient Language and bound Indra to the land, forcing him to pay for his crimes.

"So, what're going to do with all that power of yours?" asked Vrael as he watched Indra's form disappear into the forest.

"I'm not going to keep it. I'll use to fuel one last spell of mine," said Eragon.

"And what's that?"

"This," replied Eragon as he concentrated all of the energy he had gotten from the Ritual and sent it in a wave over the land of Alagaesia, healing the damage done by the wars. He restored crops, breathed life back into forests, cleaned fouled water, and rebuilt cities.

"The damage that Indra and Galbatorix have caused has been healed, or as much of it as possible. I could not bring back the dead, but at least I can give the living hope for a better future," said Eragon as the power faded from him.

"And now… it is time," whispered Arya.

"Time for what?" asked Vrael.

"Time for me to go. Alagaesia has no more need for me. My time here is at an end," said Eragon peacefully.

"But where will you go?" asked Lazus in surprise.

"Nirvar. That… that is where I'll go. But first, it is time to say farewell to my friends," said Eragon. He held out his hands and and he was joined in a circle as Arya, Lazus and Vrael took his hands. Evandar put one of his 'paw's into Arya's and while Saphira merely put forth one of her talons. Eragon muttered a spell and the group disappeared.

Eragon had sent out a mental call to his friends and asked them to meet him as fast as possible at the shores of Teirm. Within a week, all that he had asked to assemble had arrived. As he turned around from looking out at the endless expanse of the ocean, he saw Roran, Katrina, Nasuada, Thorn, Orik, Islanzadi, Oromis, Glaedr, Angela, and Solembum. Besides him stood Vrael, Lazus, Evandar, Saphira, and Arya.

"I assume you're wondering why I've asked for you to gather here when there is so much for you to do," said Eragon to his friends.

"The truth is, I'm here to tell you that this… this is the last time we will see each other in this world," said Eragon to the cries of indignation that came from most of his friends.

"Why?" asked Roran, and Nasuada simultaneously.

"I have done what I was supposed to do," said Eragon. "The threat of the Grey Folk is no more. Alagaesia no longer has need for me," said Eragon.

"We still do, brother. With your power you could do so much good," said Roran desperately.

Eragon shook his head. "The time of the Dragon Riders is at an end. We have played our part in Alagaesia's history. The future, is in the hands of the humans, the elves, the dwarves, and the urgals. You are ones that must take up the mantle of the guardians of Alagaesia. It is your time now," said Eragon with a sad smile.

"Roran, Katrina. By rights, the Empire is yours. I can feel Palancar's blood flowing in your veins. The people will need a King and Queen who knows what it feels like to be burdened by everyday troubles. Rule it well," said Eragon as he pulled Roran and Katrina into a tight embrace, struggling to hold back tears.

"Nasuada," said Eragon as he turned towards her. "The Varden must survive. Alagaesia will have need of it again. I'm sure of it." Eragon leaned in close so that his words would only be heard by her. "Murtagh is waiting for you on the other side."

"Orik, you've made a fine King. I'm sorry about not avenging Hrothgar's death like I had promised but I hope you will forgive me in time. Whatever happens, don't lose your sense of humor," said Eragon with a grin.

"Queen Islanzadi, thank you for your hospitality while I was in Du Weldenvarden. The elves will play a much larger role in the future of Alagaesia now that Galbatorix is gone. Atra esterní ono thelduin."

"Mor'ranr lífa unin hjarta onr."

"Un du evarínya ono varda," finished Eragon.

"Oromis-ebrithil, Glaedr-ebrithil I cannot express how honored I was, am to have been able to learn from the two of you. Truly, it has been a journey," said Eragon.

"And where one journey ends, another begins," said Oromis with a small smile.

"Angela, this is goodbye. I'll miss you, and your tea," said Eragon with a broad smile.

"Aye, I'll miss you and Saphira as well. The two of you made for delightful company. Though I suppose all good things must come to an end," said Angela, half to Eragon and half to herself.

"Solembum, I couldn't have done it without you," said Eragon as Solembum purred.

"Eragon, it's time," said Arya softly as she laid her hand on his shoulder.

"This is goodbye then my friends. Come, Thorn, Oromis-ebrithil, Glaedr-ebrithil. It's time," said Eragon as Thorn, Oromis, and Glaedr moved towards him.

"Eragon what - "

"As I said, the time of the Dragon Riders is over. We are a remnant of the past. You are the future. Alagaesia is in your hands now," said Eragon with a smile before he turned to face the sea. As he turned around a bright light flashed in the air, momentarily blinding the group. When it faded, a large circular opening shone in the sky, while golden, ethereal steps lead down to the sand just a few feet away.

"Goodbye mother," said Arya as she gave Islanzadi a hug.

"Goodbye Arya. I wish Evandar could see you now. I'm sure he'd be as proud of you as I am," whispered Islanzadi, tears in her eyes.

One by one, Vrael, Lazus, Arya, Evandar, Saphira, Thorn, Oromis and Glaedr stepped through the portal into Nirvar. As Eragon climbed the steps he could hear and feel his friends' sorrow. He turned around to face them one last time. With a smile, and tears flowing freely down his face Eragon said, "And now… To all the best… Goodbye." With that, Eragon turned around and stepped through the portal and to his final destiny.


Six Years Later

A small girl of five ran down the well beaten path of a forest trail barefooted. The radiance she shone with was astonishing. Her brown hair flowed freely in the wind, as her emerald eyes were wide with youthful enthusiasm and radiance. As she entered a clearing she headed straight for the brown haired man working in the small vegetable garden next to a house sung from a proud oak.

"Daddy!" she cried with glee. As the man looked up with a broad smile on his face she jumped into his waiting arms.

"How are you today Nuanen?" asked Eragon with a smile as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Oromis-elda taught me a new spell today! And Uncle Murtagh let me ride on his shoulders for an hour!" said Nuanen excitedly.

"Nuanen I hope you aren't distracting daddy from work," said Arya with a stern voice, though her sparkling eyes and smile betrayed her.

"Of course not!" said Nuanen indignantly. "Tell her daddy!"

"Go play with Saphira Nuanen. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you," said Eragon with a grin as he let his daughter jump out of his arms and run towards the gigantic sapphire dragon that was currently teaching Evandar about which herbs helped his current sickness.

"She's got your eyes," said Eragon with a smile as he wrapped an arm around Arya's waist and pulled her in for a kiss.

"She has your childishness," responded Arya with a smile.

"I love you Arya, Wiol Onr Illian."

The End

Nuanen is Beautiful in the Ancient Language.

To everyone who has patiently waited for this moment. Thank you all so much. I'm still kicking myself for not updating in five months. But it has been an adventure. You guys really made writing this feel special for me. And for that I am truly honored. Thank you.

~ Orym Hawksong.