Hey everyone! This is his-crooked-smile-1901 speaking, Ashley probably doesn't even know I'm doing this :P sorry for all the "down with Rosa" peeps!

Anyway, we just -I just wanted to say that the second round of voting is up so you guys have to vote for us! I don't think we're going to win but I really don't want to come in last you know? Or like in the hundreds…if we get lucky.

Oh also there were some mishaps going with the song, and horny/angel, and the plot itself. Sorry for any trouble this may have cause you, I beg for your forgiveness. Sniff.

Anyway vote for us! And I met let horny out of his cage to fly over to your house.

Maybe angel, you could bond over donating soup to the homeless!

oh and there is also a pole on ashley's profile concerning future stories, go check it out!


and vote some more

vote for them and I might let you lick me!

we can make cookies and soup if you vote! but what you should do is go read a much more wholesome story on love and peace

and sex!

anyway vote

vote for the horny ladies, and I might give you a visit!