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Author's Note: This chapter is dedicated to all the people who read the last chapter of "Endless Daylight" and wanted to murder me for having Jacob leave. Hopefully you see why it had to happen.

This is the sequel to "Endless Daylight." You don't have to read it though to read this one. However, "Daylight" does a lot of character development, so if you are going to be really bothered by Leah hanging out with Rosalie, then either read the first one or just trust me that it's at least possible. "Daylight" is about Leah's character arc after Breaking Dawn, and I don't really see it as a romance, although there are certainly some Blackwater make-out scenes. "Red Sky at Morning" is a romance. In fact, it's has its title because "Leah and Jacob Get It On—A Lot" didn't have the right ring to it. So if you hate Blackwater and are reading this hoping that Jacob ends up with Nessie, well, you should probably stop.

On the other hand, if you hate Nessie and would just as soon pretend she didn't exist, then you might not like this, because I'm not discounting BD at all. Jacob's still imprinted.

If you're skipping Endless Daylight, all you really need to know is that Jacob, after realizing his feelings for Leah, left to go run around in Canada while he tries to make sense of his imprint.

One of the best things about Jacob Black is his smell. The leeches think I'm crazy, but oh god does he smell good. Musky. Sometimes, if he's just phased back to human form, it's especially piney. The only thing better than how he smells is the way he tastes.

Which is basically all I can think about right now, since he's kissing me. His skin is so warm, warmer even than my own. My sheets are tangled around us, and we're laying side by side. That's no good. So I put my hand on his shoulder and tug. He laughs and falls on top of me and we kiss again, his tongue in my mouth. He's being bold, aggressive. I like that. And I like how much our bodies are touching, naked, skin against skin. We press together and I moan into his mouth. His hands are on me and oh god, I wrap my legs around him and tangle my hands in his hair, and I know that if he weren't a shape-shifter he'd have marks on his back tomorrow from my nails and god and….

….and then my alarm goes off.

I open my eyes. I glare at the alarm. God damn alarm clock I throw my pillow at it, but of course it's still going off. And this is why I hate my life.

God, why did that have to be a dream? Why can't I have Jacob Black for real? Oh, right, because he's in stupid Canada. I hereby hate Canada. And their damn maple syrup. What's so great about maple syrup anyway?

I roll out of bed and stand up. Ugh, another day. I'm wearing the shorts Rosalie got me as part of my last Christmas present—they're those little tiny shorts that barely cover your ass. So I sleep in them. I guess normal girls like wear them around and stuff outside of the house but not me. Rosalie had them custom made—they say "Wolf Girl" across my ass. Yay. Just what I always wanted. Still, it's nice to have shorts for PJs, since my body temp is so high that I don't like sleeping in pants.

Ew, I am way too old to be living at home. At my age most people are in college, or hell, maybe even done. And what am I doing? Oh, right. Chillin' on the Rez looking after the "crappy little renegade pack." I guess it's part of being a werewolf. You can't exactly take classes when you might accidentally phase at any second. Still, by now most of the wolves have themselves together enough so they don't phase accidentally. I haven't accidentally phased in months, or maybe even a year. So I really gotta get a life or something, but until Jake comes back, I have to play Alpha, and baby-sit his annoying little imprint monster.

I wander out into the kitchen. I should make myself breakfast or something. Mom's already up and at her job. Maybe she left food for me? Nope, doesn't look like it. But, on the upside, none of the food in the kitchen has "do not eat" on it, so it's all fair game. I'm rooting around in the bottom drawer of the fridge for some cheese for scrabbled eggs when the back door opens.

"Hey Dweeb," I say into the fridge. Dweeb is not a nickname; it's an actual description of my little brother Seth. If you've never met the guy, just look up 'ridiculous' in the dictionary and there will be a little picture of him.

"Nice shorts," says a male voice, definitely not belonging to Seth. I'd freak out that there's a strange man in my house, but' it's just Embry.

"Why are you in my house?" I ask tiredly. Aha! The cheese! So I stand up and turn around to glare at him. My brother is just coming in the back door.

"Hiya Leah! Embry's over, is that okay?" he asks.

I shrug and roll my eyes.

"Are you going to make us breakfast?" Seth asks hopefully. "We were out running patrols!"

"I told you that you didn't have to do that," I say. Honestly, there aren't any big scary vamps in the area chomping humans, so we don't really need to do patrols. Then again, if we don't phase, we age. And I'd rather have them running around the forest than around here annoying me. Since Jake left last year, Embry and Seth have started hanging out a lot. It makes sense, since Quil is always off with Claire (what is she now, like seven?) and they don't have much to talk about with the boys in Sam's pack. "And no, I am not making you two breakfast. You can make your own damn breakfast."

"Emily used to cook for us," Embry says, still giving me that look. The one he's been giving me a lot lately. Maybe I should take him aside and have a talk with him. Of course, it'd be like shooting a puppy.

"Yeah, well, go back to Sam and maybe his darlin' wife will make you some muffins," I snap.

"Damn, Leah, why are you always such a bitch?" Embry says, taking a step closer to me. Yeah, I am really going to have to talk to him. "Oh, wait, you can't help it, because 'bitch' is another name for female dog!"

"Oh, Embry, why are you such a bastard all the time? Oh wait, you can't help it, because 'bastard' is another name for a kid whose—"

"Could you guys not argue right now?" asks Seth. Since Embry's been over here a lot, playing Halo or whatever with the Dweeb, I guess Seth's been hearing a lot of our 'friendly banter.' Seth changes tack and says "Please, Leah, feed us?" He sounds so pathetic, too.

"Whatever. I'm making scrambled eggs for myself, so I'll just make some extra," Ugh. Why do I do this for them? I'm not freaking Emily! I don't need to cook for wolves to feel like I'm a part of the pack.

As I break the entire carton of eggs into a skillet, I glance over at the calendar. There's a little star sticker stuck on today. It's blue. Ew. I knew there was a reason I didn't want to wake up today. Blue stars are how I remind myself when I have an appointment with the doctor.

"Wanna play Halo with us?" asks Seth. Okay, gross. Why the hell would I want to play Halo?

"No, moron, I don't want to play your stupid video game."

"Because you suck at it and we always snipe you!" says Embry, laughing at me.

"Whatever. I'm going to see Dr. Fang today."

"Uh, why, did he find a cure for your Bitch Illness?" I hate Embry. Let me just say that right now. He's sooo annoying. All he does is eat our food and insult me (starting to see how Jacob feels about Paul).

It's pretty convenient that there're so many wooded areas around here—makes transportation easier. Otherwise I might have to like, get a car or something. Or I could just steal Edward's Ducati. I bet he wouldn't even notice. Yeah it must be nice to get to roll around in money. I bet that's what he and Bella do instead of sex, just cuddle with bags of money.

I phase as close to the Forks Community Hospital as I can. Dr. Cullen doesn't have his own office at a clinic or anything, since this is Forks, and there's not much. Wooo one grocery store! Still, there's more at Forks than on the Rez.

So I pull on some shorts (not the Wolf Girl booty shorts that Embry was admiring—ew) and a tanktop. Bra and undies of course, and yes, those go on before the shorts and tank top. It's actually a little gross knowing that none of the boy wolves wear underwear. I mean, it's kind of too much information. The only one I really want to know that about is Jake, but I can't fantasize about it without remembering that they all do that, and on the others it's just icky.

I don't know what the People of Forks think about a random Indian girl walking out of the forest and across the street to the hospital—oh wait, probably no one noticed because Forks has a population of seven and a half. The hospital only has two floors, and I take the elevator up. One of the nurses recognizes me and smiles. If they think it's weird that Carlisle has a patient coming to see him at the hospital, they've gotten over it. This is about my fifth visit.

Finally he emerges and waves me into the same examining room he always uses. "Good day, Miss Clearwater," he says in his creepy vampire voice. Ok, so I don't get why all the nurses and like every other woman in the world are all swoony over him. And his sons. Leeches are kind of weird. Their skin is all marbley and ice cold. Which is why I will never understand Bella. If I had a choice between Edward, who is made of cold granite (and kind of a prude) and Jacob, who is super-warm and covered in muscle (not like Emmett's muscles, actually even better) I'd jump Jacob. Oh wait, I kept trying to jump him. And then he ran off to freakin' Cananda.

"Everything normal?" the doctor is asking, as he's tying one of those annoying tourniquet bands on my arm. Yeah, I come to the hospital so that a vamp can drain some of my blood. Ironic, or fitting, I don't know.

"As normal as it ever is for me. So have you found anything yet?" Carlisle's been examining my blood—the blood of the World's Only She-Wolf—and Nessie's, and Nahuel's (he paid Nessie a visit right before Jacob took off which made exactly zero people happy). As well as vampire venom. He started by trying to figure out as much as he can about what Nessie has in common with us. Then he was looking at whether or not she'll be fertile. Which I would have thought was answered when she got per period last month, at age what? Five? But apparently that didn't answer anything for the doctor. He's not sure if her eggs are viable ("mules, after all, can't breed.") He's actually written to the Volturi and asked them to send the remains of the one of Nahuel's sisters (yeah, there are more at large) that they killed so he can dissect it. Just when I thought the Casa de Leeches couldn't get any creepier, now I am going to have to worry about dissected vampire-hybrid bodies lying around…

Anyway, lately he's been studying me, trying to figure out why I phased, why I stopped menstrating. He's also trying to learn more about imprinting. I guess when you're immortal, you have a lot of time on your hands. He really wants blood samples from Sam's pack, too. Aha.

"No, I don't think so. I'd love to figure out how you and the other wolves went from being humans to shapeshifters. Presumably you had 23 chromosomal pairs before you phased, and then suddenly you had 24. Or maybe you always had 24, but I think someone would have noticed that before…" his voice trails off. He's watching the blood fill the container.

"Getting hungry?" I ask.

He smiles and shakes his head. "I'm around blood all day, Miss Clearwater, and I can control myself. Anyway, your blood isn't exactly appetizing."

"Yeah, Jasper's always telling me you guys don't eat dog."

"I think there was a time in Edward's life when he might have hunted wolves, just out of spite," he says, pulling the needle out of my arm. I laugh.

"You need a bandaid?" he asks.

"Please, don't insult me." I look down at my arm, and the tiny needle-prick is already closing. "But if you have any lollipops, I'll take one."

He laughs and finds a sucker for me in a drawer. It's grape flavored. Not my favorite, but what can you do? Damn vamps don't appreciate flavor. "Oh, Miss Clearwater, I hear congratulations are in order."

I look at him blankly.

"For your mother, I mean," he adds.

"Oh, right. Yeah, she's pretty excited." I shrug.

He looks at me and says, "I'm sure she's not trying to replace your father."

I shrug. "I know that. Everyone acts like I'm going to freak out, but I'm actually happy. I mean, Charlie is a good guy. And at least he and my dad were friends. I'd be kinda mad if it was just some random dude."

"I think Bella's in shock."

"That doesn't surprise me," I say, and then, and god help me if I know why I am getting all chatty with the leech doctor, "Mom wants me and Bella to wear complimentary dresses. Like, hers will be purple with white and mine will be white with purple."

He laughs and I think he is trying to figure out which of us will need more convincing.

I'm leaving the hospital now, with my grape sucker. I get quite a few looks, especially from the men. I guess it's not every day that 6 foot tall girls swagger around the hospital in shorts. Whatever. I don't even like men. (Wanting to sleep with Jacob is different. It doesn't count.)

I'm almost to the forest when I hear my name being called. I turn. Oh. God. It's Sam. He's waving at me from across the street. Waving me over to him. I consider flipping him off and wolfing it back to La Push, but for some reason (drugged grape lollipop?) I go over to him.

"Hey, Lee-Lee," he says. Hey, asshat, I think. "What're you doing out here?"

Ugh. As if I need to answer to Sam about anything. I consider kicking him in the balls, elbowing his nose, breaking it, and running off…but I realize he might just be trying to be nice.

I was a good little wolf, I went to his stupid wedding and wished him and Emily well, and I was honest about it, too. But god does it piss me off when he calls me 'Lee-Lee.'

"I had a doctor's appointment," I guess if he's being nice, I can make polite conversation.

"You okay?" he asks, brows furrowing. Ew, don't act like you care about me, jackass.

"Yeah. Just some routine blood work."

His eyes bulge out of his head. "Leah! Are you insane! You can't compromise our secret like that!" He leans in close to me and hisses, "Someone could find out! What are you thinking?"

"Relax. It was the leech doctor. He's studying me." I'm tempted to stick my tongue out. Like 'you might think I'm a freak, but Dr. Glitter finds me a fascinating!' Instead I just smirk at him in what I hope is an annoying way.

Now he looks angry. "You and your brother spend too much time with the Cold Ones," He says.

I roll my eyes. "Good thing I'm not in your pack then isn't it."

"I guess so. Because if you were, I'd command you to stop going over there. They're our enemies, Leah, does that not mean anything to you?"

I take a deep breath. I'm really tempted to just stick my lollipop in his eyesocket and move it around, but I don't think Jacob would be happy with me if he came back and saw that I'd murdered Sam Uley with a sucker. I could hide the body, though. No one would ever know…

"Whatever, Sam. Is there a reason you called me over here?"

"Oh. I was going to offer you a ride home," he says, lamely, like he knows he's been a jerk.

I bite my lip. A ride home? What the fuck? In Sam's car? The car in whose backseat I used to let him have sex with me? Huh, that's a tempting offer. Then I look over to the car behind him. It's a new one. It's… a minivan.

Sam has a minivan.

That's funny.

"Yeah, okay, sure, in your minivan," I say, laughing. "Why are you out here with a car, anyway?"

"Groceries. Emily wanted me to pick up a lot of stuff. She gets these weird cravings."

"Well, she is pregnant with a werewolf baby," I say. Emily's about 4 months along. Carlisle asked me to ask Emily to come to him for her doctoring needs but I haven't dared. Sam would freak. Poor Emily, though. They don't want to risk taking her to a normal doctor, because they aren't sure what he or she might find. The last time an actual wolf had a baby was in our great-grandfather's time, and Mrs. Black, Mrs. Uley and Mrs. Atera didn't go to a doctor.

I get in the minivan. Hopefully we will now stop arguing. "Is Jacob back?" he asks. Ok, apparently we aren't going to stop arguing. Because I know where this is going. He's been pulling this ever since Jake left.

"No. If he were, you probably would have noticed. He's the only wolf bigger than you."

"He shouldn't have left his pack like that."

"He left it in good hands. I'm related to the last Alpha and the last beta," I snap. How dare he talk to me like this? I've got more Alpha blood than he does.

Sam's mouth is a thin line. "Being an Alpha isn't just about running around or whatever it is your pack does. There are actual responsibilities. He's been gone what, a year and a half?" I just shrug. Yeah, about that long. It's not like I care. (Lie.) "And you guys need to stop phasing so much."

"What? Which is it? Either the 'Cold Ones' are a threat to us, or there's no reason to keep phasing." What the hell? And he's been like this for, well, a year and a half. And yes, I did air quotes for "Cold Ones."

"As soon as the Cullens," he says the name with as much disgust as possible, "leave, you need to stop phasing. If you keep phasing you won't age." Yeah, Sam, that's why I like it. "And if you don't age, you risk exposing our secret. We can't take that risk."

Oh my god. I really want Jake to be home right now so he can tell Sam to stuff it. Because apparently me telling him doesn't seem to get through his thick male skull. I know Sam thinks he's, what, Chief of our Tribe now? By some ridiculous old law that gives it to the Alpha? But it should be Jacob. Then again, Sam does have a point—with Jacob gone, there's no question that Sam's the Alpha right now. Whatever. Stupid men.

He must be thinking the same thing, because he adds, "Leah, you and your pack should really think about coming back."

"Thanks but no," I say. "No offense, but being in your pack was basically the suckiest thing in my life. Ever."

He looks over at me and sighs. "We've come a long way since then, Lee-Lee."

Oh really? Then why are you still calling me Lee-Lee, jackass?

"Anyway," why is he still talking? If he keeps talking to me, I am going to actually murder him and then the car will crash and that will suck for me because then I'll be running from the scene of a crime possibly with car pieces sticking out of me, which will sort of cramp my style. "Emily and I are having a party tomorrow night. With all the guys from the pack and their imprints. You and Embry and Seth and Quil should come. I mean, Claire will be there, anyway, with her mom, so Quil will want to be there."

What, does he think that if Quil goes then I will? But I nod. Jacob worked hard to get the packs on equitable terms. So the least I can do is keep things that way.

Seth and Embry are going to walk over to Sam's house with me. I'm actually really tempted to take Scott, my Italian Greyhound, but my mom tells me to just leave him home with her. Scott's pretty small—just a little too big to be a purse dog (thank god. I couldn't deal with that. And no he doesn't yap). Basically a tiny greyhound. He was a present from Rosalie and Alice, since I'm the smallest wolf, and I'm grey… and also Rosalie and I first started get along when we agreed that men are dogs. Hence, Scott.

But I decide to wear the necklace. Last Christmas, Rosalie and Emmett, in addition to the shorts (well, those were just from Rosalie), gave me a really nice new collar for Scott. It has a circle hanging from it that's engraved with his name and my phone number. But being that it's from the Cullens, it's a Tiffany's. A Tiffany's dog collar. From the people who have money as their wallpaper.

And I have a matching one. From Alice and Jasper. On a long chain so I can phase with it on. (Can't beat the bloodsuckers' sense of humor.) It's even silver (Yeah, real funy, guys, giving silver to the werewolf.) Engraved on it is a quotation that Jasper told me, "You were wild here once, don't let them tame you." Well, it's better than having "Leah Clearwater" and my number on it. That's just demeaning.

The pendant hangs down between my breasts, under my shirt. But it's important to me to wear it tonight—a medallion against Sam.

So I pet Scott goodbye and head out of the door with the boys.

"Is it just me, or is this going to get really awkward?" asks Seth.

We've been here a few hours. Seth is blessed with his ability to get along with almost anyone. Well, I guess one of us had to get the Nice Genes. I made some polite conversation with my pregnant cousin. Oohed and ahhhed over her belly. Yay! Let's flaunt our pregnancy to the infertile girl!

Rachel comes over to talk to me while Paul is arguing/talking with Embry and Quil. "Hey, Leah," she says, and smiles. I always used to look up to her—for one thing, she's gorgeous (sort of like her little brother) and for another, she was smart and popular in our small school. "How are you?"

I shrug. "Fine, you?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. Um, you haven't heard anything from my brother, have you?"

I shake my head, "No, sorry."

"Oh. Dad's…not as worried as I would have thought. He seems to think it's important for him to be off on this adventure or whatever."

Actually, Billy just likes anything that takes Jacob away from Nessie, but I don't tell her that.

"He always speaks very highly of you, you know. Dad, I mean."

I smile at that. Billy just wants me to seduce his son and give him, Billy, non-leech grandkids. He doesn't see my infertility as a barrier to this dream, either. Speaking of Billy's grandchildren, I wonder if Rachel and Paul are going to tie the not any time soon. I'm just about to answer when she says,

"Oh! Congratulations to your mom! That's so exciting. Do you know when they'll have the wedding?"

I shake my head. "Not yet. I'm glad no one's upset about it."

"Why? Because Charlie's white? Yeah, well, he's practically Quileute anyway," she says. "Do they have a location?"

"I don't know. It's presenting some problems. Mom's on the Council, so I think she's being pressured to get married here on the Rez,"

"Oooh! On First Beach would be lovely!" Rachel gushes.

"Yeah, but then, the Cullens are invited, so yeah."

She frowns. "Oh. They are?"

I nod. "One of them is going to be my stepsister, remember?" Her frown deepens. She must have inherited Billy's hatred of the Cullens. But then, her own brother is imprinted on Nessie. Which means if Jacob and Nessie got married, she'd be related to the Cullens, too. Good thing for everyone that Jake doesn't think of Nessie like that, then, right?

I wonder for a second if Billy recruited Rachel to the plan—bribed her to be nice to me so I'd be more likely to get with Jacob. I should really just tell him he doesn't need to do anything, except maybe tell the Canadian Mounties to drive a large red wolf back down to the US.

We make some more polite small talk. Actually, Rachel's pretty cool. Much better than, say, Kim. Okay, so I shouldn't hate Kim. I barely even know her. But something about her reminds me of Bella. She's always draped over Jared with that horrible dopey lovey look in her eyes. God I hate people in love.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Then I look over toward the door and see Embry inching toward it. I catch his eye and mouth "let's go." He nods and I tell Rachel I have to leave. "Have to walk Embry home, you know, so nothing happens to him."

I check with Seth—he wants to stay awhile, and Quil's still here, with Claire. So I leave with Embry.

We start walking home in silence. Embry lives sort of close to me. In the same direction, anyway. Or maybe he will just hang around my house eating food until Seth comes home and they stay up all night playing Halo. Honestly, sometimes I think Seth and Embry have imprinted on each other. I laugh.

"What?" he asks.

"Just thinking about how you and Seth could have imprinted on each other from how you've been acting."

Rather than get mad, he barks out a laugh. "Yeah, except more like Seth and Jacob. Honestly, Seth worships him… I'm surprised we're not all dreaming about Jacob from hearing Seth, the way we all used to have Bella dreams from Jake."

Yeah. Dreams about Jacob. Indeed. Um.

We walk along in silence awhile longer.

"Leah…" he says finally. Oh god. Oh, please, Embry, don't say anything stupid! Thank god he's shy. Well, except when he's insulting me, but then again, I sort of started that with him when we in Sam's pack. The sad thing is that Embry's actually really good looking. Lots of girls would probably be really happy with him—of course, he can't really have a girlfriend, until he stops phasing or whatever. But…he's just not Jacob. He's muscled, yes. Tall, yes. But… not Jacob. I can't look at him the way I look at Jake. My life would probably be a lot easier if I just seduced Embry right now and married him like a good little Wolf Girl.

"Hey, Embry," I say, cutting off whatever he was going to say. "I have something I should tell you." He looks at me curiously. "Okay, so you know how when we were in Sam's pack I was always talking about your dad?"

He sighs. This probably wasn't what he thought I was going to say. "Yeah, I remember. Sort of hard to forget."

"I really wasn't doing it to be mean to you, specifically. I mean, I was pissed at everyone, because you all looked at me and just thought of me as Sam's cast-off," he starts to protest, but I keep going, "But like, I always figured that you and Sam had the same father. And Sam's dad was a jerk. Sam always used to talk about how mad he was that his dad had abandoned his mom. One time after we'd done it, he was being all cuddly and talking about how he'd never leave a woman like that."

Embry looks kind of shocked. Probably because I just made a reference to Sex With Sam. "Anyway, I think Sam always thought you were his brother, too, so I sort of used to bring it up to piss Sam off, and remind him about, you know…"

We sink back into silence for a few minutes until he speaks. "We didn't think of you that way, you know. I mean, we all looked up to Sam a lot. So yeah, when you guys broke up, Jared and I felt sorry for you because we all knew about imprinting and you didn't. But Leah, it was weird. I mean, when you used to think about kissing him, that was awkward. We didn't exactly like knowing what it was like to be with Sam like that. Anyway, none of us had ever had girlfriends, and here was Sam, with you and with Emily. Mostly we just hoped Sam would rub off on us and we'd get hot girlfriends too."

And then we fall back into awkward silence. I guess he feels like he should say something else, just so we're not walking home in the dead quiet, because he adds, "it was like when Jacob started hanging out with Bella. It was pretty impressive, him getting this older girl."

I contemplate telling Embry that I'm sort of going to screw Jacob's brains out the second he comes back to La Push. 'So, Embry, guess what? Jake and I had some really hot make-out sessions and I am going to do things to him that Bella never could have, even if she'd wanted to.' That'd be pretty awkward though. Fwakward, even. (My new word). But then he'd stop looking at me in that sad little almost hopeful way.

There was a time, after Sam left me, hell, even after I phased, well, especially after I phased, when my self-confidence was shot to hell, that I'd be flattered. Now I just feel bad.

We hear someone behind us and turn. Our hearing is better even in human form that it was before we phased the first time. Hearing and smell. (And living with Seth, you sort of don't want an advanced sense of smell.) It's Jared. "Hey, guys, you disappeared, and Sam wanted to make sure you were alright…" he says lamely.

"You mean Sam wanted to make sure we weren't going off to visit the bloodsuckers tonight," I whisper to Embry. He shivers. Embry's not exactly the leeches Number One Fan (Seth is. He got promoted when Leechlover Numero Uno became a leech herself).

"Tell Sam we're fine, and we had a great time at his party," Embry says.

"Leah, he was sort of hoping you'd stick around and bond with Rachel, Kim and Emily. He said to tell you it'd be good for you," Jared is clearly just reciting something Sam told him to say. God, I can't believe he followed us all this way. Ok, we are not that far from Sam's house, but still. Sam needs to mind his own damn business.

"Tell Sam I did bond with them, it was lovely, I had a lovely time, really, really lovely, but now I've got to go—I have a threesome planned with those two Romanian vamps and I don't want to keep them waiting."

And then I turn and start walking down the street. Embry runs to catch up. "Wow," he says.

"That will get Sam to stay out of my life," I mutter.

Embry just looks at me. "Quil says his dad says he's been talking to the Council a lot. Trying to figure out what to do about our pack. Maybe you shouldn't antagonize them with the Cold Ones stuff."

I shrug. "Whatever." My mom said the same thing as Quil Sr. As if Sam would dare do anything.

"So your Wolf Boy still isn't back yet?" Rosalie asks, swinging her golf club at the ball and hitting it. It flies. Far.


She shrugs, "Can't say I miss being constantly told blonde jokes or having to smell him, but he's really been gone a long time," she mutters, putting another ball down for me. "I still can't get over that you asked him if he was going to find himself 'hiding under a rock in Canada' when he told you he had to find himself. That's funny."

I smirk and hit the ball. As hard as I can. "You know, we're probably murdering squirrels or whatever with these balls."

We're standing on the roof of the Cullen's mansion. Yes, hitting golf balls. It's surprisingly fun. Even in the rain. Perhaps especially in the rain. More of a drizzle, really.

"Wanna see if we can hit Edward's house?" asks Rosalie. I nod.

We've also got an umbrella up here with us. It's to keep the rain off the chocolates. Yeah, so the leeches feed me chocolate sometimes. Well, Rosalie gives me chocolate whenever I have to deal with Sam. I've just finished telling her about his party. I'm reaching for another chocolate when the window in the attic opens and Emmett climbs out onto the roof.

"What the hell?" he asks. "Are you two seriously hitting golf balls off the roof?"

"No. We're having hot lesbian sex and you missed it," snaps Rosalie.

"Ha. But seriously, why?"

I take a bite of chocolate. "We saw it in a movie and thought it'd be awesome," I tell him.

Rosalie, meanwhile, is trying to hit him with the golf-club. "Go away, Emmett, this is girl time!"

He just laughs and twists the club out of her hands, resting it on his shoulder. "Uh huh. And these are my golf clubs. You could have at least asked." He walks over to the edge of the roof to hit the ball? "Are you guys trying to hit Edward's house? That's pretty awesome."

He hits the ball and it flies farther than Rosalie and I got it to go. I hand him another one and he's just about to hit it when the window opens again and Jasper steps onto the roof.

He rolls his eyes at us and says, "Couldn't you have at least waiting for a thunderstorm? What if someone hears you?" I can see Alice behind him.

"You guys can come out here if you want," I say. Acting like it's my place to invite them out. Alice pushes by Jasper and gets out onto the roof. "Just be careful not to hit Edward and Bella's house," says Alice in her singsong voice. We three all smirk.

Rosalie and Emmett, meanwhile, are fighting over the club. It's actually pretty cute when they flirt like that. It doesn't bother me the way Kim and Jared do, for example. Or Bella and Edward. Or Emily and Sam. Maybe it's because they're my, um, friends. Or maybe it's because a few weeks after Jacob left, Rosalie told me about how she became a vampire, and I understood her bitterness for the first time. I have a lot of respect for her. We were talking about Bella and Edward one night after that and she said, "It must be nice, just having everything work out perfectly without ever having to work or have anything go wrong, ever." And for the first time, I understood where her feelings were coming from.

Emmett's still got the club. Jasper just sighs and picks up a chocolate. He throws it at Emmett's head and Emmett drops the club. Rosalie cheers.

"Okay, no fair. Jasper assaulted me with chocolate!" says Emmett.

Alice looks at him and says, "In some cultures that's considered foreplay."

I laugh especially hard because it's Alice who says it.

Rosalie turns to me and says, "Hey, want to go to the store and bu ludicrous cigars and sit in the BMW and smoke them and act really arrogant?"

"Oh my god, yes!"

"Uh, Rosalie, you can't really smoke," says her husband.

"Yes I can. Probably better than most people since I don't need to breathe."

We're heading toward the window when my phone starts vibrating in my pocket. I pull it out and see "The Dweeb" on the screen. "Ugh, it's my brother," I say, as I answer it.

"Leah? Come home right now. Sam's trying to reclaim our pack."

I get to the Rez as fast as I can. They're just barely inside the forest. All of them. Sam's there with his entire pack—Colin, Brady, Jared, Paul, and the seven others. Guys I don't know very well. Boys who hated me for how I was when I was in Sam's pack. Emily's there too, over to the side. Colin and Brady are in front of her—protecting her? They must be seventeen or eighteen by now. Damn. They're all arranged like a big circle. Or a horseshoe facing off against my pack.

Quil, Embry and Seth are on one side, standing close together. As soon as I get my clothes on, and not much clothes, either, since I ran over from the Cullens' in a hurry, I run into the circle, in front of my pack. "What the hell is going on, Sam?"

"Leah, come back to this pack. Now."

"Ha, let's think about that," I pause for a split second, "No!"

"Leah, you are not an Alpha. You cannot lead a pack."

I growl at him. "No, but I'm a beta. And this is Jacob's pack!"

Seth takes a step forward and says, "Yeah! And you can't claim what's Jacob's! We're loyal to him!"

Quil shifts uncomfortably. I wonder if it's because Claire is Emily's niece. Or if he just realizes that this is very quickly going to turn into a physical fight.

"Jacob Black is gone. He abandoned his pack and his responsibilities. I am the only Alpha here. You must all come back into my pack. This is our Tribal Law. It is unnatural for Leah to be in charge of her own break-off pack."

What?! Okay, he asked for it. "Excuse me? Unnatural? What the hell, Sam? How is it unnatural?"

"For one thing, you shouldn't even be a wolf," snaps Sam. Oooh I bet he didn't mean for that to come out.

"Oh, why, because I'm a woman?" Maybe accusing my ex of sexism isn't a great idea, but I'm too pissed off to care.

"You're hardly a woman, Leah, or you wouldn't be able to phase," says Paul with a smirk. That jackass.

"Shut up, Paul." And then it's out of my mouth before I can stop it. I'm not thinking about Emily standing right there. "I think Sam can tell you just how much of a woman I am."

Sam makes a sort of hissing noise as he sucks in his breath too quickly. Embry and Seth look like they're about to swap punches with Jared and Paul. Sam and I are standing in the middle of the circle now, just a few feet apart.

"According to our law," says Sam, shaking, "your pack shouldn't exist. Leah, there is no way you can fight me," he adds, his voice low.

Okay, he has a point there. Sam's the biggest wolf here, and I'm the smallest. Well… I could knee him in the balls really hard, phase to wolf, and then run like hell. Yeah, that's my plan. I'm set.

"If the Council has a problem," says Seth, "tell them to call us in and we'll talk to them. We'll do what they tell us." My brother's actually pretty sensible.

"Seth, I am the Chief, by right of being the only Alpha. And I am telling you, come back to my pack."

"You aren't Chief!" shouts Quil. "Jacob is! His great-granddad was our last Chief and Alpha! Yours was only Beta!"

Everyone takes a step forward, getting even closer to a full on fight. But Sam throws up his hands and his pack stops. I nod at mine and they stop as well. This is not looking good. God damn, why does Sam have to pull this authoritarian bullshit right now? What's it to him if we're not trying to kill the Cullens, if aren't trying to stop phasing, if we aren't in his stupid pack? Jesus, I thought I'd be the last person he'd want hearing his thoughts.

"Look around, Quil," says Sam calmly. Almost arrogantly. "Where is your precious leader? It sure as hell isn't Leah." He advances toward us. "Jacob Black isn't here. He's been gone for a year and a half. I'm claiming his pack."

"Actually, Sam," says a voice from over on the side of the gathering. "I'm right here. Now what the fuck are you doing to my pack?" And Jacob Black, in his human form and wearing cut-offs with more holes in them than actual fabric, emerges into the clearing.


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