Title: Surrender

Author: Keitorin (Chou ni Natte)

Pairing: L x Light

Rating: PG

Summary: Fear may induce the show of submission; but love only can truly subjugate a haughty spirit.

Note: Set when Light is handcuffed to L and doesn't have his memories.

Prompts: tea, silence, submit (Keitorin's Generators: tanomono dot net/generators)

Disclaimer: I don't claim to own Death Note, nor do I make any money from writing fanfiction.

L's tea sat on the nightstand beside the man's bed. It had gone cold long ago.

Light lay flat on his back on the middle of the bed.

L sat on his chest, holding him firmly down with his body, hands pinning Light's down to the bed over his head. The chain settled in a pile beside Light's head.

They both looked like they'd been in a catfight (scratches and all), and this was the moment that could make or break the rift it had caused.

There was no sound, but Light was grinding his teeth. L was so still that he could have been holding his breath.

Minutes passed, yet L didn't move, nor did he press harder into Light or speak a word. He was waiting for something from the other man, and he would stay there for as long as it took to get it.

He'd already won the fight; it was time now for Light to admit it.

Twenty minutes later, Light relented.

"You win." He ground out, and disengaged his eyes from L's to stare at the teacup.

"Thank you." L replied and rolled off of him. He picked up the tea and took a sip, as he if he had no idea – and made a face as it hit his palate.

Despite himself, Light snorted.

L glanced at him, and Light found himself a lot less irritated than he thought he would be for just having submitted to the other man.

Granted, it was only one fight of many they'd had (ranging from petty to serious) and most of them had been a tie, but still, he'd lost.

Light wondered what would happen if they got serious one day, if he lost again and it came to a point where he was asked to submit once more.

He wondered if he would like it then just as much as he had now.

Fear may induce the show of submission; but love only can truly subjugate a haughty spirit. - Mary Cowden Clarke