The Rarest of Jewels is a Lady's Tears

Chapter 1

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"Stupid, no good, dirty rotten, idiotic…" I continued to mutter curse after curse, each one more offensive then the last. A black winged golem fluttered beside me, I could have sworn I heard snickers emanating from it. "Oh you think this is funny? What sort of idiot doesn't install stairs!?" More snickers sprang from the golem's speaker. "Honestly Komui, if there was an attack on Headquarters and the elevator broke like it did today where would that leave us?!" My logic was spot on, but my voice was so distressed it sounded more like a whiny complaint than simple common sense.

And my poor Innocence! Usually the long poles were a glossy white or a shining ivory, gleaming in the sun, but today they were covered in brown clumps of dirt. I was using them as long bolts to haul myself up the sheer cliff. What else was I supposed to do, fly up?

My Innocence appeared as two very short spears, one pure white, and the other jet black, both were connected by a simple gray chain. The chain can extend to any length as far as I can tell, and it can twist in any direction by just the slightest touch of my fingers, trapping my enemies from behind. I usually keep them on my belt. Each spear is only about as long as my arm, they both appear to be made of some sort of pure marble, but they can pierce any Akuma's armour without trouble. Now I was using them for support to climb all the way up to Headquarters. It was unacceptable! Komui would pay for this.

I stopped to rest on a thin ledge, breathing deeply and wiping some sweat from my brow. There wasn't even a cool breeze to ease my spirits. My muddy brown hair fell slightly past my shoulders, and my pine green eyes never missed a thing. I had a few light freckles spread across my face, and stood around five foot six inches.

I couldn't possibly wear that ridiculous uniform, no short skirts or tight leather for me. I have no idea how Lenalee can just jump around with such a tiny outfit! I wear simple baggy jeans, and a light brown t-shirt that is so long it goes all the way down to my knees. I also have a dark red cloth belt that wraps around my waist, over the t-shirt, that way I don't look like an over-sized tent. I sewed the Black Order's symbol onto the shoulder of my t-shirt, just so people would recognize me. Without that symbol, I wouldn't get all the perks of being an exorcist. Like getting first class on the train, or having access to town records and such.

Of course, being an exorcist isn't all glamour and privileges. I've been in the Order for seven years, ever since I was nine years old and I've gone through a lot of trouble to keep the world safe from the Earl. I've lost family to this war, but despite the hardships, I've managed to make some friends and I've had a bit of fun kicking the Akuma all the way back to the Earl's doorstep.

I looked up towards the sheer blue sky. Only another fifty feet to go, almost there. Reever and the rest of the science geeks could laugh about this all they want, but I bet they couldn't do half the things I have to do everyday. Not that I'm complaining, but out on the job, no one serves me any coffee.

Komui's Office

About another fifty feet up, Komui was sitting in his office, surrounded by unsigned papers and unopened envelopes, drinking hot coffee from his favourite cup. A golem flapped lazily by his ear, and he chuckled as Amethyst cursed her bad luck.

"She is right though, a secret staircase would make a great escape route if we were under siege." Reever pointed out, his arms filled with very heavy papers. He slammed them on Komui's desk.

"But do you have any idea how much hard work that would take? Every employee would be working overtime for months." He muttered slyly while taking a sip from his coffee mug.

"Did I say she was right? Nope wrong, dead wrong, sub-atomic wrong." The rest of the science department nodded in agreement, emphasizing their enthusiasm. They were either sipping on coffee recently brought by Lenalee or waiting to give more papers to Komui.

"Brother, someone should go down there and help her." Lenalee said, one hand on her hip while the other holding up a tray that had been relieved of coffee mugs.

Komui pretended to consider it thoughtfully then shook his head. "Nah, she's an exorcist right? They enjoy a challenge."

Lenalee rolled her eyes. "Brother, she just got back from a mission in Norway, Norway. Don't you think she deserves a break?"

"Amethyst is tough, she'll pull through, I have faith in her." He said standing on his desk, one hand over his heart, over-dramatizing was one of his many joys in life.

Amethyst's POV

Several minutes later I managed to claw my way up the cliff's edge. Thank God it's over. I lay on my back, breathing deeply. My Innocence was going to need a good cleaning after this. After a few minutes of rest, I stood up and brushed myself off.

I walked up towards the front door. Remembering the first time the Door Guardian inspected to see if I was an Akuma. I was only nine, and when his in-depth staring frightened most newbies, I just stared back and waved hello with a bright smile on my face. That was me, the optimistic exorcist, if there ever was one. I could have a bright smile on my face for an entire day, it made me happy to make other people happy. That was my reason for being an exorcist, to help people, to save lives.

Kind of ironic though, seeing as how I've gotten a job dealing with murders and demons and all sorts of sadistic junk. If it were up to me, I'd just have a one on one brawl with the Earl, it would be interesting to see how he'd react to me breaking a few of his teeth. Unfortunately I'm stuck killing off his familiars, so it was more a depressing job than exciting.

After being admitted into the too tall building I marched straight up to Komui's office and slammed the door open. He was looking at a stopwatch. "Three hours on the dot, pay up boys." He said gleefully.

My jaw dropped open. "You betted on me?" I said, my voice wavered from being insulted to being astonished. Who knew Komui could gamble?

There were grumbles from the small crowd that had formed in Komui's office. "Here." The Supervisor said, throwing a paper airplane at me. It poked me right in the middle of my forehead. I grabbed it and opened it to see several papers fall out. A few were cheese stained, most likely form pizza. "You know the drill, fill out your report and hand it in."

I smiled grimly. "Oh joy. Mind if I do these over lunch?"

"Go ahead, I've got nothing else for you to do anyway."

"But you've got a lot of work to do Supervisor!" Johnny Gill shouted.

"Oh the sorry life of Komui Lee! Never getting a single break to rest, relentlessly working towards utter exhaustion!"

"Ya maybe, if you actually did any work around here."

"How dare you suggest I'm a slacker! You're the ones who're just standing around!"

I left the room quietly, allowing the science geeks to argue it out before I got dragged into it. I skipped down the hall, papers in hand. The chain from my Innocence clinked and rattled, secured on my belt. I was lucky the spears were only arms length, or they would have poked right through my legs by now.

I waved at a few of Headquarters' employees, called some greetings to several Finders and generally made a lot of people smile on my way to the cafeteria.

Papers still clutched in one hand, I stood in front of the Head Cook, in all his weirdness, he was still one of the nicest guys around. "Hey Amethyst, hungry?"

"You know it. I think I'll have a serving of spaghetti, a bowl of caeser salad, some garlic bread and a glass of chocolate milk please."

"Going Italian tonight eh?"

"Yep." I had decided the minute I walked into Headquarters I would try something different to eat every week. This week, Italian. I'm planning on lasagne, risotto, and minestrone at some point.

He had the food ready for me rather quickly, I balanced the tray easily in one hand and walked over to a table to sit with my best friend. We've known each other for years and he's a great listener. I could just talk and talk and talk and he'd just sit there without interrupting, it's so hard to find that sort of quiet talent these days.

I sat down across from Yu Kanda, a big smile on my face. "Hey Yu, I haven't seen you in weeks, whatcha been up to?"

Kanda's POV

By now I had gotten used to Amethyst's cheerfulness. Nothing in the world could mess with her mood. I had already tried insulting her, yelling at her, and quietly threatening her. But she had seen to it to sit across from me in the cafeteria since day one.

And about three years ago she got into the habit of calling me by my first name. After calmly explaining to her that she couldn't address me like that, she decides to call me by my first name in public. After yelling at her to shut up, she decides to emphasize my first name every time she said it. After getting laryngitis from screaming at her (A horrid two weeks of hearing nothing but eye-patch gleefully singing love ballads because I couldn't protest) I decided to let it go. After all, nothing could ruin her mood, so might as well let her be happy.

"I went to Spain, Romania, and Finland." I said before taking a small bite from my soba.

"Wow, you've been busy, I only went to Norway, we were held up because some dolt couldn't figure out how to drive a train, ended up saving about a dozen passengers from a fiery death." She said through a mouthful of spaghetti. Amethyst also hasn't been able to improve her eating habits over the years.

"That's…interesting." This was my response for all her bleak adventure stories. I would have never bothered to do anything that might have delayed my mission, but she was all about acting the hero.

Amethyst's POV

Ok, so we weren't two peas in a pod, but hey, he was still a great listener.

End of first chapter.

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