Galbatorix, was kneling in front of Eragon, it was over the war with the empire was finally over

Galbatorix, was kneeling in front of Eragon, it was over the war with the empire was finally over. It had taken almost everything from Eragon, but Galbatorix was defeated.

Eragon walked over to this once powerful, king who had once killed all the riders, "it's over Galbatorix, your reign of tyranny ends here," said Eragon.

Saphira and Schruikan fought over head, "you tell him little one," encouraged Saphira.

"Yes, it is over, I did not come this far to be stopped here, the riders will never return and the race of dragons, shall fade," said Galbatorix, laughing minacily.

He spoke some words in the ancient language and a ball of black energy shot from his chest and shot toward Saphira.

"Saphira, look out," said Eragon.

But it was too late the ball hit saphira and she schreeched in pain and began to fall. Eragon stabbed galbatorix in the heart and ran to his dragon, barely noticing that Schruken fell to the ground as well.

At the crash site, saphira lay motionless in front of him. He knelt down, "no, Saphira, NO."

Aria, Nasuada, Orik and Angela came running up, they saw the body of Galbatorix and his dragon and they all cheered, but then they saw the fallen Dragon.

"Orik, spread the word that, galbatorix has fallen," said Nasuada.

"Eragon, what happened?" asked Aria.

He did not respond he bent his head down and put it on Saphira's belly, he began to sob, but then he noticed a faint heartbeat, coming from Saphira.

"Saphira, can you hear me?" shouted Eragon.

"Eragon, is she…Shrinking?" asked Aria.

She was at that, her body was becoming smaller by the second, her head was shrinking her wings and tail were vanishing, her claws were retracting and her scales started to become alabaster and started to look like skin.

"Demons above and below!" exclaimed Eragon.

"Is she?"

"Yes" said Angela, she's becoming… a human.

And she was right, where saphira had fallen, lay a nude woman, she looked about 16 or 17, around Eragon's age, she had long blond hair that looked almost light blue.

Aria swiftly covered her in a cloak, "what could this mean?" asked Aria.

"I don't know, but she's beautiful," said Eragon, the rest of the group looked at him, "what?"

A/N so, what do ya think? I got tired of reading fan fics about Eragon becoming a dragon, so I decided to make Saphira a human, trust me; it'll be funny, later on.