Mirror, Mirror.

Who is the sweetest of them all…?

The night was cold, and the wind was strong. The constant howling of the angry wind disturbed Kimi, but she was an obedient girl, and always listened to what her parents told her to do, so she tried to sleep. She really was a good little girl. She didn't eat too many sweets, she went to bed on time, and she never stepped through the mirror.

The mirror was her daddy's, but her mom kept it hidden in the attic, covered by a thick, rusty old blanket. One time, she tried to remove it, but her mother warned her not to. "Kimi," She had warned. "Really. Don't ever go through that mirror. It's not a normal mirror, and if you step through it, everything will be…" and she had trailed off because her daddy had stepped in.

So Kimi never mentioned it again. But that night, for some reason, with the wind howling like that, she really got curious. So, the most obedient child in all of Konoha slipped out of her bed in her white nightgown, and padded to the attic. She peeked through the doorway, curiosity lighting up in her eyes, and wearily stepped into the room. The mirror loomed above her, and wide grey eyes, much like her father's, gazed back in awe. Her hair was the same shade of pink as her mother's, and it hung beautifully around her pale face, curling at her hunched shoulders.

Her eyes were so wide, it was almost unnatural. "Oh…" She breathed, reaching up, and yanking the dirty blanket off the mirror. A flickering mirror greeted her, silver glass smooth and amazing, and images of all sorts danced in the large frame. She didn't see her reflection…she saw her mother, looking much younger, with her father. Looking…very angry. And her godfather, young as ever, was in between them, and they were walking behind a tall silver-haired man.

Was this really some kind of magic mirror!?

"Oh wow!" She said, delighted. "Mommy hid this from me!? It's magic! It's mommy when she was younger! Oh, wow!"

She reached out, but hesitated, the distant voice of her mother's stern warning ringing in her head. Don't ever go through that mirror. It's not a normal mirror, and if you step through it, everything will be…




Delighted at the discovery, the six-year-old girl stepped through the silver mirror fearlessly. A whirling noise, unfamiliar to her, shot in her ears. Hands rasped and clawed at her, and she screamed in horror, confused. What happened to her mommy and daddy!? They were right there, close to touch…

A hand, smooth and pale, grabbed her wrist and yanked her backwards. She tumbled back, falling through a silver translucent wave and falling through a sky. Her hair fluttered around her face, and she held back a scream, scared and confused.

She clawed at the air sobbing, calling or her mother and father, desperately closing her eyes. She landed with a soft 'whump' on the ground below, luckily landing in a bush uninjured and oddly unscratched. She dizzily sat up, fixing her hair and standing to her feet, coughing and dusting her ripped white dress, now smeared with mud and sweat and tears. She managed to walk properly, whimpering in fear at the looming woods surrounding her. She felt as if the branches were reaching out at her, like those hands…


She screeched, falling back in fear, looking up at her attacker. It was—

"UNCLE NARU!" She wailed, lunging at the blonde, wrapping her arms tightly around him and burying her face into his chest. The young boy blinked in surprise, a cute little 'Ehhh!?' leaving him as he stared in confusion at the small, cute girl clinging onto him desperately.

"U-Uncle…?" He blinked, looking confused. "Hey, kid, you must have me confused with some other guy…"

She sniffed, pulling away, widening her grey eyes cutely. "B-But…"

"NARUTO!" A familiar voice shrieked. "Why did you run off like—ehh!? Who is this!?"

Upon looking up, Kimi saw her mother, looking as beautiful as ever, but younger. She was shorter, as was her hair, and everything else. But those eyes, those warm eyes that gazed at her lovingly every day…they didn't look any different. And those hands, those slim pretty hands that brushed her hair and held her every night didn't look any less softer. And those lips that kissed her forehead or her scars she got from running, they looked just as soft as ever.

It was Sakura. Her mother.

"M-..." She sobbed, yanking away from a confused Naruto, who had tuned to Sakura when she appeared. Behind her was the strange man she saw in the mirror before, and her father, who looked as handsome as ever, was next to him. But at that moment all she saw was her mom. "M-Mommmmyyyyy!" She wailed, launching herself at the pink-haired girl, and holding her waist tightly. "Mommy! I'm sorry, I didn't listen! A-And...th-the hands…th-they grabbed at me! I was so scared, mommy!" She sobbed.

"Ehh!?" Sakura blinked in confusion, but something inside her stirred, and she felt…some kind of feeling for the small, somehow familiar child. So she stroked her hair and sighed heavily. "You must mistake me for someone else…but, I'll help you find your mommy, okay?"

Realization dawned on the small girl, and it was so obvious she felt stupid for not realizing it sooner. It was magical! She was back in time!

"Oh…kay." She whispered pulling away slowly. This way, she could have fun and see what her mommy and daddy were like when they were younger. Then she could find a way back.

She smiled cutely, and Sakura's eyes sparkled. "YOU ARE SO CUTE!" She hugged the giggling girl tightly, and Naruto tilted his head slightly in confusion. Sasuke sighed, looking bored, and the silver-haired man was silent.

"Well, no helping it." He spoke, motioning with his hand. "Let's go find her mother."

Kimi pulled away to stare at Sasuke, then grinned, skipping over and stopping in front of him with wide, sparkling grey eyes. "Piggyback!" She squeaked cutely, waving her arms at her father. The Uchiha's eye twitched.

"No." He said, and Sakura gasped. Kimi's eyes filled with tears, and Sasuke's expression turned panicked. "B-But…y-you always let meeeeee." She wailed, and the boy sighed and grumbled profanities under his breath, but turned and allowed the small girl to scramble onto his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his neck happily, and the Uchiha scowled as he stood to his feet, lopping off after a giggling, lovey-dovey-eyed Sakura, a still confused-looking Naruto, and a bored-looking sensei in the lead.

Papa…She thought dreamily. Still smells like papa.