Mirror, Mirror.

Who is the happiest of them all…?

"Kimi-chan…" Sakura managed to choke out, her eyes the size of tennis balls. "Wh-What…is happening to you?"

Kimi inspected her hand dully, not sure what to think. Obviously, she was fading away. And obviously, it was all her fault. She knew being disobedient was bad…yet she acted utterly bratty this whole time, and she disobeyed her mother and came through the mirror, and now she was fading away.

"My fault." She whispered, small tears slipping from her eyes as the fading colors reached her elbow. It was spreading. "All my fault…."

She was fading away, and that had to mean one thing. Because of her, something she did, her parents never had her. She bit her trembling bottom lip and sat down, trying to keep a calm expression on her face, but she was trembling.

"Kimi….." Sakura said, but didn't move. Sasuke hadn't changed the whole time, still staring blankly, silent and still.

"Ah…ha…" Kimi croaked out. "Look, guys…I'm a ghost…ha…haha…" He said meekly, dropping her hand and watching as her hand disappeared.

"Ki…mi…!" Sakura gasped, and Sasuke finally moved, because when tears started to fall from Sakura's green eyes, he decided enough was enough, and he had to stop whatever was going on.

"Just say it." She whispered, bowing her head as her elbow vanished. "Just tell Sakura-chan you love her, please. It'll all go away."

Sasuke blinked, scowling, and Sakura looked up at him, then Kimi, in confusion. Kimi closed her eyes, rubbing them with her still-existent hand, and then turned away.

"Don't worry," She said, her voice oddly light and happy. "I won't look."

Sasuke twitched, and Sakura's eyes sparkled as she looked up at him mutely, confused but oddly happy at Kimi's bold, strange words. Sasuke grabbed the pink-haired girl by the arm and led her off, despite her attempt to pull away, calling Kimi's name desperately.

"You don't wanna watch right?" he growled, and the ninja sadly looked away in her reply. "Hn. Thought so."

"She was so…cute." She said quietly. "So full of life…she looks so much like me, Sasuke-kun…"

He didn't reply. She looked up at him warmly, reaching out to touch his arm, and was surprised when he didn't recoil like he usually did. He didn't even frown, he simply looked impassive. Her grip on his arm tightened, and she stepped closer to him.

"Say it," She said softly. "Sasuke-kun."

He twitched. "Say what?"

She blushed. "Humm…never mind…" She said quietly. "I just…want Kimi to be okay is all." She said sadly, and one glance at her sad, torn face, and Sasuke felt like hitting someone. Though he refused to admit it, seeing Sakura so sad really did make him angry. He didn't know why; it just happened.

He still didn't know how she could get attached to a little girl within such a short period of time, though. But his thoughts faded away into boiling red anger when small tears fell from her eyes, and she had the nerve to pretend she wasn't crying, and hide her face giggling nervously.

"Sorry, I just…" She said, trailing off, biting the inside of her cheek, then shifting in her spot. "Never mind."

"Stop." He growled, glaring at her with such intensity that the pink-haired girl stepped back in surprise.

"S-Stop what…?"

"Doing that!" He snapped, yanking from her loose grip.

"Wh…?" She mumbled, bewildered. He twitched, refusing to meet her emerald gaze.

"Hn." He grumbled. "Seeing you sad pisses me off."

Suddenly, a small smile crossed her face, a sad one, and she moved a little closer. "Sasuke-kun, really?"

He growled. "It's nothing to be smiling about!"

She giggled.

"Or laughing about!"

She smiled warmly. "Sasuke-kun, you're so full of surprises." She said fondly, patting his arm, then bouncing off. He watched her leave blankly, but felt something inside of him, a weird feeling…joy.

"Hn. Stupid brat." He muttered, shaking his head and padding after Sakura.

"Not a brat…" A small voice mumbled, peering at her father's retreating back. Kimi sat against the tree, having crept over and watched the ordeal. Her hand was slowly coming back, and she was smiling. Mommy and daddy's relationship was so weird…

She pushed hair from her face and stood, dusting herself off. Let them think she disappeared, it was better that way. She had to find a way home anyway. So, she set off, searching for the place she had come from. Surprisingly it was oddly easy to find, since a white piece of fabric was hanging off the bush, from a branch tore her dress a little.

"So I wait…" She said, flopping down, leaning against the bush, and falling asleep, waiting for her parents to come and rescue her like they always do.

"Sakura-chan." A three-year-old Kimi looked up innocently through the door to her parent's bedroom. She had snuck out to say goodnight to her parents, but heard a peculiar noise from inside, so she simply stood there and peered inside curiously.

Her dad was hovering over her mom, who looked beautiful with her hair splayed across the pillow, lips parted and eyes sparkling as he leaned down and kissed her deeply.

Kimi blinked, making an 'o' shape with her mouth, curious as to what in the world they were doing.

"S…Sasuke…" Sakura breathed against his lips. "W-We'll wake Kimi…"

"…don't care…" He growled against her lips, kissing her viciously, tugging at her bra, and she arched her back and sighed dreamily.

"What's daddy doing to mama?" Kimi suddenly asked frantically, slamming the door open and leaping in. "Is he hurting her!?"


Kimi stirred, dreaming of memories she hadn't thought about long ago. In her sleepy mind, she urged more, and they came like soft blows to her stomach.

"Kimi!" Sasuke chuckled as the four-year-old tugged his hair. "What are you…?"

"Daddy's hair is silly." She giggled, patting his hair cutely. "Momma keeps saying he should cut it."

He twitched. "I don't think so."

She giggled, stroking it as he let her ride on his back through the park, towards the ice-cream stand he promised to take her to. She clung tighter to him, nestling against his neck. "I love you, daddy. And your hair. Don't cut it, unless momma hits you!"

"Hahaha, what!?" Sasuke laughed. "Okay, Kimi."

She shifted in her sleep, but kept dreaming...

"I d-don't wanna…" She sniffled, clutching her mom's hand, her eyes watering. "Momma, I wanna stay with you…!"

Sakura smiled sadly, leaning forward to kiss her forehead lovingly. "Darling, you have to go to school sooner or later. It's not that long, and both mommy AND daddy will come pick you up. Then we can get ramen! How does that sound?"Kimi smiled slightly. "Sure, o-okay…I wanted to show you this thing Uncle Naru taught me…"

And then she was waking up with tears stained on her face. She blinked and sat up, sniffling, and wiped them away, a sob leaving her throat. She was still where she fell asleep. And she missed her mommy and daddy.

"Mirror-chan." She whined through her tears. "Please, please, please…let me go home…I wanna see momma and daddy again!" She wailed. "I promise, I'll never disobey again, I'll never mimic daddy or cry or tattle, just take me home! Please!"

As you wish.

Her eyes widened at the gentle voice, and she opened her mouth to speak, one name leaving lips before a hand gently grabbed her arm, the same pale one from before, and led her into a hazy darkness.


"Kimi…" A soft, gentle voice spoke. Gentle hands held her, a gentle voice laughed with her. "Kimi-chan, big sister is here!"

Not anymore. Big sister is…


Her eyes snapped open as familiar arms held her close, something pink brushed her cheek, tickling her nose.

"M-Momma…" She whispered, snuggling into her. "Momma, I heard onee-chan. She spoke to me, mommy…she helped me come back."

Sakura laughed through her tears, gently pushing hair out of the young girl's face, a sad smile on her lips. Sasuke leaned on the door behind her, not looking at either of them.

"That's because…onee-chan's spirit lives in the mirror. She took you to the past…I don't know why, but…I knew something like this would happen."

Kimi looked down, ashamed. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, you're okay now…" Sakura said softly, leaning forward and gathering her daughter in her arms, kissing all over her face and laughing with her. Sasuke finally walked over, kneeled beside her, and smacked her on the back of the head gently.

"Idiot." He muttered.

Kimi pouted, looking over at him lazily as she rubbed the back of her head. "Brat." She replied, and suddenly he was smiling and hugging her, and kissing Sakura, and onee-chan watched from the mirror with sad, happy eyes, as the family she left behind became whole again.


Seven years later.

"Kimi-chan!" A voice panted behind her. Kimi turned around curiously, smiling happily when she saw her childhood friend Hoki stumbling behind her, looking annoyed at her agile speed. He caught his breath, trying to act cool as he pushed dark brown hair out of his face, sniffing.

"Kimi, don't run so fast. I'm eager for my first ever sensei, too."

"Okay then," Kimi giggled. "Let's walk together." She grabbed the Hyuga's hand and tugged him along. He went a bit pink but lopped after her, smirking smugly when a jealous-looking Shii glared at the two as they walked past him.

"Shiiiiii!" Kimi waves as she passed, then squeezed Hoki's sweaty hand. "Hoki-kun, do you think our sensei will be cool?"

"Ummm….Sasuke cool or cool like me?" He pointed to himself and Kimi giggled.

"Oh hush, you. Come on, we'll be late!" She ran faster, waving at her parents and godfather as she darted by, who waved back from where they sat at the ramen shop.

"Kimi-chan sure has grown into a beautiful girl, huh?" Naruto asked as she slurped his ramen noodles down. "And Neji's son sure seems to like her."

"Is that so…?" Sasuke muttered darkly, cracking his knuckles. Sakura giggled nervously, patting her husband's arm reassuringly and giving Naruto a warning look.

"Any boy that even looks at her funny…" Sasuke growled. Sakura giggled again, and Naruto continued slurping his noodles down, before spotting Hinata and throwing the empty bowl aside, not caring when it fell off the table and shattered.

"GAH! NARUTO YOU IDIOT! PICK THAT UP!" Sakura screamed, leaping to her feet as Naruto pranced off and hugged his now-blushing girlfriend tightly, nuzzling into her. Sakura's eye twitched, and she fell to her knees to pick the shattered glass up, but stopped when a cool hand landed on hers, and onyx eyes connected with emerald.

"Sasuke-kun." She said softly.

"Don't bother." He muttered as he leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers. "…we can worry about that later."

"Mmm…" She said dreamily against his lips. "Hai, later…"