A/N: Here's chapter 3, hope you like it.

Something was going to happen; they were going on a journey. She knew that as soon as Two-Legs-Green-Eyes put her in her cage, and cleaned more thoroughly than ever before. Two-Legs-Green-Eyes placed her in the side seat of a big flying machine, and Hedwig gave a small squawk of protest as they rose higher and higher. She was distracted from protesting the unfairness of being lifted into the air and not being able to unfurl her wings when the sky was lit up with streaks of red light and shouts of fear.

Different memories flashed before her eyes: the day when Two-Legs-Green-Eyes came and took her away from the Emporium, the best day of her life. She didn't think she could stand another day there, no one wanted her because she was snow white, so different to all the others. But Two-Legs-Green-Eyes had taken her anyway. She had sensed a sort of comradeship there, like he was an outcast also.

The time when Two-Legs-Green-Eyes seemed to have forgotten her, he was always using the school owls, had she done something wrong? He had told her: 'you'll stand out'. That had hurt. Soon after he had started giving her jobs again and everything was better.

She was wrenched back to the present when her cage flipped and would have plummeted to the ground, had Two-Legs-Green-Eyes not caught her. One of those red flashes hit her, she felt the impact before she fell, and Hedwig was forever still.