Originally written for the community thealmostlovers over at LJ. An experiment prompted by "if your feelings were like mine you'd make the time," from "You'd Make Time" by Steven Fiore.

They have the same fight over and over.

His head is a steady drumbeat. Emily. Emily. Emily. Emily. But beneath the surface, so subtle, she is the only one to pick up on the quiet palpitations.

Leah… Leah… Leah

It makes her skin crawl.

You're the Alpha. You can order us around, why don't you order me to leave the pack?


Order me to leave the pack. I'd have to obey if you ordered me.

You can't be serious.

You're damn right I'm serious.


Do it, Sam.


Why not?

Because… (I need you)… we need you.

No, you don't.

(I'd miss you.) The guys would miss you.

(Selfish bastard.) No, they wouldn't.

(What if it works?) It probably wouldn't work. Or something could go wrong. We don't know how the magic works. You could get hurt.

(Set me free.) We won't know until we try.

(I need you, Lee-Lee. I love her, but I need you. If I let you go, that's it, I'm not human anymore. I still love you, underneath everything, it's still there. I can feel it. And I know you can, too.) No.

(The only thing I know is pain.) Coward.

(I wish you could understand…) I don't have time for this, Leah. Drop it, and go finish patrolling.

If you only knew… you'd make the time. (I understand better than you think.)