Ugh! I got another story idea, but this one was just way too good to pass up on. Kukuku…. Poor Kanda and Allen….

My name is Allen Walker. I'm British, I have white hair, grey eyes, and I am fairly short for my age (much to my own disappointment).

Kanda Yuu is Japanese, has long dark hair, dark eye and is several inches taller than I am.

I hate him. I can't get along with him at all, but I can't get away from him either. It's not a normal circumstance either. I mean, I literally can't get away from him, not even go to the bathroom without him knowing. Hell, I can't even keep my thoughts to myself without him knowing.

Okay, so what I'm saying is, my name is Allen Walker, and you could say that my other half is named Kanda Yuu. We're two different people who pretty much share one body. I don't know how this happened, or even why, but either way, I'm still stuck with him, and he with me.

We switch bodies whenever one of us sneezes, which I can tell you, it's not that convenient, especially when we're sick. Just imagine me sitting there, I sneeze, I turn into Kanda. Then Kanda suddenly sneezes and we turn back into my body. Then I sneeze again, and then he sneezes. It goes like that nonstop all day. Since Kanda and I are different heights, we'll just usually lay in bed with nothing more than a pair of boxers. It's a hassle to be changing clothes that much.

We also share the same mind. Everything he thinks of, I know. Same goes for whenever I think of something. There is no such thing as privacy. I'm sure you could imagine a few things.

Only three other people know about our special 'condition'. My guardian, Marian Cross, Kanda's guardian, Froi Teidoll, and our special doctor, Komui Lee. Besides those three, no one else knows about it, not even our friends, one of them being Komui's own sister.

I hate him. He hates me. Life is hell when you are permanently stuck with the one person you can't stand in the whole world.

What did I ever do to God to deserve this?




'Remember to grab my report.' Growled Kanda from the back of my mind.

"I know." I snapped back "It's sitting with mine on the counter."

He growled at me in irritation, but I ignored him instead. He's such an ass.

'I heard that Baka. I can read your mind, remember?'

"And I don't need to read your mind to say I hate you."

'Baka, that didn't even make sense.'

"Shut up!" I yell as I grab our reports and head out the door. We're both in college, so there is no need for us to both be in class since it's not actually required, especially since we're technically both in class to learn anyways.

I waited outside our apartment for my ride. It was only a few minutes before a simple gray Toyota pulled up.

"Hiya Moyashi. Need a ride?" called Lavi from inside his car.

"Don't you always give me a ride?" I asked as I crawled into the passenger seat of his car. He laughed to himself as he pulled the car away.

'Thought that one up all by yourself?' asked Kanda. If it was physically possible, I would have punched him in the face.

' That's right genius, you can't.' he sneered at me. I could hear the mockery in his voice, and it just pissed me off more.

'I'm going to murder you someday, just as soon as I figure out how!' I thought back to him. I could hear a sort of choking sound in the back of mind. It was as close to a laugh as Kanda would ever get.

'With your intelligence, I'll never have to worry about that.' I could feel a growl starting at the bottom of my throat, but remembering that I was with Lavi and not back at the apartment, I suppressed it.

I glanced over at Lavi to see that he was giving me a weird look.

"Your weird." He said before returning his complete attention back to driving and not crashing (Lavi is pretty easily distracted, so it wouldn't have been the first time I got into a car crash while he was driving.)

"How am I weird?" I asked him, not understanding what he was talking about.

"I meant like how you switch moods so fast." He said "You d that a lot. One moment you'll be perfectly normal, and then you get irritated for no reason, and then you're back to normal again."

"I don't do that." I defended.

"Yes you do." He replied "Like just now. You were fine, and then suddenly you were scowling about something, and you were muttering under your breath as if you were talking to someone."

Oops. I have a tendency to talk to Kanda out loud rather than just thinking it, so I tend to slip up sometimes.

'Don't screw up, Baka Moyashi.'

"You're doing it again." Stated Lavi.

Allen caught himself just in time from growling out loud at another one of Kanda's comments. Although Lavi was easily distracted, the red head had a habit of being able to notice the small insignificant things that no one else would ever notice.

"It's nothing. It's just that I remembered that Kanda was being a total ass to me this morning. I mean, he's the one that's skipping school today, and then he's still making a huge deal about having me make breakfast this morning. I, unlike him, don't have time to waste making breakfast when I clearly need to get to school to learn, since I actually care about an education unlike that bastard."

'That's the fucking most retarded lie ever.' Said Kanda.

Lavi chuckled at my explanation, since it seemed that he bought by little lie.

'As if.' Snapped Kanda 'He's just afraid to point out your more than obvious lie, 'cause you might start crying or something.'

God, do I want to punch him.

"I guess that would explain a few things." Said Lavi "I'm sure Yuu-chan is pretty hard to live with, so that must darken you mood a lot."

'God damn it! Don't fucking call me by my first name, you Baka Usagi!' Screamed Kanda. His thoughts were so loud that it wiped away whatever thought I just had. I couldn't help but wince.

"Ya, it's quite a hassle." I admit "I try and avoid him the best I can at school, but whenever I get home, there's just no escape."

"Why don't you just move out?" asked Lavi.

I frowned. If only it was that easy.

"Can't don't have the money."

"You could always stay with me. My place is big enough."

'Just tell him that the idiot Cross and Teidoll won't let us.' Suggested Kanda.

"Still can't. Our guardians won't let us move out. Not sure why, but they just won't."

"Hm." Said Lavi "Okay then. Whatever. Tell me if you change your mind though."

If I could have, I would have been like 'Hell yeah! I would totally go live with you!' not just because I want to get away from Kanda, but because both Kanda and I have a bit of a crush on the red head. I'm 

not sure which of the two of us originally started having the crush first, but being able to read each other's minds made it so that we were eventually both affected by it.

"Sure" I respond, not knowing what else to really say.

We spent the rest of the drive just making small talk until we pulled into one of the school parking lots. As we got out of the car, I heard someone calling for us.

"Lavi! Allen! Wait up!" cried Linali as she ran to us. "Jeez, you two. Are your phones off? Neither of you two answered my calls this morning." She huffed, one hand over her chest as if to steady herself.

Lavi and I simultaneously pull our phones out and flip them open.

"Sorry Linali. Mine was on silent." I apologized.

"Oops. I forgot to charge mine….again." said Lavi, scratching the back of his head in a sort of embarrassed way.

I always thought that those little gestures Lavi made was always adorable. How he scratched his head when embarrassed or how he would squint a little whenever he smiled.

'Try not to fucking rape him in public.' Said Kanda rather off handedly. Damn jerk. As if I would do something like that.

'That's 'cause you would never actually have the balls to do it.'

"Goodness Lavi, that's the fourth day in a row you've forgotten to charge your phone." Said Linali, distracting me from the argument I was having with Kanda. "What if something happens, and someone needs to contact you?"

"Um….telepathy?" asked Lavi.

Linali sighed at the red head.

"What are we going to do with you Lavi?" she asked to no one in particular. "Let's just head in. Class is about to start in a few moments. By the way," said Linali as she turned to me "Where's Kanda?"

"Ditching." Lavi and I said at the same time.




"…never the less, Bossuet believed there was a difference between absolute monarchy and arbitrary monarchy. The latter contradicted the rule of law and the sanctity of property…."

The professor continued to drone on about his lecture about the theory of absolutism. I ignored the teacher, deciding that I would much rather spend the time daydreaming as I stared at the wall. Besides, Kanda was paying enough attention for the both of us that I didn't need to do anything. Lavi was doodling on his desk, too lazy to get out an actual sheet of paper, and Linali was vigorously taking notes about the lecture.

The bell rang, interrupting the professor. He told everyone to drop off their reports on his desk as we left the class.

I put mine and Kanda's report on the desk, Linali dropping hers on top of ours, and Lavi simply walked past the desk, whistling as if nothing happened, which is exactly what happened. Nothing.

"Lavi, you really should do your work, you know." Scolded Linali. Lavi just shrugged in response.

"Ya I guess so, but it's just way too much of a hassle. I do have better things to do rather than just writing stupid reports all day."

"Watching anime all day isn't a life, Lavi."

"Thanks for defending me, Allen best-'ol-buddy of mine."

"But Linali's right though." I insisted "You really should try harder. You could get yourself into a much better college than this, like Harvard or something."

The college that we attend may not be the best college ever, pretty average actually, but also not the worst. Kanda and I are here because although we aren't stupid, we aren't exactly top university material either. We're pretty much just plain average. Linali and Lavi, on the other hand, are bloody brilliant, but neither of them is going to a better college either. Linali had been separated from her brother when she was younger, so finally having been reunited with him, the two usually tended to stick with each other, being that they were the only family they had. Komui had wanted Linali to stay close by, so she had chose this college, which was only a twelve minute drive from where the two lived. Lavi was an entirely different story. He had an absolutely amazing memory, the ability to memorize anything after only seeing it once. Naturally, he got a 100 on every test, but unfortunately, he was lazy beyond belief. Anything that took more than twenty minutes to do, Lavi just simply wouldn't do it.

"Nah, not the place for me." Said Lavi, giving and uncaring shrug as he adjusted the shoulder strap of his backpack. "Besides, I want to stick with you guys. I'll miss you too much if I move. I'll even miss Yuu-chan bastard."

I could hear Kanda in the back of my mind ranting about how he wouldn't 'miss the damn perverted baka Usagi, and that he would even throw a party in celebration for it'.

Linali shook her head in displeasure, not knowing what else to say.

"Let's just go. We have a few more minutes before the next classes start."

"Aw, man. We just finished our 'European Civilization' and now Moyashi and I have to go to an 'Asian Civilization' class? Remind me why we took these two courses."

"First of all, my name is Allen. Two syllables, All-en. And secondly, you're the one who wanted to learn where fortune cookies and orange chicken came from."

"I was joking you know." Mumbled Lavi.

"Stop complaining." I said "Besides, you're the one who's good at history. I can't even remember the birthdays of half the people I know, much less the names, birth, death and accomplishments of twenty different emperors and rulers."

I had taken two and a half steps out of the class room and into the hall before I was suddenly attacked from behind.

"Allen-kun! You didn't answer my calls all weekend!" cried Road as she grabbed me around the neck from behind. If she squeezes any harder, I'm going to pass out from lack of oxygen. Her cousin, Tyki Mikk stood over the two of us, a knowing sort of grin on his face as he watched us.

"That's because I was out for most of the weekend, and Kanda never picks up the phone for anyone." I said just to be polite. Although I was in Kanda's body for most of the weekend, I still ignored her calls in my own body. Nice as I am, there is only so much that I can take of that girl.

"Hmf!" huffed the dark haired girl "That meanie! He should be nicer like my darling Allen-kun!"

I'm not sure why she uses a Japanese honorific with my name. I mean, she's not even Japanese. Heck! Sh'es never even been to Japan before!

'Tch. If I'm not going to be nice for other people, what the fuck makes her think I'm going to be nice to an insane little bitch like her?'

Maybe it was my hate for Kanda and wanting revenge that I said it.

"I'll tell Kanda to try and be a bit nicer. Maybe if you call again, the two of you can have a nice long conversation to get to know each other better."

'I fucking hate you. She's going to call us even more now.'

'Love you too, Bakanda.' I thought 'I'm sure you two will become great friends in no time.'

"Wah! What a great idea Allen-kun!" Road turned herself so she was hugging me from the front this time, her hair just barely tickling my nose.

'Uh oh. I'm going to sneeze.'

"I…I'm sorry Road, but I need to go." I said as I quickly pried myself from her grip and began running towards the nearest bathroom.

Linali and Lavi shot me a look as if to say that they understood if I was trying to get away from her. That wasn't really my intention, but I just wanted to get out of the halls in case I happened to sneeze and turn into Kanda. The fact that I wasn't exactly too fond of Road (neither was Kanda) did help me feel not too bad for leaving her.

"Wait! Allen!" shouted road from somewhere behind me, but I didn't even bother to turn around and look at her.

I ran into the nearest bathroom I could find, and I practically threw myself into one of the open bathroom stalls. It was by peer chance that I was able to get the door shut right before I sneezed.


I could feel the familiar change from transforming from my own body into Kanda's. It was an immediate change, like the snap of a finger, and one moment it was me, Allen Walker, standing in that bathroom stall, and then suddenly I had been replaced by Kanda.

"Jeez, Moyashi, couldn't you not always cut it so close?"

'Shut up, Bakanda.' I snarled at him from within his own mind 'At least I made it didn't I?'

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