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I huffed in annoyance as I opened up our backpack. I dug through it, searching for the extra pair of pants I kept in there. The major issue with the stupid Moyashi was that we were very different sizes, and unfortunately the clothes didn't change sizes like we did.

I grunted as I tried getting my pants off, or the Moyashi's pants actually. They were two inches above my heel and way too uncomfortably tight.

'Jeez, you need to wear bigger pants.' I thought to Allen. I could hear him give a loud snort in response.

'Idiot. It wouldn't fit if I did.'

'Then grow some more, you short little Moyashi.'

'My name's Allen!' he snapped back 'And don't you think I would have made myself taller if I could?'

'Che. Well it's a good thing that you admit to being a short little midget.' There was a pause before Allen replied.

'I hate you.'

'Good to know we feel the same.'

With one last grunt and a pull, my legs were finally freed from their prison. I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as I pulled on my own pants, which fit me much better. I then undid the vest that Allen had put on earlier this morning, now just wearing the white collared shirt that was underneath. It was still just a tad bit tight, so I would have to go to my locker and get an extra t-shirt out of there.

The Moyashi and I had different lockers, but they were right next to each other which made things a little easier. We kept our usual books in Allen's locker, while we would keep extra sets of clothes in my locker. It just made things more convenient.

I swung the back pack over my shoulder and stepped out of the bathroom, heading towards my locker instead. The Moyashi's shirt was way too tight (although not quite as bad as the pants) and I really wanted to change out of it.

I had already gotten my locker open and digging through it for clothes when I suddenly heard someone calling for me.

"Yuu-chan!" cried Lavi as he practically skipped down the hall towards me. Linali quickly followed after the idiot red head, nearly jogging in an attempt to keep up.

"Kanda, I didn't know you were coming to school today." said Linali between breaths of air. I continued to dig through my locker as I answered her over my shoulder.

"Wasn't planning on it, but the Moyashi left, so I decided to come anyways."

"Eh?! Allen left?" asked Linali and Lavi in unison. I ignored the two as they began bombarding me with questions. I pulled a black t-shirt out of the locker with the word 'MUGEN' across the front and a pair of black VANS since I still had on Allen's shoes, which were currently smashing my toes.

'I thought Asians all had tiny feet.' I heard Allen comment in the back of my head.

'That's only for the women since they bind their feet.' I thought back. I immediately curse myself for leaving myself open for an insult from Allen, which he immediately obliged to say.

'What?' asked Allen in mock horror 'Have I been mistaken this whole time in thinking you were?' I couldn't help but snort at him.

'You're an even bigger idiot then I thought if you haven't already figured that out after all these years.' I could hear Allen pout at me at the turn of the insult, choosing to ignore me from there on.

I finally turn back towards Lavi and Linali who seemed to be finally starting to wind down from their interrogation and ranting.

"The idiot had something he had to do, so he called me before leaving school." I finally answered, saying the first thing that came to mind. "He asked me to pick up his homework, but since I had nothing to do and the brat was no longer here, I decided to come to school." This was a common excuse we used, but it seemed to always work since neither Lavi nor Linali would pry into it.

"Oh." mumbled Linali.

"Um, mind if I ask why you're changing even though you just got to school?" asked Lavi. The problem with having him around is that he has good observation skills. Most of the little things people would never notice, Lavi always seems to be able to pick up. Luckily years of torture being around him has given me enough experience to be able to come up with an excuse whenever I needed one.

"I accidently grabbed the Munchkin's clothes and shoes before leaving the house since I was in a hurry. We'd have less clothes issues if the idiot wouldn't constantly confuse our clothes up."I grunted as I pulled off Allen's shirt and replaced it with my own. A couple of people who were passing by in the hall were giving me weird looks for not using a bathroom to change. Like hell I care what they think.

Lavi nodded his head in agreement as he spoke. "You're right Yuu-chan. Allen always gets so easily confused and distracted that I wouldn't be surprised if he did do that."

I would have yelled at the red haired idiot to not call me by my first name, but another idiot suddenly exploded in a fit of rage, yelling something about his sense in directions. God damn, I really wished the Moyashi wouldn't yell so loud. It's not like anyone besides me could hear him anyways. Maybe that was the point, and the white haired sprout was purposely trying to drive me insane.

The bell suddenly rang, signaling that the next class was about to start. Lavi and I both cursed under our breaths. Our next class was nearly on the other side of the school, and we were going to have to run like hell if we were going to make it to class in time. Linali, on the other hand, had her next class about ten feet from where we were currently standing.

I quickly pull on my VANS before throwing all of Allen's stuff into the locker and slamming the door shut. Lavi and I break into a dead sprint for our class, our ears barely registering the fact that Linali was calling goodbye to us.

We race through the school, trying our best to avoid as many obstacles as we can. We were about five feet from the door when the second bell suddenly rang. So much for getting there before the bell.

Luckily the professor seemed to have been running late as well, since she was not there, so Lavi and I both quickly take a seat.

We sat down just as the professor exploded into to the room, and it didn't take long for her to get everything organized and for class to finally begin.




"I've been thinking, Kanda." mumbled Linali rather absent mindedly as she poked at her chicken salad with her fork. "Did you have some sort of traumatizing experience with Allen to make you detest him so much?"

'Just being around you is traumatizing enough.' mumbled Allen somewhere in the back of my mind.

" I mean, it's not normal for two people to be so against each other that they wouldn't even be near the other unless something affected you so bad that you won't go anywhere near him. Allen doesn't seem to mind quite as much at the idea of having you around, but you on the other hand, don't seem to want to go near him with a ten foot pole. Aren't I right Lavi?" asked Linali, turning towards the red head for confirmation.

Said red head though didn't seem to have heard her, because he finally looked at her with an extremely confused look on his face.


Linali let out a frustrated groan at the lack of attention she was getting from her friends.

"This is exactly why I think I should have more friends that are girls rather than just you two." grumbled Linali.

"I thought you said that other girls were way to girly, and they did nothing except shop, gossip and paint nails." asked Lavi.

"At least they would listen while I'm talking to them, unlike you, who gives his soul attention to food and completely ignores everything around him." huffed Lianli.

"Hey! Food is very important, and I'm sure Allen would have agreed with me." defended the read head before quickly taking another bite out of his sandwich. "Food should always be carefully savored and given the most undivided attention as it is being eaten."

"Boys…" mumbled Linali under her breath as she watched Lavi spray food as he talked "A mystery the world may never understand."

"Girls are just as damn confusing to understanding." I grumbled before taking a sip of my sugarless iced tea.

"Kanda-kun!" a voice suddenly cried through the small café. I nearly spit out my mouth full of ice tea when I recognized whose voice it was. I could hear the Moyashi give a dark chuckle as soon as he realized who it was as well.

You've been very rude lately, Kanda-kun." scolded Road as she walked up to our table. This time instead of her weird ass cousin Mikk, it was different cousin. Hm…what was her name again? Whatever, not like I care.

'Her name's Lulubell.' supplied Allen. Ya, that was her name.

"I called your apartment several times this weekend, and you ignored my call the whole time!" pouted Road.

"How the hell did you get our number to begin with?" I asked when I suddenly realized neither Allen nor I had given her the number. I wasn't all that surprised though. She's been stalking the Moyashi's white ass since the day she laid eyes on him, so I guess it wasn't that farfetched if she was somehow able to get our number. She was one of those people who would do whatever it takes to get what she wanted. I had a feeling that she would even go as far as murder to get whatever it is she wanted.

'I wouldn't put it above you to murder people as well.' mumbled Allen 'I bet you'd kick puppies for fun if Teidoll let you.'

"Don't change the subject!" snapped Road, clearly avoiding the topic on exactly how she had gotten a hold of our number. "My point is, Kanda-kun, that you've been a really big meanie! You need to be nicer like my darling Allen-kun. He made the wonderful suggestion that we should get to know each other a little better."

"Ya, not happening."I said, getting up from the table in the small café. "I'm done. We going?"

"Yup!" said Lavi as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before getting up as well. "I'm ready to go."

Linali looked down at her half eaten salad, sighing. "I guess I could always get a snack later."

I threw down a few bucks onto the table as a tip for our waiter before exiting the café, Linali and Lavi following me closely behind.

"Don't you dare walk away from me!" screeched Road, stomping her foot on the ground as an emphasis.

Lavi snorted under his breath. "What a baby."

"Just get in the car and drive." I snapped at him. Lavi pouts at me before turning away and heading towards his car and unlocking it. Linali goes around and gets into the front passenger seat, while I open the door and climb into the back.

"I'm surprised you haven't hit her yet." said Lavi offhandedly as he started the car.

"I don't hit women." I said.

"Maybe not you, but if I was around her for much longer, I was going to smack her." huffed Linali "It's people like her that makes me not want to hang out with other girls."

"Aw, not all girls are as bad as her. She's just a special kind." chuckled Lavi.

The two continued to chit chat back and forth as we drove. Then I felt it coming.

'Oh no.' mumbled Allen.


The sudden transformation was instant, almost as fast as the sneeze came, and before I knew it, I was no longer sitting in the car.




I blinked in surprise as I suddenly found myself sitting in the back of Lavi's car. My nose twitched as I felt it become ticklish again.

I sneezed.




It took barely a second for me to suddenly change into Allen, and then Allen to change back into me. But it was more than enough time for Lavi's single green eye to travel upwards and look into the rearview window mirror.

I could only stare back as Lavi's eye suddenly widened in shock, and his mouth dropped open to speak.

"Holy sh…!"

Linali's scream immediately cut Lavi off, causing the red head to finally tear his eyes away from the mirror, only to notice that he was now traveling in a direct course towards an oncoming truck.

"Fuck!" cried Lavi as he spun the steering wheel, just barely missing the truck. Lavi and Linali continued to scream (Allen as well somewhere in the back of my mind) as we drove onto a side walk and through the display window of a flower shop.

Lavi and Linali both fought off their inflated airbags as I pushed open my door and stumble out.

"What the fucking hell?!" I screamed at Lavi as he too got out of the car. "What were you fucking looking at to not have noticed a God damn truck coming at you?!"

"You know what I was fucking looking at!" Lavi screamed back. "I know what I saw, and I fucking saw you change into Allen! What the hell are you two hiding? Is that why we never see you two together?"

'Quick! Come up with something!' screamed Allen.

'Don't you think I fucking know?' I pretty much yell back.

"What the hell are you hiding?!" demanded Lavi.

"You're seeing things!" I scream back "I don't know what the hell you think you saw, but it didn't actually happen! Are you on drugs? Is that what's fucking going on?"

I could almost hear Lavi's jaw drop at the mention of drugs, and a look of disbelief crossed his face. Lavi spluttered for a few minutes before he suddenly came up with something, but as he opened his mouth to respond, he was yet again interrupted by Linali's screaming.

"What the hell just happened?!"

I throw my hands up in frustration just as I heard police sirens coming down the street.

"Fuck this! I'm leaving!"

I didn't even bother to listen to what Lavi was yelling about as I merged into the crowd that had now appeared around the crashed vehicle.

I did happen to have heard Linali start yelling something before Lavi let out a terrible scream of pain. Whatever she happened to have done to the red head, it sounded like it hurt.




It was about forty-five minutes later before Kanda and I got back to the apartment, another thirty minutes before he happened to have sneezed and turned into me.

Since we only had one more class for the day, and that class happened to be Japanese (only reason I was passing that class was because of Kanda), we decided it just wasn't worth going back to school for.

About two hours later, there was a knock on our front door. I opened it to find a rather distressed looking Lavi.

"Hey." mumbled Lavi "Can I come in?"

I nod my head at him before moving to the side to give him more room so he could some in.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

Lavi gave me a small shrug with his shoulder. "I got into a car crash."

"Kanda told me." I lied "But what happened to you afterwards?"

Lavi ran a hand through his hair, sighing.

"After Yuu-chan went and ditched me, Linali got mad and kicked me." Lavi winced as he spoke. I had a feeling I knew exactly where she happened to have kicked the red head. "Then the police arrived. Linali was so mad that none of the policemen would go anywhere near her, so she got to leave."

"But what about you?" I asked.

Lavi gave a grunt of annoyance.

"Apparently one of the people at the site of the crash heard Yuu-chan yell something at me about drugs. She then told the police and I got to spend the next several hours at the police station getting tested and a whole bunch of other crap. Apparently I'm clean, just like I knew I would be, and they let me go after I also got all my vehicle stuff done. But they did prescribe me some anxiety pills."

"Anxiety pills?" I asked, curious as to why they would give that to Lavi. I hear Kanda mumbling the same question.

"Some lady that I talked to at the station thought that I might be suffering from a strong case of anxiety." Lavi looked on the back of a small white bottle that he just pulled out of his pocket. "Says here that I'm supposed to take one every four to six hours."

I shake my head in disbelief, not really knowing what I should say to him, if there was anything to say at all.

"Can I stay here for tonight?" asked Lavi, still staring and frowning at the small bottle in his hand. "My place would take about another hour of walking before I reached it, and you know that no buses go by there. I'm really way too tired to walk anymore after all that I've just gone through."

"Ya, ya…" I said, giving him a small wave of my hand. "You can stay on the couch."

He grinned at me and I felt my hearts skip a beat.

"I don't want to go out for dinner tonight, so I'm going to go start getting dinner ready." I said as I turn towards the kitchen, hiding my blush.

"Sounds good to me." replied Lavi as he plopped himself onto the couch.

'I think he might have forgotten about the incident earlier.' I thought to Kanda.

'I doubt it.' grumbled Kanda 'I bet he's going to try something later to see if we'll change again. Keep an eye on him.'

I sighed.

'Just one more thing to add to our already rather large list of Things we need to be Careful About.'

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