Title: An Enslaved Love

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Pairing: Sasuke/Hinata

Summary: Sasuke is a slave owner. Hinata is one of his slaves. In the day he treats her harshly. But when the moon comes up and they're alone things change. They are together and in love. But as their relationship grows strong will it's tougher to keep it a secret and what if one of them is tired of keeping the secret from the one person who could tear them apart.

An Enslaved Love

Chapter 0

He left kisses trailing from her jaw line down her neck and to her collarbone. His hands caressed her body in the most gentle of ways. Moving slowly down her sides, hugging every curve of her gorgeous body beneath him. Her long dark blue tresses sprawled onto the pillow bellow her head as she arched a little while moaning his name with every touch of his rough but gentle hands. She was in complete ecstasy. Drunk off his every touch, and she still couldn't get enough of him. His strong hands were always so gentle as they trailed across her smooth porcelain skin.

His hand glided down her flat stomach to the inside of her thigh. He captured her mouth with his in a deep kiss as she moaned and slid his tongue into her mouth. Their faces were matted with sweat and they didn't this time for them to be together to end.

She smiled at him, and whispered a soft I love you to him and did the same back, Capturing her mouth in another kiss and slowly trailed kisses down her neck. She was the only slave that he did this with. The only person he has ever truly loved in his whole life. And she loved that fact.

He smirked to himself as he kissed down her neck slowly, hearing her moan when he nibbled on her sensitive skin. He knew that his father would never approve of the one he chose. He already had one son who had fallen for a slave. But he didn't care what his father thought of her or his choice. He loved her that's all that he needed to know.

a/n: i'm in the process of editing the chapters i've written for most of this story and i think it's turning out even better than it was before. and i promise to update as soon as i can when i get an idea for this story. so i hope you like it.

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