Neuro Toxins

Chapter 1

/Okay, time for a good, 80's, oldie! This is M-M-Max Headroom! Can you believe it! A wonderful tale about our very on Edison Carter, his lovely controller, Theora Jones, his child prodigy hacker, Bryce Lynch, and everyone's favorite ghost in the machine, and myself, Max Headroom!/

The images of young men and women living on the streets in poverty was only accompanied by Edison Carter's news of a horrible story, "The underground drug organization, NeuroTox, has already begun to spread it's deadly poison into our everyday lives with it's new, highly addictive substance, Zion. And while others choose to ignore this growing epidemic, I choose to uncover the truth behind this secret group, before they do anymore harm. This is Edison Carter, and I will find out."

As Edison entered the newsroom, a small group of cheering and congratulations and compliments gathered around him. Once he had attended to all of their questions, he headed back to Theora's terminal. He leaned over the monitor and gave her his classic smirk. He looked up to him, not moving her head. Her smile only accentuated her light green eyes, "Great job, Edison." Theora complimented, "I hope Cheviot decides the go with it." She stood and took the sleeve of his coat, kissing his cheek lightly. Things were good between them, just good, and he knew they both wished it were more.

"Even if he doesn't, I'm still itching to find out what's going on." Edison accepted the kiss and looked over to Murray, who approached with a grin on his face.

"Luckily it'll be with our help, you got the story, Edison. Cheviot wants to go a deep as we can on this one." He took hold of Edison's hand and shook it firmly, patting his shoulder with his free arm, "We should all head home and get a good night's rest. It's nearly ten."

Edison smiled, he had heard this so many times it was almost like saying hello to him. It's not like he had the urge to get turned down, it was just to easy to get a story around here now. Cheviot had gotten so desperate over time. He scratched his head and raised his eyebrows, "Well, I'm going to stay here a little longer, just to look over some of my notes."

Theora was quick to join, "I think I'll stay too. I have plenty of things to do." Murray nodded happily and patted him on the shoulder once again before walking off. It wasn't too long before the news room was empty other than Theora and Edison. The two worked without rest on what they needed to; Theora on her editing, and Edison on his reports. Their efforts could only be interrupted by on possible thing...

... And it just appeared on the monitor, "Edis-s-son... Ed-Edison!" Max called, his voice skipping erratically.

With the sound of his own voice, Edison turned, "Yes, Max?" He leaned over the back of his chair.

"I'm getting tired of these fuzz-fuzzy holes in my data bank. Exactly how-w-w many times did you... dr-drink?" He furrowed by brow with a frown.

Edison chuckled a bit, "Max, I can't exactly remember how many times I drank, but I don't think I can remember every one of those nights either. I can't explain all of them."

Max gave an unimpressed stare, "Well, I don't-don't like this drinking... You should really have done it less-less often-ten-ten..." He left the screen.

"He looks upset." Theora looked back to Edison.

"He's not. He's just being difficult. How am I supposed to remember every night I got drunk? I barely remember my credit count." Edison shrugged as he turned back to his reports. Theora smiled humorously before turning back to face her own monitor.

"How much has Edison Carter found out about us?" His hand fell slowly over the arm of his chair.

"Not much, just that we exist, and that we're behind Zion." A man standing in front of him said, his arms neatly tucked behind his back.

"Then we'll just have to send him a message, won't we? Go. Tell him to drop it where it is and let things just... be things."

It was six in the morning, just the time when things started to get busy. Edison had just arrived, greeted by Theora's waving to come to her station. He slowly approached, "What's up?" he asked with a fresh smile.

Theora handed him a can of soda, "You're going to need the caffeine, because Cheviot wants us working on this story non-stop 'til next week's show, remember? You must have gotten good ratings."

Edison smirked with a huff from his nose before taking a seat, "I always do."

The monitor in front of Theora switched to a silhouetted figure with a phone to their ear, "This is NeuroTox." Both of them quickly turned to the monitor. Murray slowly looked over his shoulder, "I know you can hear me. This is a prerecorded message, seeing as we all know how you like to cut in and trace signals. Don't bother, the vid phone we are using is a blank." the distorted voice said just as Theora began to attempt her trace, "So, now that we both know the situation, know this. All investigations into our affairs will cease. Now. The organization will have no more of you foolishness, nor will we tolerate your meddling in our transactions. Leave things be, Edison Carter. You don't know what you are tampering with." The transmission cut off. Theora looked back to Edison, a look of concern on her face.

Edison furrowed his brow, "If they think a prerecorded message is going to scare me off, they have another thing coming."

"Carter, can I talk to you alone?" Murray walked over. The two walked into a cut off part of the room, "Edison... You've gotten involved in these things before, but I just feel something. I don't want you to continue this."

"What?!" Edison quickly turned to Murray, "Murray, out of all people, I thought you'd be the least shaken!"

"Listen to me!" Murray paused for a sigh, "I know you can handle this sort of thing, and if I didn't have this feeling I wouldn't ask you to, not in a million years would I! But... I just don't know... I know that I want you to give it a rest. At least for today."

There was a pregnant pause before Edison replied, "Okay. Fine..."

Murray smiled, "Thank you, Edison." He turned and left for the main room.

Edison looked on at him, "Sorry, Murray..." He turned around and walked out of the room.

E-E-End Chap-a-apter