Neuro Toxins

Chapter 2

/Okay, so maybe it could put him in serious danger. Do you really think Edison thinks of this stuff? Of course not. That's what got him into all that trouble that resulted in moi. I just can't wait to see what trouble he gets himself into this time./

Bryce Lynch was by far the most intelligent young man you would meet at Network 23, but it came with a price; The price of being a snarky, antisocial, bored, hormonal teen locked in a lab for most hours of the day. Fortunately, He's always the one to turn to for undercover hacking, which was exactly what Edison needed. He entered the code into the door, unlocking it's steel handle. He opened the door, revealing the young hacker with his face pressed against his keyboard, dead asleep. Edison walked over and leaned down, "Bryce." he said quietly, replied to with nothing, "Bryce..." he said in a normal volume.

"Oh, you want him awake?" Max blipped onto the monitor, "I can take care of that." Edison stood straight quickly with a look of reluctance, unfortunately, too late to stop the computer generated personality, "BRYCE!" Max yelled at the top of his non-existent lungs.

With a quick breath in, border-lining a snort, Bryce's head shot up, a slight waffle pattern over his left cheek that had been pressed against his keyboard, "What?! Huh-...?" he straighten his very much off-kilter glasses, "Max..." he grunted in frustration just as he noticed Edison, "Oh. Edison... What is it?"

"Just to let you know, I didn't encourage him to do that." Edison shot a quick glare to Max, which was met with a defiant giggle, "Anyway, I need you to hack into a system."

"Okay, which one?" Bryce pulled his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose by one of the arms of the frame.

"NeuroTox's system. I have a feeling they have to using a program of some sort."

Bryce looked over to Edison with a confused stare, "Um, NeuroTox? Really? Are you kidding? I don't even have anything to go on! I'm going to need some sort of code to even find them..."

"Well, it's not a code... But I have a blank vidphone broadcast." Edison knew full well it probably wouldn't work.

Bryce sighed and looked up the vidphone file from Theora's terminal. He looked over it for a moment, "I can work with this."

"What? But it's a blank... I thought those were untraceable?" Edison walked to the other side of the young hacker and leaned down to look at the monitor.

"Untraceable to everyone, but me. You forget just how good I am, Mr. Carter." He smirked confidently, "Okay, listen, every vidphone broadcast has a specific series of coding, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to distinguish a vidphone call from a podcast. If I can decode this, it'll tell me where it's last signal was sent from, and I can take it from there." he began to type, his fingers gliding over the keys with ease, "There. Now let's see..." Edison gave Bryce an impressed look, "It says the last signal was sent from this location... All I need to do is..." he began again, "There... I found their system. Just... a little... Dammit!"

"What?!" Edison jumped.

"Someone's locking me out...! I'll have to try another route." He paused for a moment, "Great. They can sense me... I know..." He attached a file, "This should keep him busy. Nothing like the old e-bomb. Okay... now let's see... I'll only have a few minutes before they shut me out again. Let me try this... Ha! Their safety lock is toast."

"Okay, can you tell me where they are?" Edison looked at Bryce.

"Unfortunately, no. All I have is their credit account. But I can locate their last transaction. Maybe that can help."

"It's a start. Hard copy." Edison stood straight at Bryce went to work, locating the file and starting up the printer. He grabbed the paper once the ink was set, "Thanks, Bryce." he patted him on the shoulder.

"Sure." Bryce looked to Edison just as he left, giving out a sigh once the door closed, "Any time..."

Max flickered onto the screen again, "Ah, the glorious-glorious-glorious detective, Carter, eh? He can never take a break from anything."

Bryce looked up at Max, "Yeah, sure, neither can you."

"Is-is-is something wrong?" Max tilted his head and raised an eyebrow curiously.

"Nothing really..." Bryce looked to the side as he hung his head.

"That's not exactly the right way to hid it then, big fella." Max leaned his head back, "C'mon, what am I gonna do?"

"Fine, fine..." Bryce sighed heavily, "I just think I know who that was."

Max chuckled, "Edison? Well, duh!"

"No! Ugh... I mean the one who was keeping me out of the NeuroTox account system..." Bryce shook his head, "I know that style."


line here

"Find me Serinnov." he ordered. The monitor in front of him flickered on, showing a slightly balding man, "Ah, there you are. I'm sure you know what has just happened, correct?"

"Da, sir. That Edison Carter is persistent." He said in a thick, Russian accent.

"He somehow found a way into our accounts. I did not know he was able to hack."

"He isn't, sir. I've seen this thumbprint before. I know who this is. His name is Bryce Lynch. He must be helping Carter."

"And I suppose you can trace this thumbprint?"

"Of course. I shall send you the address immediately, Acid Scar." The monitor shut off.

"Good." The man laced his fingers together, a smirk growing on his face, "I guess it's time he got a little more than a nudge in the right direction... It's about time he got a shove from us."

E-E-End Chap-ap-apter