Edward's POV

I paced in front of the house, looking down at the cell phone in my hand. It felt like a time bomb. How much longer were they going to be? Alice had promised me no later than 7 pm. Although the sun hid behind a thick layer of clouds, it was clear that it had begun to set.

"I'm gonna need her for a few hours so you're just going to have to be patient. She has almost no summer clothes. Trust me I'm doing you both a favor." Alice had demanded. This morning Alice drove off to pick up Bella and make her suffer through a whole day of shopping in Seattle, now that the rampant vampire aggression in the city had been crushed. I chuckled picturing Bella as she reluctantly climbed in Alice's Porche.

They aren't going to come back any sooner with you standing there. Emmett skipped down the porch stairs.


"Two whole days alone. What are you guys gonna do?" Emmett asked.

"Nothing. Yesterday was her last day at Newton's, so I just want her to relax. She hasn't had a day to unwind really since we told Charlie and Renee about the engagement." I kicked a pebble at my foot impatiently. It flew down the gravel drive.

"What do you mean by nothing? You just gonna sit around an empty house and look at each other?"

"Don't worry, Emmett, she'll be entertained." Alice had helped me plan a sort of spa night for Bella tonight. Carlisle and Esme had an enormous bathroom, with a whirpol tub big enough for all 8 of us to sit in. Although our kind didn't need any sort of physical therapy, Esme loved to take relaxing candle lit baths every now and then.

Their bathroom was right below my bedroom. It had the same wide glass view of the back of the property. Alice had told me it would thunderstorm later this evening, and sound of the thunder and the sound of the rain would create a stunning atmosphere for Bella in the candlelit bathroom. As much as I hated to do it, I would wait patiently in the bedroom and give Bella her privacy.

"Well--," Emmett encouraged. I ignored his thoughts, instead wrapping my thoughts around the image of Bella feeling calm and relaxed. "Well you've figure out you can touch her."

I nodded, pursing my lips. We really did not need to discuss this.

"But its pretty much just been kissing?"

I nodded again, "Yep."

Have you even seen her with her shirt off, any second, third base action?

A deep growl rumbled in my chest. He knew what that meant, but he didn't stop.

Dude, what if she has one boob and three nipples? Actually never mind. You wouldn't care.

"You're right. I wouldn't," I said through my teeth. He was on dangerous ground.

"Listen, man. You're main thing is making her happy right?"

"Right—" I looked at him hesitantly out of the corner of my eye. What was he getting at?

And you're main fear is getting so excited that you rip her in half, right?

"Right," I growled

Well, you know there's other things you can do -- that don't involve clothes or you ripping her in half.

"What are you talking about?" He was starting to get on my nerves.

"Edward," Then the mental pictures starting coming.

"Yeah, yeah. Stop. I know I could do all that in theory, but Em, It's not like that with her. It's not all about getting in her pants."

Have you ever thought that maybe she wants you to get in her pants? He had me there. I had made a career of dodging her sexual advances. Edward. I know you're trying to be a gentleman and all that good stuff, but there's not a girl on the planet who doesn't want her man to please her in that way. You don't have to be a dirt bag about it. Besides she'll probably think you're even more of a gentleman cause you'll be focused on her pleasure and her pleasure only. I mean I do have days where I only focus on Rose…

"Yeah, I know." I scrambled to block the disjointed images in his head.

Listen, you don't have to have sex with her before the wedding, but you worked up to being close to her and you worked up to kissing her so why not gradually work up to sleeping with her. Maybe it'll even help your control. You'll be more comfortable with her in less than clothes. Things may not come as so much of a shock. And I swear if you make her come a few good times, that will more than enough to hold her over til the honeymoon.

For once in a long time, Emmett had a point. Damn it. Maybe if Bella and I took things so slow, working up to our wedding night, I'll be able to control myself better when it came to the actual deed.

Soon I could hear the purr of Alice's Porche on the highway. I looked down at my phone.

"I'm gonna go see if Rose is ready. Just think about man."

"I will," I said sincerely. "Thanks."

He punched me on the shoulder, "No problem, baby bro. Trust me, you wont regret it."

Just as he disappeared into the house, my cell phone rang. It was Bella.

"Hi," she said sweetly.

"Bella," I breathed.

"We'll be there in a few minutes. I can't wait to see you." I could just see the smile on her face as she said the words.

"You have no idea. I'll see you soon. And Bella."


"I love you."

"I love you too. Edward. Bye."

I clicked my phone shut shoving it in my pocket. I could hear the others making their final arrangements to leave. A few days ago Alice seen had an unusual two day bought of cloudy weather in Los Angeles. She hadn't been to Rodeo Drive in years and she begged Rose and Esme to go with her. The guys followed, dreading 3 sexless nights. She had cleared Bella for another sleepover, while the boys and I were "hiking" again.

I could see the Porche snaking its way up the driveway. I would do my best to keep from ripping Bella's door off the hinges.

Alice pulled to a stop and quickly jumped out, hands full of bags. She threw me the keys.

"I gotta go. Park her for me," she yelled for Bella's benefit. She came to a screeching hault beside me and quickly whispered. "Emmett's idea will work. Go for it."

She then continued to bolt up the stairs. Bella had been looking down, unbuckling her seatbelt during our brief exchange.

"Bye Bella," she yelled over her shoulder. I was instantly at Bella's door helping her with her bags, more than I knew she wanted. She did not look at me, her bottom lip jutting out in the most adorable pout. I couldn't help but laugh.

"That bad, huh?"

"Edward, she made me try on so much stuff. I mean, I got some things I liked, but I would have much rather spent the day with you." She lay her head against my chest, melting my core instantly.

"Come on. Let's get you inside. It's going to rain soon." I could see the dark clouds beginning to roll over the horizon.

Once we were inside I heard the Mercedes and the BMW come to life. They'd slipped out the back as we came in the front. Bella always felt self-conscious when our family made a big show out of giving us privacy. I had to remind her that they enjoyed their alone time too.

I dropped the bags in the front room, then turned to Bella, taking her in my arms. I inhaled her sweet scent, feeling the dull burn. The burn that meant I was alive, with her in my arms.

"So what would you like to do first, love? Did you have dinner yet?" I brushed a strand of hair from her face.

"No. I didn't have lunch either. It was shop, shop—" she cut herself off, biting her lip. I could feel the narrowing of my eyes. "Don't be angry with her, Edward. You know how she gets. It's my fault. I should have reminded her."

"No, Bella. She knows better," I growled. Bella then placed her hand delicately on my cheek.

"Please, for me. Don't be angry." Her wide eyes gleamed up at me. How could I say no to her. Maybe I'd have to leave the Porche out in the rain, just for a few hours.

"Alright. Well let's get you fed." I whisked her up and carried her to the kitchen plopping her down on the counter. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me closer, wrapping her legs around my waist.

She had been back five whole minutes and that was five whole minutes I had wasted talking when I could have been kissing her. She planted one soft kiss on my throat, followed by another and another. I had to raise an eyebrow. This way my move.

"What's this all about?" I whispered in her ear.

"Nothing, I just missed you."

"I missed you too, love. It was a long day. Here let me get started." I flew around the kitchen pulling all the necessary tools to make her some of her favorite southwestern cuisine.

When the fajitas were done, I sat with Bella stroking her hair as she ate in silence. I could watch her like this all day and all night. She was so beautiful, every motion of her silken skin an arousing sight.

She looked up at me lovingly when she was done. She smiled. "That was excellent. What would you like to do now?"

I thought for a moment on how exactly to phrase my next words. It had been my experience that surprises, when it came to Bella and I in the bedroom, always gave her the wrong impression. I had to first see if some level of foreplay was something she would be interested in tonight and secondly make my full intentions clear. We would not be making love tonight.

"Actually there was something I wanted to ask you," I said slowly.

"Okay—" she looked up at me skeptically.

"Don't worry. You already said yes to the most dreaded question. This, you might actually like." She took a deep breath, shaking the hesitant expression from her face. She was so adorable when she was putting in effort.

"Okay. What would you like to ask me?"

I looked down preparing to unleash the full force of my gaze on her, so she knew I meant business. "I know that I promised to make love to you after we were married--," her heart began to race, "And Emmett presented me with an interesting idea."

"Emmett?" She asked cautiously.

"Yes. My family knows how afraid I am to hurt you and he suggested that if we took some steps in that direction, when the night came, I would be better prepared." I had to smile at her expression. Her mind was racing and her face was turning pink trying to keep up. I stroked her cheek gently. She was burning up.

"And by steps, what do you mean?" She gulped slightly.

"Well, now we would only take—steps that you were comfortable with. But I was hoping that maybe you wouldn't be opposed to me pleasuring you, -- physically, in a few ways – over the course of your stay here." I struggled to not to laugh.

Her eyes nearly fell out of her head.

"Breath, love."

She blinked snapping herself out of her stupor. "No, I wouldn't be opposed to that at all. I actually think that baby steps in that direction might be good for the both of us. I would hate to hurt you on our wedding night." She chuckled lightly, looking down.

"Excellent. We don't have to jump into anything right this moment, I just wanted to bring it up, so neither of us would be caught up in my actions later on."

"Okay." She whispered. She looked down, her cheeks reaching crimson.

"What's the matter?" I asked laying a gentle kiss on her cheek.

She smiled bashfully. "Alice took me for a bikini wax today. She said it would be better to get in the habit now, so my skin would be used to it by the time the honeymoon came around. I think she had ulterior motives."

That Alice, always thinking.

"I see. Well first, why don't you show me some of the things Alice bought you."

"I don't have to try them on again, do I?"

I chuckled. "No, sweetheart. I just want to see what you were able to agree on."

I carried Bella and the bags up to my room and she pulled the clothes from each bag, article by article.

Everything was extremely flattering. A white sundress with small blue flowers, a few pairs of shorts, short enough for my liking, but not so short that Charlie would raise an eyebrow. A few tank tops and low cut v-neck t-shirts, that would her hug her curves just right.

When she reached the last bag, her cheeks were on fire. "Alice saw some of my underwear during the initial fitting and decided that I needed some more adult options." She pulled some fairly harmless panties from the bag and matching bras. I tried not to linger on fantasies of seeing Bella in these particular garments.

"These are nice," I commented lightly. Then she pulled the final item from the bag.

A blue bikini. I swear I could kiss Alice.

"You didn't have a swimsuit?"

"Actually no. I never thought I'd be swimming up here. The ocean is too cold."

She did have a point. But she didn't know she would meet me or that my family had an enormous hot tub.

"Actually this will work perfectly for what I have planned for you tonight." Maybe I didn't have to leave Bella alone in the tub after all.

"We're going swimming?" Her fragile brow contorted.

"Not exactly. Why don't you get changed and I'll be right back."


I kissed her sweet lips for a moment, her lips setting mine ablaze, then left her to change. It was going to be hard controlling myself tonight, but I would try.

I raced down to Carlisle and Esme's bathroom, pulling the curtains in the bathroom open. I found a small note on the sink.

Dear Edward, Alice told me these are some of Bella's favorite scents. Have a nice weekend and remember we love you. Love, Esme

I had picked up some of Bella's strawberry scented bath wash and shampoo, but on the counter were an array of shampoos, scented candles, bath salts, lotions and massage oils in strawberry and honey suckle. She had also purchased Bella an elegant, terry cloth bathrobe, my favorite shade of blue. It was sure to keep her warm. Esme and Alice were simply amazing. I chuckled at the thought; no other teenage boy on the planet had a mother and sister who would help him get his girlfriend in the mood.

I ran the water, filling the tub with the honeysuckle bubble bath and quickly lit the candles, arranging them a safe distance from Bella's clumsy reach. When the tub was full I ran outside and whipped Alice's car back into the garage. She had more than made up for forgetting to feed Bella.

When it was parked safely next to the Volvo, I sprinted back up to my room, knocking gently on the door.

"Come in," Bella nearly whispered. I opened the door to find her sitting on my couch, changed and ready to go. She swallowed and stood trying to look confident. I closed my mouth, which was hanging open as I appraised her delicate form.

Her hair was swept up in a ponytail, exposing her neck. Up to this point the skimpiest thing I had seem Bella in was a t-shirt. Emmett was right. I shouldn't have put this off.

"What do you think?" She bit her lip.

The truth would do in this instance. "I think you look amazing. Come here." She walked slowly over to me, looking down at the floor bashfully.

"You really like it?"

I took her face in my hands, kissing her deeply. I wanted her so bad.

"Yes. I like it very much. You have no idea."

"So if we're not going swimming, what are we doing?" She asked as I took her hand and led her toward the door.

"I am going to sit with you while you take a nice warm bath, wash away all those bad thoughts of shopping," I laughed gently.

"Well it wasn't all bad." She smiled.

She seemed a little skeptical about where I was leading her. The only other bedroom she had been in was Alice's. "Don't worry. I have their permission," I whispered.

When I opened the bathroom door she let out an audible gasp. The candles filled the room with a soft glow. In the distance the storm clouds raged, off setting dark greys and black. I looked down at her.

"Edward, you didn't have to do this."

"But I wanted to." I pulled her into my chest, running my fingers across her forehead. "I just want you to have a nice relaxing weekend."

"And Esme and Carlisle don't mind?"

"No, love. They offered. Come on, why don't you hop in." I took her hand and led her to the high edge of the tub, helping her in. She looked around the room taking it all in, appraising the massive size of the tub. I sat down on the edge of the tub facing her.

"You know, I think there's room in here for you too," she laughed. "Actually we could fit the Forks High Football team in here as well."

My brow furrowed at that. I didn't like the idea of all those guys near my Bella.

"I'm kidding, baby." She reassured me. "But honestly, you can get in here too, you know."

"I will in due time, love. Just relax." She closed her eyes and slid down a little, resting her head against the edge of the tub. I reached behind me and grabbed the remote to the stereo system. I had installed it a few years ago, an anniversary present from Carlisle.

Bella's lullaby came through the speakers and a sarcastic look spread across Bella's face.

"What?" I asked.

"It's a little early for me to go to sleep. You have anything a little more appropriate for the mood?" She opened one eye smiling at me. She could be so seductive and she didn't even know it. I changed the CD to one more applicable to the mood. "Much better," she giggled.

I learned forward and kissed her forehead. She released a light sigh.

"I'll be right back. You just enjoy the bubbles."

"Hurry," She said bashfully.

She didn't have to tell me twice. I sprinted back up to my room and quickly change into the board shorts I had from our last trip south. We didn't swim in the river much here.

When I came back in the door, I had the pleasure of seeing Bella's surprise at my appearance. I couldn't help but tease her. I ducked my head bashfully, doing my best Bella impression.

"What do you think?"

She laughed, her cheeks tainted pink, a little from embarrassment, a little from temperature of the water.

"You're such a punk. Get in here."

I climbed into the tub, carefully as to not create a tidal wave with my dense form, and slid to the side opposite her. Even with my feet stretched all the way out, our toes barely touched. At least half the football team could fit in here.

"I was hoping you would come sit by me actually," she said playing with some suds on the surface of the water.

I gazed at her body hidden beneath the bubbles that covered the surface of the water. I ducked under the water. I could see her body contract as she drew a deep breath. I floated under the water and slid my hands up her delicate ankles to her soft, supple thighs, until my head broke the surface. My face inches from hers.

"Is this better?" I breathed against her lips.

She gulped. "Much." I expected her to attack me. Close proximity often proved to be too much for her, but she was suddenly in control of herself. Sort of.

She gently kissed my lips once, then pulled away. "Since you seem to have some sort of plan in place, I'll let you handle things from here on out. How does that sound?"

Again, she was doing that thing, where she's unintentionally seductive. This thing she does when I want to rip all of clothes off and ravage her.

"That sounds fine. You just let me know when you want me stop."

She laughed a quick breathy laugh. "That's not likely, but you'll be first to know."

I readied my body for an onslaught of arousal. I could enjoy this. I could allow myself the pleasure of her touch, allow myself the pleasure of her body against mine, her gentle curves under my finger tips. But I had to keep my desires and my strength somewhat in check. Again I didn't want to give Bella the impression that this was going to lead further than I had intended.

My body was still floating above hers on the surface of the water. There were so many ways this could go, but maybe I should lay my plan out for her, so there were be no surprises. Well-- maybe some.

"I was thinking--," I placed my hand gently on her ribs, just below her bikini top. I curved my fingers around her shape. She swallowed again. "--that I could start here. Or here." I slid my hand down to her waist. She watched my eyes intently. I slid my hand over to her inner thigh. "Or perhaps here. What do you think?" I leaned forward and placed a simple kiss on the tip of her nose.

She too was trying to keep her arousal in check. She wasn't succeeding. I could feel the heat coming from in between her legs. "This is your party, Edward. You can start wherever you like." She stared down at my lips.

It was too much fun teasing her. Her heart was beating at breakneck speed. Her breath was coming slightly harder.

"Hmmmm. I think I'd like to start right here." I lifted my hand, running my fingers up the back of her neck. I pulled her hair out of the ponytail and watched as it fell around her shoulders, the tips trailing under the surface of the water.

Her eyes were still focused on my lips. She wanted to kiss me as much as I wanted to kiss her. I laced my fingers into her hair and gently tilted her head to the side. Small moans came from her lips as I began to assault her neck with kisses.

Her body began to move slowly, reacting to the motions I made against her. My mouth found its way to hers and I kissed her passionately, breaking only to let her catch her breath. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me closer. I dropped my hands to her waist and in one swift motion I was seated with her in my across my lap. It took all of my concentration to not get an erection. This was about her.

I traced small circles around her back, feeling every inch of her. I can't believe I have never gotten this close, that I have never felt the bare skin of her whole back under my fingertips. Her skin was so warm and soft.

So we were here, half naked, her on my lap. My mind scrambled. What was I going to do next? Her body gave me an indication of what might be a good start, when her breast, nipples fully erect despite the temperature of the water, grazed against my chest.

I began to trace my finger along the seam of her swimsuit, just at the top of the soft mound.

"Maybe I could proceed here next. Would that be okay?" I breathed my cool breath into her throat. She shivered with pleasure.

In the distance the storm began.

"Yeah, that would be fine." She whimpered. I reached my other hand behind her and untied her top, pulling it off. My eyes focused on her trembling lips while I draped the small piece of fabric over the edge of the tub. I brought my fingers around the curve of her bare breast and her breathing deepened. My fingers ran across her nipple and the skin around the sensitive area began to further contract. Bella's head fell back, her teeth grasping her lower lip.

"Is this okay?" I whispered.

She moaned her reply, her eyes, gently, closed. "Yes."

I slid down, only slightly and pulled Bella around so she was straddling my stomach, raising her torso out of the water, her perfect pink nipples level with my mouth. I was careful to keep her soft, warm divide away from the erection that was starting to form. I would have to worry about that later. This was about Bella and her pleasure.

She looked down at me, her eyes burning with passion. I couldn't help the grin that tugged at the corner of my lips. I pulled her closer, letting my tongue lap across her breast. She began moving, slight, quick movements, pressing her center into my stomach. The sounds she was making were driving my crazy. Had I known I could have made her moan like this, I would have touched her this way months ago. Stupid.

"Is this okay?" I asked switching to the other breast.

"Yes," she sighed. Bella's hands found the back of my head, weaving her fingers into my hair. Her body began moving faster, but I was nowhere near done. I slid my hand down her back all the way to the edge of her bikini bottom, running finger along its seam.

"Would it be okay if I removed these?"

Bella opened her eyes, gazing at me. Carefully, gracefully, which was interesting to watch considering it was Bella, she placed her hands on my shoulders, found her footing and pulled herself up into a standing position in front of me. Her throbbing center was a foot from my face. She bashfully placed one arm across her breasts. This simple concealment was amazingly sexy. She carefully chewed the inside of her bottom lip and waited for me to make the next move.

I pulled myself forward, I ran my hands up Bella's thighs, marveling at how silky they felt beneath my rock hard touch. She followed their every move as they made their way to the corners over her bathing suit bottom. Realizing she would have to steady herself to step out of them, she leaned forward and placed her hands on my shoulders again.

Her tight nipples were inches from my face. FOCUS!

I hooked my thumbs on either side and began to pull the bottoms down slowly. She took a deep breath, stepped out one foot at a time, pulling herself erect when they were safely off. I placed them on the edge of the tub next to her top, keeping my eyes on her. I had fantasized about Bella fully naked since first time we'd kissed. The real thing was better. Every line soft, every curve in perfect proportion.

"Come here," I whispered.

She slid down back into the tub, to her knees and waded back onto my lap. I grabbed her rear, willing her body to straddle me again. I heard her gasp as her dripping core grazed my full grown erection. Using the buoyant water to my advantage, I wrapped one arm around her waist, keeping her body hovering above mine.

I titled my head up and began kissing her full lips again. She kissed me back, softly, but with passion. Small, innocent moans came with every breath. I kept kissing her as I ran my fingers along the outside of her soft lips. The soapy water did nothing to wash away her natural wetness that was literally seeping from between her legs. Her fingers tighten in my hair.

"Do you want me to keep going?"

"Mmmhhmm," she whispered.

I gently slid a finger inside of her. My body shuddered against my will at the warmth.

She pulled my mouth back to hers, kissing me fiercely now. I, instinctively slid another finger in, massaging her insides gently, my thumb stroking her clit.

That was when she lost control.

I worked my fingers to the rhythm of her body as she began to ride my hand, her soft walls contracting. I watched her face intently, looking for any sign of pain. I could find none.

"Edward," she moaned. She worked her hips harder and faster, her body creating small waves in the tub. The lines on her forehead contorted with her effort. For a brief moment I was afraid she would hurt herself on my unyielding, stone fingers, but the moans continued, growing sweeter, more forcefully.

Her head fell back in ecstasy as I felt one, long, final contraction around my fingers. A loud moan came from deep within her chest. "Edward. Edward." she cried.

I would never get tired of this. Her body began to writhe for a few more moments as I held her close, my fingers still inside of her.

I slowly pulled them out and wrapped my arms around her, scooping her up to cradle her against my chest. I held her this way, her head resting on my shoulder, gently kissing her cheeks, until her pulse slowed and my erection calmed.

I spoke again when her heartbeat was near to normal.

"How are you feeling?" I whispered.

She giggled hiding her face against my chest. "I feel pretty great actually."

"That's what I was going for. I know it's still sort of early, but are you tired? Are you ready to go to sleep?"

"No," she said lightly. She ran her fingers across my collarbone. "You want to watch a movie or something?"

"Sure. I think that would be lovely. Come on. Out of the pool." I stood, setting Bella carefully on the bath mat. I grabbed a big towel and wrapped it around her small frame, rubbing her sides to keep her warm. I dried her completely off. Then grabbed the robe, helping her into it. She looked at me a little confused. It was a perfect fit, hanging just above her knees, her name was embroidered in elegant script on the lapel.

"It's a little gift from Esme."

"Oh." The pink tint returned to her cheeks, no doubt remembering that my when I said my family had no secrets, that included Esme and Carlisle.


"Yes, love."

"Thank you."

I looked at her puzzled. What was she thanking me for. I should be thanking her – for letting me get so close, for letting me explore and enjoy her body.

"Thank you for what?"

"For that," she said eyes wide, nodding towards the tub.

"No Bella. Thank you. I just wanted to make you feel pleasure."

"Well mission accomplished."

This works as a stand alone, however I am playing with the idea of two more chapters playing out the rest of their romantic weekend. chapter 2 would be from Bella's POV and chapter 3 would go back to Edward. let me know what you think