Change of Heart

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the Australian television program, "H2O: Just Add Water" -- I leave that honor up to Jonathan M. Shiff Productions. Nor do I own this story's primary skeleton plot basis, as it was originally created by as a story challenge. However, I can and DO claim to own anything further created from said idea.

Note: Um . . . don't really know what to say about this, since I'm just testing the waters with this challenge of's, except that this kinda/sorta teaser isn't very revealing in the ways of the overall plot she has in mind in her challenge. Still. Just read it. LoL

This story/chapter was created in September 2008.

Chapter One (Teaser)

"Cleo, darling! Are you awake yet? It's nearly seven-thirty! Better get a move on, then!" Divorcé and fisherman Don Sertori's slightly muffled voice called out to his still slumbering and eldest daughter, seventeen-year-old Cleo, from the other side of her closed bedroom door with a knowing smile.

Although faulted to be quite the overprotective father of his two wonderful daughters throughout the years -- Especially when it came to the opposite sex, Mr. Sertori was strangely relieved to know that, despite the fact that Cleo was currently running late for school, due to a slightly late return home the previous night from yet another date with her renewed boyfriend, Lewis McCartney, he knew that his little girl had been in good hands.

I have known Lewis and his family since both he and Cleo were five-years-old, after all, so I know that, all in all, he has a pretty sturdy head on his shoulders. And besides, he makes my pumpkin quite happy, which is always a good thing in my book, the middle aged man thought to himself with a growing simper, before gently rapping upon his daughter's bedroom door once more.

"Come on, now, sweetheart! You don't want to be late on your first day of school!"

"Mmm . . . all right, all right! I'm up, Dad . . . I'm up. . . ." Cleo groggily replied within her plush pillow, slowly cracking one warm chocolate colored eye open as she listened to her father step away from her sealed door and back down the hall. "Another fun-filled first day of school . . . of senior year! How could I forget that?? I'm finally a senior!"

As though this sudden realization had been fortified with the energy she had been desperately lacking up until that moment, Cleo instantly felt herself rejuvenated as she effortlessly bounded out of her colorfully decorated bed and charged straight into the door that led to the bathroom she was forced to share with her bratty, fourteen-year-old kid sister, Kim.

But not even that knowledge (nor the fact that, because she was now running a bit behind schedule that morning, it would mostly likely mean having to contend with said sibling's unsavory and fiery disposition more readily than usual as a result) could bring down the brunette's already fantastic mood.

Life was, for once, going absolutely perfect for the frequently worrisome, sometimes pessimistic teenager, and had been for the past three months.

Ever since the girls, Lewis and I had all banned together within our pretty epic showdown against Charlotte Watsford at Mako Island during that special, fifty-year full moon, thankfully our lives as magic-wielding mermaids has gotten a lot easier, Cleo silently reflected with a tiny, but growing smile, gazing into the mirror before reaching for her toothbrush to begin brushing her teeth. Well, okay. Not necessarily "easier," but much more . . . calm, once Charlotte had her mermaid powers permanently taken away. . . .

Sometimes it was quite hard to believe in all of the out of this world adventures and certainly misadventures Cleo had gone through in the last year and a half alongside her two best friends and fellow mermaids, the confident as she is quite organized Emma Gilbert, and headstrong Rikki Chadwick.

However, absolutely none of those happenings, as chaotic each had been, could ever come close in comparison to the core, underlining and extraordinary fact that, at any time even a mere drop of water were to ever come into contact with the girls' skin, gone would be their legs and in its place majestic, amber tinted tails magically appeared.

"It's certainly made taking a bath everyday an interesting feat. . . ." Cleo mumbled to herself and with a knowing roll of her eyes, bending over the porcelain sink to spit out remnants of toothpaste after carefully having turned off the faucet. "Which I don't even know if I'll have time to do so right now anymore, thanks to having overslept, and --"

"-- Cleoooo!! Hurry up, will you?? Now you're going to make me late for school! And all because of your stupid little movie date with Lewis last night!!" Cleo regrettably listened to Kim, as expected, screech on the other side of the closed bathroom door that led out into the hall, with her usual ferocity, especially whenever it involved dealing with anyone outside of her parents. "You're not the only one who needs to get ready, you know!!"

Cleo immediately let out a low, thickly perturbed groan and glowered towards the door.

"Get over it, Kim! If you wanted to get to use the bathroom first so badly, maybe you should've woken up a little bit earlier, yourself, hmm??" she shot back, her formerly good mood now effortlessly overshadowed by pure vexation.

"You're always doing this to me!! I'm telling Dad!!" Kim cried at the same time that she roughly kicked the door with her slippered foot, now fuming mad. "I am so glad that you're finally a senior! This is the last year I'll have to put up with you before you move out, and I can do whatever I want!!"

"Yeah, like grow a new, less psychotic personality!!" Cleo called after her blonde sibling as she listened to the younger girl loudly retreat with distinct bitterness. Throwing down her toothbrush into the sink in an angered huff, Cleo hunched over the basin and gripped both sides with her hands in attempt to calm down.

After a minute or so had passed, and feeling much more relaxed as before, the mystical brunette looked up and towards the hanging clock above the toilet and saw that it read fifteen minutes to eight o'clock.

"Shoot! Now I really am going to be late!! And definitely no time for a bath or anything!! Ugh!!" Cleo gasped in alarm, rushing out of the bathroom and back into her tropically decorated bedroom to get dressed, without having bothered to finish rinsing out her mouth completely free of leftover toothpaste. "This is shaping out to be a fantastic first day! Typical: The more things change, the more they stay the same. . . ."

-- End of Chapter One (Teaser)

(A.N. YAY, it sucked!! Woo-hoo!! LoL But that's okay, because I usually hate my first chapters of all my stories, not to mention I'm dreadfully tired right now. But I wanted to get this out before I, A: lost motivation to finish it, and B: lost free time, since I'll be busy later on this week. And normally, as people who know me/used to me know, I usually like to write my stories as though everyone has never watched/read the series its about. I would've gone into greater detail of their mermaid origins even though everyone, duh, knows by now how it all went down, but again, I say, no time and I'm beat. LoL

Anyhow, like I said, this was all's idea, this overall story, and while I'm still not sure I'll continue on, I do know that if I did the future chapters would be a lot better and longer, as always. So no worries, all you people who don't know me/my writing, and try not to bash this chapter/me too much, 'cause the following chapter – Again, if I carry on – will be a lot more involved and, yea again, a lot better. Wee! LoL Sorry, this fatigue's got me delirious now. LoL Later! Oh, and yes, I WILL update my other H2O-like fic pretty soon, all of you waiting for the next update!)