One shot


Clare McLeod slowly drove into the drive at Drovers. She hadn't been here for 8 years she knew that there would be changes, but she couldn't live without the land anymore even in Nevada her heart had still yearned for the South Australian Plains. Nobody had known about her 18 year old daughter in America, she wanted to get together again but then the accident happened and Sid pulled her out a got her to hospital. She looked over the paddocks she once rode in every day with Tess on Blaze and Eagle, she remembered her filly Phoenix that went with the brumbies. Phoenix was actually let out but only she and Sid knew that, she had one thing she wanted to do before she left and Sid did it even knowing that the horse wasn't going to come back again. Claire saw Madonna walking across the driveway; she stopped her Ute and got out a rope from the tray.

"Hey Madonna, aren't you meant to be in the yards" Claire slipped the rope on and tied Madonna to the Ute before moving the Ute on slowly.

"Mummy, look what I've got" an energetic 4 year old asked Tess Ryan.

"Madonna's head stall" Tess replied.

"Hey Tess are we expecting visitors?" Jodi asked, getting off Riley's mare. She had come back from witness protection after Rob was killed.

"Not that I know of" Tess replied.

"And look what they have" Jodi said, eyeing Madonna.

"Taylor can you fix Madonna's yard, she got out again" Jodi called.

"Yea yea" Taylor said from the other end of the horse yards.

Tess gasped, she would know that knot on the halter anywhere, Claire had made that knot when they were mucking around one day before she died.

"Tess!" Claire shouted getting out of the Ute. Tess stood motionless; she didn't know what to do.

"Hi" was the only thing she could say, Claire hugged her "Tammy" she whispered her name.

"Tammy" Tess returned the hug.

"Where's Charlotte?" Claire asked.

"Peter took her to Darwin" Tess replied

"He what!" Claire shouted; she knew this was going to happen but didn't expect the police to allow it.

"She's not coming back either" Jodi put in even though she didn't know this person.

"I'll get her back if it's the last thing I do" Claire vowed and left again. Tess didn't know if this was a dream or not but she hoped it wasn't.


Like I said one shot, it could turn into a story.