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Temperance jerked up, bringing her head inches from Booths warm breath.

"Oh... Fuck!"

"Nothing like a dead body to bring back repressed drunken memories huh Bones!"

The memories from that night had hit her like a bullet. Initial shock, that she would betray Booth's trust that way by invading his privacy, giving way to the stinging pain that she had allowed Angela to manipulate her into doing that. Had she actually been struck she would be experiencing dizziness from the blood loss.

She still had her full quotient of blood, although it seemed to be flowing closer to the surface, tinging her skin pink. So why was she feeling so dizzy right now? Could it be anything to do with the hot breath tickling the back of her neck?

She felt him rise to his feet, not taking his eyes off her for a second. Slowly, she followed suit, and turned to face him, barely inches between them. And as she stared into the reassuring brown eyes she saw something in the way he looked at her. This was nothing she hadn't seen before many many times. Sometimes she might interpret it as tenderness. Other times, compassion. On the odd occasion she even thought she had felt his desire.

She now realized that she had been wrong in her interpretation. What she had seen for so long was... love.

Nothing more. Nothing less. Just pure love.

And it didn't matter what she did, or didn't do, he wouldn't feel any different about her. Because she was slowly beginning to realize that she felt the same way about him. A delicate smile broke through her worried expression. His hands reached for hers pulling her closer. She felt like she was falling, and he was waiting with open arms, ready to catch her. Her head dropped down to see how their fingers entwined together.

In a flash he had his finger under her chin, raising her back up, bring her lips close to his.

"Did I remember to tell you how lovely you are?"

"No," she whispered between labored breaths.

"Did I remember to say how perfect we fit together?"

"No," she grinned, her heart beating faster than she could comprehend.

"Then I've never told you that I love you, more than you could possibly imagine?"

"No..." The sound had barely left her lips before he closed the gap between them, pressing gently at first, waiting for her to respond. She needed no encouragement and moved her own lips rhythmically against his, seeking more.


Sweets watched from a distance as their relationship took the turn he had been patiently waiting for. He smiled at the pretty cop that had been talking to him.

"I'm gonna need a lift back into the city. Any chance you could help a poor guy out."

She nodded at the shrink. "I take it your ride has other business to attend to."

"Yes. They certainly do."


Drawing apart for air, she ran her fingers down his biceps. "Say it again. Please?"

"I love you."


"I. Love. You!"

"Again?" She knew she was pushing her luck for a third time. She hadn't said anything back to him yet.

"Geez Bones, we do have a body to get back to the Jeffersonian. Every minute out here in the elements is potentially compromising your evidence. And I know how cranky that makes you."

"I do not get cranky," she protested, packing up her kit. "I just think that the victim deserves the respect of our ability to catch the killer. And that needs evidence. Uncontaminated evidence."

"Cranky!" He teased, walking back towards the SUV.

"Am not" she muttered, well out of earshot. Smiling to herself, she picked up her bag and followed him back to the SUV. "Love you too." And if he didn't hear that, which she knew he didn't because he was now sat in the drivers seat, then it was his own fault for walking away so quickly.


"That was considerate of Sweets to hitch a ride with the cop" Temperance thought out loud.

"Considerate my ass," Booth retorted. "He has the hot's for her."

"Did you think she was pretty?"

"Why are you asking me that? Did I not make my feelings clear back at the crime scene?" There was a hint of irritation in his voice.

"She did seem to be very well structured. I was making a reasonable observation."

"Then I would prefer that you didn't." He glanced across to the confused anthropologist. "Truth is Bones, since you've been here I just don't see anybody else."

"But you've dated other women." She had meant it as a statement, then realized she'd asked a question.

The air was silent as he pondered her musings. "You already know that since breaking up with Tessa I slept with Rebecca a couple of times, and Cam. But I'd had a relationship with them both before and it was just... easy, I suppose."

"When I challenged you in Sweets office about you being so secretive about your sex life you said that you did OK."

"Hey, I never said I was short on offers. I just choose not to take them up."

"Are you telling me you haven't had sex in..." Temperance mentally calculated back to when he had called it a day with Cam. "...two years Booth!"

"I haven't been counting the exact amount of days," he lied, "but that sounds reasonable"

Booth swung the SUV into a side road.

"This isn't the right way back Booth."

"I know"

Pulling up on the gravel he placed the vehicle in park and got out, walking a short distance away. Brennan followed him as he approached the lakeside. Water was lapping at the sole of his shoes when she joined him.

"I bring Parker out here sometimes."

"It's really beautiful."

"Very beautiful." He wasn't looking out at the lake anymore.

"Why have we stopped here?"

"I... I'm not really sure. I suppose I just wanted to take five. Now we've got this case we're gonna spend the next few days with barely enough time to eat or sleep, let alone take time for anything else."

"It will take the forensics unit a couple of hours to get all the evidence back to the Jeffersonian. We can afford to take five." Brennan smiled at the man stood before her as rain began to bounce on the water. "Although maybe not here. We should head back to the SUV"

As a crack of thunder rolled through the sky, she slid her hand into his, and pulled him away from the waters edge. They walked slowly together along the pathway, making smalltalk until they reached the car park. It was a humid afternoon, and a thunderstorm wouldn't have been unexpected. The rain was still light. Neither noticed it.

"Don't you dare" she challenged. Booth had walked past the drivers side and was following her around the front of the car. "I am quite capable of opening a door on my own."

"I know. That was not my intention."

Booth stepped towards Brennan, pinning her between him and the bonnet. Eyes dark with desire, he lent in and kissed her, leaving no doubt of the passion he had been restraining. Granting him access to her mouth, his tongue thrust against her own, tangling together, tasting the uniqueness of each other. Her arms snaked up around his neck, drawing him in closer,

His hand lifted her thigh over his hip, gently caressing the soft milky flesh that had teased him for so long. She relaxed her arms from around his neck and allowed herself to lie back on the cold metal. Her eyes told him what she wanted. She still felt a need to vocalize her desire.

"I need you, Booth."

"You're sure?"

"Make love to me."

His hands ran up her thighs, gathering folds of fabric at her waist, searching out his goal. His fingers traced down the elastic of her panties until they met at her center, the thin fabric saturated with arousal.

"You're wet." he breathed. "So fucking wet."


Her face told him she was serious. She pushed her hips up, allowing him to discard the sodden material.

"I want you inside me, Booth."

He shook his head. "Not just yet Bones. There's something I want to check first..."

He stretched her wide and lowered his head down. At first, all she could feel was the warmth of his breath as he took a moment to breath in the scent of her. Suddenly his tongue was on her, licking, tasting, a gentle flick of her clit. She writhed in pleasure as he sucked softly on her mound. Two fingers slid inside her, stroking her sensitive walls, until she could bare it no more.

Her orgasm came fast and hard, causing her entire body to shudder uncontrollably as Booth continued his assault, lapping enthusiastically as her center flooded. Aftershocks forced her to pull his head up to face her.

"Was your investigation productive Agent Booth?" she panted.

"Most definitely. It seemed very familiar. Almost like I've done that before, and yet I'm pretty certain I haven't"

"You aren't going to let me off easily for the things I've done are you?" Her eyes were pleading forgiveness.

"Not a chance in hell. I think a little redemption is on the cards."

"What did you have in mi... oh fuck!"

She had been oblivious to the fact Booth had unfastened his pants as he slid his newly exposed length into her, filling her to the hilt. She gasped in surprise as his girth stretched her wide, her head tipping back, desperately trying not to lose focus with the haze of ecstasy that threatened to overpower her. Above them, the sky clouded grey, and a chill in the wind tousled the hair around her face and sent goosebumps over the exposed flesh. His thrusts, though rough and brutal, were slow and steady, determined to prolong the experience, making her beg for more. Their eyes were locked, focused only on each other, and the universe revolved around them as the laws of physics shattered into oblivion. Fingernails dug into the paintwork as she desperately tried to hold on to reality. It was a futile attempt as his presence inside her tipped self control over the edge. She cried out as her walls contracted around him, triggering his own hot release. Completely spent, he collapsed into her arms.

After a few minutes of breathing in the scent of each other, Brennan spoke. "Booth?"

"Mmm hmm" he murmured into her neck.

"I love you!"

Booth pulled back to look her in the eyes. Grinning wildly he gave the response he had practiced in his head so many times. "I believe that is what you would define as a dopamine and norepinephrine stimulated response because of certain biological triggers, like scent, symmetrical features..."

"Or it could just mean that I love you."

Booth silenced her with a kiss. "Or it could just mean that we love each other."

The heavens opened. Booth jolted back, pulling his lover upright, both quickly straightening themselves before diving into the shelter of the vehicle. Both laughing, Booth turned the key in the ignition and set off once more.

"Almost forgot. I have something for you." he said bluntly.

"A gift?"

"Yeah, I suppose so. Box is on the backseat."

Brennan reached behind and pulled out a gift wrapped box, placing it onto her lap. She glanced over at Booth who was staring intently at the road ahead. Lifting the lid carefully she couldn't help but smile as the contents were revealed. Quickly she adopted a serious expression as her hand lifted one of the blue satin shoes out for closer examination.

"I don't understand Booth. This purpose of this gift clearly isn't for my benefit. Surely you are the one who will essentially gain pleasure from their use."

"Y'know Bones, you're probably right. Keep digging."


"There's something else in the box."

She rooted around the tissue paper that had packed the shoes and found the smaller object quickly. The confused expression made way for elation as the offending item rested across her palm.

"My bracelet!" The bangle she had traded for a bar tab two days earlier was back in her possession. "How did you...?"

Was he about to explain how, by strange coincidence, he'd noticed the one-off original on the shop assistants wrist when he purchased the shoes earlier. No way in hell.

"Special Agent, Bones. Special!"

Temperance smiled at him. "Yes. You are."