The Song of Eternity

Canto 1

Parm:  The Forsaken Realm

Verse 1


Upon the fall of the enemy,

The hopes of worlds will be needed elsewhere.

Others will come to fill the void,

To leave their own,

To save the weak,

Their destiny will unfold before them.

            In the bar a waitress rushed from table to table, serving food, refilling drinks, and cleaning up after the patrons.  She was a strange one, if any could be considered strange where she was now.  Parm, as the natives called it was a unique world.  It was, simply put, a dumping ground for displaced travelers of the inter-dimensional persuasion.  She looked to be in her late teens.  She had shoulder length purple hair, and a single cone shaped earring in her left ear.  She looked angrily at a customer as he dropped some food on the floor, knowing she'd have to clean it up later.  She hated the work, but there was very little work anywhere, so she had to make do.  She wanted desperately to leave the town, but knew there was no place else to go.  She sighed and went back to her work.  A couple hours later the place had cleared out and she had finished with her cleaning duties.  She walked back to the kitchen and took off her apron.  "Duncan, I'm gonna go get some sleep, I'll see you tomorrow," she waved to the cook as she left before he could think of anything else for her to do.

            She walked to her apartment through the dark dingy streets of Haven.  This was the town she had arrived near six years ago and made her home, yet it still felt alien and strange to her.  She looked at the buildings she passed, noticing their run down appearance and the apparent masses of bodies within.  They were horribly overcrowded, but there was no way around it.  When people left their world, either accidentally or on purpose, and arrived here, there were too many.  From what she had heard, about fifteen years ago people from other worlds started to show up in massive quantities.  She wiped away a tear as she came to a mansion like building and unlocked the door and let herself in.  Her place was up in the attic.  The mansion had been converted to a massive apartment building about the same time she arrived.  She walked up to here room and locked the door behind her.  The place was small, just a bed and a dresser really.  The only redeeming feature was the balcony that overlooked the city.

            "Happy six year anniversary Eiko," she said to herself as she stretched out on her bed, looking out window.  "I wish I was back home," she whispered as she got up, walked out onto the balcony and looked up into the stars.  She considered herself lucky anyway.  She had a job, food, and a place to live, it was a lot more than others had.  After they had defeated Kuja and Necron, and Zidane returned things were not as smooth as expected.  Monsters had begun to appear in greater and greater numbers, attacking cities and travelers.  They seemed intelligent at times, attack trade caravans and weak points in the cities.  She and the others had split up to help defend the cities and to look for a cause for the attacks.  She and Amarant were at Lindbulm when she went off on her own.  Some of the treasure hunters had reported strange things in Fossil Roo.  Amarant wanted to wait for Zidane and the others, but Eiko wanted to go on her own, so she snuck off and left Amarant a note.

            She didn't have many problems once inside the caverns.  There were unusually high amounts of monsters outside, but Madeen took care of them.  She walked around in the cave for a couple hours until she came to a crack in a wall.  Through the crack she could see a strange looking crystal emanating a red glow.  She was curious about it, so she blasted the wall open and went in the room to check it out.  She went up to the crystal and looked it over, but didn't touch it.  It looked like a normal ruby, except that it was two feet across and glowed.  She reached out and put her hand on it, surprised that it was warm.  She tried to take her hand back, but found she could not move.  She started to panic when she saw the red glow from the ruby cover her entire body.  Suddenly everything around her went black and she was in a strange place.  She thought it looked like she was in space, but she could breath and she heard some strange noise.  It was eerie sounding, like a song that you can't remember all the words too.  Then as suddenly as it came, it left and she fell a couple feet to the ground outside a city she had never seen before.

            She looked around, trying to recognize things but to no avail.  She panicked and tried to call Madeen, but found she could no longer summon her Eidelons.  She tried again, but ended with the same result.  She moved her hand to her forehead in disbelief to find that her horn was gone.  At the same time she noticed the earring and fainted.  She wandered into city when she woke up, trying to think of what to do.  She decided that her first priority should be to take care of herself.  She got lucky and made friends with the owner of the pub she now worked out and got a job cleaning there until she was older and could waitress.  While there most of her questions about what happened were answered.

            The land she was in was called Parm by it's natives, and the Forsaken Realm by all those trapped there.  The flow of people had been increasing steadily since it began fifteen years ago.  The story of how people got here was usually the same.  They all had found a large gemstone, touched it, and been transported to Parm through the same strange dark place.  Strangely enough, they all heard the music too, but none of them could remember what it sounded like or what it said, they dubbed it the Song of Eternity.  Parm was made up of a dozen kingdoms, some native and some gatherings for people or races from other worlds.  People had been trying to find a way back home since before she arrived, but there never was any good news.  Some people reported minor physical changes like Eiko did as well.

            The bed creaked as she got up and went out onto the balcony to look at the stars.  As she stared up at the constellations her mind drifted back to those she left behind on Gaia.  Zidane and Garnet had married about a year after his return, a year before she left.  He never really adjusted to being king, with the monsters roaming he spent a lot of time in the fields surrounding the town stopping potential threats.  He had probably looked everywhere for her after she disappeared.  "Everywhere but in another dimension…"  Eiko sighed as she cursed her own bad luck.

            Steiner and Beatrix had married as well, a month before Zidane's return.  They had been spending most of their time training soldiers and knights to fight the monsters.  Before she had left she noticed Steiner growing more and more distant from Beatrix and the others.  He had lost several of his original knights of Pluto to some of the initial attacks by the monsters.  It was like something in him snapped.

            Quina had gone back to the swamps to get the rest of the Qu to help stop/eat the monsters.  He/she was probably best off, he/she had lived through so many things already there was no way he/she would fall to monsters.

            Freya and Fratley had gone back to Burmecia with the rest of the survivors of the attacks on their people.  They had rebounded very well after being nearly wiped out by Brahne and Kuja.  Eiko figured they should have recovered from the whoel Kuja fiasco by now.  Puck was finally accepting the rule of Burmecia after Fratley and Freya 'persuaded' him.  Freya and Fratly were taking turns defending the city and looking for a cause for the monsters' aggressiveness. 

            She was mostly surprised by Amarant's reaction to the attacks on innocents by the monsters.  She always had him pegged as being selfish and weak, from all the experiences they shared with Zidane and the others.  He had disappeared after they defeated Kuja, only to reappear a little after Zidane did to help with the monster attacks.  During the time he was away they had heard rumors that he had been living in Danguerro and wandering the countryside, trying to get stronger.  He had been assigned to Lindbulm with her by Zidane several months before her disappearance.  He didn't talk much, but that was expected.  He did look out for her though, saving her from some tough situations with monsters.  She had wondered if he really had become stronger the Zidane before she disappeared.

            Her gaze shifted to the darkness between the stars as she thought of the one who was dead by now.  Vivi was getting close to shutting down when she left, he was definitely dead by now.  He had moved to the black mage village where they learned how to make more of their race.  When the monsters appeared, so did the mages and genomes.  All over the globe mages and genomes started to pop up to help defend the cities.  They had been researching magic since the fall of Kuja and were hoping to atone for their pasts by helping save the present.

            She shifted her gaze to the skyline of Haven, looking over the outline of the castle.  She sniffed and wiped away a tear, returning to her room.  Tomorrow was a big day.