My ElixirShipping Fanfic

Gardevoir and Wally; A Great Love

My take on a totally original Elixirshipping fanfic.

Part One

Note: I do not own Pokemon (that WOULD be cool if I did)

Rating: 15 and Up

One day, Wally found a wild Poochyena that he wanted to capture, so he sent out his favorite Pokemon- Gardevoir. Gardevoir! Use Psychic! The Poochyena was totally wiped after just one Psychic from Gardevoir, so he threw a Pokeball at it and one... two... three... Captured! And that's where things become very interesting. After the battle, Wally discovered that Gardevoir could talk in plain English. At first, Wally was surprised that a Pokemon could talk, but then he realized that what he heard was true. His Gardevoir was speaking to him. After a while of talking, they became closer than ever before. They could understand each other's feelings in detail. So close they became, that they slowly developed a deep liking for each other; it would grow each day they share their thoughts about the special moments they shared together. They never told each other, but it's evident from their actions that they discreetly became boyfriend and girlfriend. Wally also started to treat Gardevoir as if she was human, for example, giving her human food instead of Pokemon food.

The years passed, and when Wally was 20 and Gardevoir 19 years old, Wally proposed to Gardevoir. She happily accepted. Five days later, they got married in Verdanturf Town. As Verdanturf was a small town, all the villagers were there to see the wedding. Wanda, Wally's cousin was one of the people who were there. She was so happy for her cousin, as she thought Wally couldn't go dating because of his asthma. So there they were. They took their vows, wore their rings and had their first kiss. They were very happy indeed. That night, they decided to have a child. So, they took off each others clothes and went under the covers of their queen- sized bed. That night was unforgettable for them, as they had never experienced a feeling as weird as they had experienced. Three days later, Gardevoir's stomach had become larger. Wally knew that she was pregnant. A week later, Gardevoir laid an egg. She sat on it for three weeks to incubate it. On the second day of the third week, the egg had hatched. Their child was a boy, with green hair just like Gardevoir's and a normal human body. They named him Henry.

Seven years later, a strange thing happened. Henry was playing with his neighbor's Zigzagoon, and when it spoke, he seemed to understand it. Wally's neighbor noticed that Henry was "talking" to the Zigzagoon. And he was. Wally asked his son what they were talking about, and he said that they were talking about shiny objects. Gardevoir confirmed that not only could Henry talk to Pokemon, but also use some Psychic abilities.