"Gee, that fog really settled in fast, hmm weather's acting up again I guess. You know sometimes, I wish I could just sit up here forever and watch all the people on the ground, like some new millennium Qusimodo... What do you think Bruce?" Spidey stares at his only company - a stone gargoyle. He sits on the wall of a large building at night with the city sprawled out in front on him. "Well I don't think I could take talking to bells though, your stimulating enough..." 'Bruce' doesn't change his position. "Oh, the silent treatment again huh? Well if that's the case I'm outta here - I have other rock headed friends I'd rather hang around with!" With that he leaps into the air and shoots a web line to an adjacent building, swinging into the night. "Your really loosing it you know that Parker?"


"I don't like it at all Cycke... smells funny" Across the other side of the city Wolverine sniffs the air.

"Well we don't have a choice unfortunately, we know Sabertooth came to New York and until we find him we can't leave - he's too dangerous." Cyclops' answer receives a glare from his five-foot companion.

"Your teaching me on Sabertooth's danger scale. I think you got your lines crossed bub!"

"Point taken. Lets get this over with." Cyclops taps his chest communicator. "Storm?"

A message comes through; "Yes Cyclops?"


"Rogue and I have seen nothing unusual"

"Yea', its as dead as me uncle Billy out here" Rogue cut in.

"Well keep unseen, we don't want Sabertooth to know were here"

"There is no possibility of that, the fog shall keep us hid."

"Good job, stay in contact. Cyclops out."

"The fog may hide them from his eyes, but it's his nose they can't hide from. The only thing they got going for them here is there is so many people, messes up the scent." Wolverine didn't take his eyes off the road in front of them.

"Well that's a plus then. Maybe we will succeed on getting the drop on him this time."

"I doubt it Cycke, I would like it but I doubt it..."


"Hey strecho, tell me again, why are we here? I hate cruising the Big Apple" Ben Grimm a.k.a the loveable blue-eyed 'Thing' is seated in the Fantastic Four's aircraft with rest of his team. They cruise along over the rooftops looking for a signal.

"Well Ben, I received some unidentified signals emanating from somewhere around this citywide vicinity. We need to locate the anomaly and judge it's potential threat to humanity..." Reed Richards, leader of the greatest Super Hero team on Earth pilots his craft. He would have continued on his evaluation of the current circumstances forever had it not been for the 'Things' intervention.

"Ah, in English there Doc."

Johnny 'the Human Torch' Storm interrupts; "He means we gotta check out some freaky sh..."

"Johnny!" He is cut short by his sister Sue a.k.a Ms Fantastic. "I have warned you about that."

"Ah, yeah, sorry sis."

"She sure fixed your little red wagon 'matchstick', hehe" Johnny hated it when Ben called him 'matchstick'. He was just about to reveal the comeback of the century but he was cut off by a beeping on the dashboard of the craft (at least that's what he tells us). "What's this?" Mr. Fantastic tries to decipher the new information being flashed at him.

"What is it hon?"

"Hmmm, well I am picking up some strange signals but they are different to the ones previously received. Still, I believe it would be worth our while to investigate this further."

Johnny turns to Ben; "See that means..."

"I know what that means! Wise ass, ugh... what a revolting development..."

The ship flies off into the night, seeking out whatever is transmitting their phantom call.