Eduard liked to do things on impulse, to just get up and go whenever he felt like it. He was what one would call a 'free spirit'; and a mischievous one at that too.

It was admittedly this combination of personality that led him on his present quest.

Bored of studying for the upcoming exams, he'd decided to take a horseback riding break, but he also felt like company. He knew Orphe wouldn't mind accompanying him, but he didn't feel like disturbing Orphe's studying – it felt like an abuse of friendship, to just take up someone else's time on your own selfish fancy, especially when you knew they'd be more inclined to agree than not, even at their own expense.

Fortunately, Ed knew someone who he had every right to drag along with him on a selfish whim. They say that 'blood is thicker than water', after all.

And so, there he was, perched on a branch of one of the trees outside the girls' dorm. Taking a quick peek through one of the windows to make sure his subject was decent; he then rapped the window a few times before opening it and stepping into the corresponding room without bothering to wait for a reply.

"Yo, Sis!"

Erika jumped up from her seat at her desk, startled at the sudden greeting. She picked up one of her textbooks to throw at the intruder, but dropped it surprised instead when she registered who the intruder was.

"E-Ed?? W-what are you doing here?"

Eduard stretched his hands over his head and gave a small yawn before walking over to pick up Erika's book for her.

"Ne, all this studying and no play, is boring, isn't it? Won't you join your dear older brother for a much needed break?" he asked, placing her book on her desk for her.

"Well, I do feel like taking a break, but I should really finish another chapter…" Erika looked from the textbook she was reading, to Ed who was leaning against the back of her chair, like he was purposely trying to prevent her from sitting down again.

"Please?" he tried with a playful glint in his eye.

It wasn't that hard a choice to make.

"Uh, okay!" she replied enthusiastically, grateful for the distraction.

"Great, let's go," Ed said as he started walking back towards the window. The sound of Erika's giggling made him stop and turn to look at her curiously. "Uh, did big brother do something funny?"

"Yes, he did," Erika managed to reply through her increasing giggles at the puzzled expression on Ed's face.

She walked over to where he stood and took his hand firmly.

"Let's use the door, okay?" she suggested lightheartedly as she led Ed away from the window.

Realizing his blooper, Ed started laughing himself as he allowed himself to be led along, "Sure thing, Sis."

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Note: Though the personalities of the characters are partly products of my own imagination (read 'OOC' – slightly :P), I can't resist saying/typing this: I WISH ED WAS MY BROTHER! XP

P/S: This is supposed to be a six-part series, one chapter for each of the "leading male" characters (shout-out to 'm o o g l e d a i m e' for the idea), but I'm not really satisfied with how the pieces for the remaining three turned out. So, until I get around to rewriting them, or finally decide to just post what I've got for the sake of completeness, this is it folks... Thanks for sticking around ;) GoDspeed :)