The name and charactheristic of the cast are just borrowed and not the same in real life... The story is just a product of my imagination...

After their marriage, Chun and Ella expected that they will be able to live happily together... but they lived a complicated life instead. It's all because Chun's stepmother wasn't happy about Ella being his wife. She promised to herself to do anything to break their relationship. So, she made a step by criticizing Ella. She used to tell Chun that Ella didn't care for their daughter because she had a lover. At first, Chun didn't believe her. One day, Chun came home late but he noticed that Chunella was not feeling well... When he found out that Chunella had a fever, he looked for Ella because he didn't know how to take care of a child. He looked after her around the house then he realized that Ella was not there. He asked his stepmother and both had a conversation.

"Do you know why Chunella used to get sick almost every month? Well, it's all because your beloved wife has no time to take good care of her... And it's all because Ella used to spend more time with her lover rather than with you or your daughter."

"What? Ella has a lover? No, I don't believe you because I know that she is not that kind of girl."

"Are you sure? You're not always by her side so she has a chance to make love with another guy. Why don't you try to observe her?"

When Chunella was already asleep, Ella arrived. Because she was too tired... she instantly fell asleep after she has changed her clothes. Chun noticed that Ella didn't even check their daughter's condition. So, he remembered what his stepmother told him awhile ago.

Before he went to bed, he smelled Ella's shirt and he was so surprised because it had a scent of a man's perfume. The next day, Ella came home more late than she did last night.

And Chun was pushed to confront her about his bad instinct.

"Ella, please be honest, are you having an affair with another guy?

"What kind of question is that? How can I have an affair with another guy if I can't even bear my obligation as a wife and as a mom?" she instantly answered.

"Then why you don't have time to take good care of our daughter? Last night, you didn't even find out that she had a fever," Chun insisted.

"Now I know that you don't really love me and you were just forced to marry me because of Chunella... and one more thing... you don't trust me even just for being the mother of your daughter," Ella angrily said.