Chun hurriedly went out of his car and came near to Ella

Chun hurriedly went out of his car and came near to Ella. He instantly brought her to the hospital. When they were already there, they found out that they had lost their baby. He blamed himself for this issue. While his dad decided to file a divorce with his stepmother, Chun knew that it was his stepmother's fault. When Chun's dad arrived at the hospital, they talked about a lot of things.

"It is all my fault... if I just believed and trusted her this wouldn't happen... maybe we didn't lost our baby yet," Chun desperately said.

"Don't blame yourself, son. It's not your fault... don't be so down and depressed! Be strong and always remember that everything happens for a reason. Why don't you help Ella to move on?" his dad told him.

Hebe realized that Ella was innocent about the rumor that she heard and so she just forgot that matter and visited Ella at the hospital. There, she saw Selina and she tried to apologize and of course Selina accepted her apology. When Ella finally recovered from her sickness, Chun went to her side and asked for her forgiveness. Because she loved him and for the sake of their daughter, she instantly forgave him and went back to their house. And finally, they lived happily together as a one happy family.