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Alphonse Elrich looked up from the book he was reading. He knew letting his brother going to see Mustang about their last mission was a bad idea. The loud bang that followed that yell confirmed his thoughts.

'Why brother?' Al mentally asked himself. He began wondering if he should take Ed away on vacation somewhere. It would take away the stress of working for Mustang, and, if they were lucky, help Ed grow at least an inch. Too much stress on the body and/or mind could cause a stunt in growth. It was barely two minutes before Edward came storming into the room, with his veins twitching.

"Brother, would you please calm down?" Al asked with a worried tone in his voice.

"Give me a break Al, I'm not in the mood," the blondhaired teen growled, "I'm goin' to the library and to blow off some steam."

Al mentally sighed. At least his brother wasn't going to try and wreck Mustang's office anymore then he probably already did.

(In the Library)

When Al got to the Library, Ed was sitting on the floor with tons of books around him. Al decided to join him in looking for a book. He picked up a random book and looked at the title. It was called 'Transportation Circles'.

"Hey Brother? I think you should try this one." Al handed him the book.

Ed looked at the book and grinned. He flipped through the pages and found what he was looking for. It was a complex and intricately designed Transmutation Circle. He took a marker from a nearby desk and began drawing the circle in the middle of the room. When he finished, he stood inside the circle.

"If you want to come with me then you better come stand in the circle." Ed told Al.

"Why brother? Where are you-" Al stopped because he saw a look in his brother's eye. One he knew all too well. Ed was about to do something drastic.

"I was thinking, if this circle can really transport you somewhere, then why couldn't we use it to send us to the Gate?""What?!'"Think about it! If we got to the Gate, we could learn where to find the Philosopher's stone!"

Alphonse was stopped in his train of thought. That could work... but...

"And, since we're not trying to bring a human to life, we won't lose any more of our bodies..."

Alphonse stepped into the circle. Ed clapped his hands and continued talking before slamming his hands down onto the circle.

The circle was activated and the two brothers found themselves hurdling towards the Gate.

Al was barely paying attention to what his brother was saying, only that bit he really heard. Something felt... off about trying this."Brother, I don't think this is working!" Al said.

"You're right, we're never gonna be able to stop in time before we crash into the Gate!" Ed agreed.

They both braced themselves for the hit. Ed barely opened one eye as they approached. What happened next, had him stunned: they completely passed by the Gate! They had come close to crashing into it but not close enough. Edward slowly lowered his arms and blinked. This was anything but the Gate or Central. Around him was a village made entirely of wood in a forest, far more lush than anything forest he had ever seen in his life.

"Brother, where are we?"

Ed looked over his shoulder to confirm that his brother was behind him. Mentally sighing in relief, Edward slowly looked around more. These huts were fairly sized and could fit quite a few people. However, in his sightseeing, he failed to realize a pair of young eyes had spotted them.

"I've gotta warn everyone!" the young voice gasped almost silently.

"Where is everyone?" Ed asked Al.

"I'm not sure, they could be anywhere," Al muttered.


The sound of a bell could be heard somewhere in the village.


"What the?"

Almost in a heartbeat, all the doors sprang open. Ed and Al were shocked at what came out. Not humans but what looked like large animals, most likely chimeras of sorts. Whatever they were, none of them looked very happy, most of them had pitchforks, ropes, and knifes.

"Run for it Al!" Ed ordered before clapping his hands together. He placed them on the ground, causing a small gap between them and the crowd to appear.

"That should keep them busy for a while!" Ed smirked as he ran after Alphonse.

"Not so fast!"

The Elrich brothers stopped when the source of the voice appeared in front of them. It was a tiny orange fox holding a long piece of rope in one of his gloves hands.

"Now I'm gonna make it easy one you," the fox said in a young voice, "Either come quietly or I'm gonna hafta use force!"

"Sorry but I think we're gonna have some trouble with you reaching us!" Edward growled as he clapped his hands together. He created a gap like he did with the other chimeras, thinking that it would be enough to keep the fox away.

"That should do it."

"You're not from around here," the fox said, "Because if you were you would have known about this!"

Fox ran towards and jump when he neared the edge. Edward had readied himself, thinking the fox had attempted to jump over. If the fox fell, he'd use his alchemy to catch him. But the fox never fell.

"Brother, look!" Alphonse said pointing at the fox.

The fox was in the air, somehow spinning his tail, allowing him to stay aloft. Both brothers were too shocked to even move.

"Surprised?" the fox asked his hands on his hips, I've got another one for ya!"

In a second, the fox was nosediving straight at them. Before he crashed into them, he veered off to the side. He then began to fly around them several times. It was about the fifth go around did either of the brother understand what he was doing: he was tying them up!"Anouncing her royal highness: Princess Sally Acorn!"

"Princess?" Ed wondered.

The figure that stepped forward looked nothing like a princess. She was a squirrel wearing only a par of blue boots and a vest.

"Are these them?" she asked in a mature voice?

"Yes Aunt Sally, I rang the bell when I saw 'em," the fox who had captured them said.

"Aunt? You've gotta be kidding me," Ed mumbled under his breath.

The "princess", pulled out a small object from her boot, pressed something on it, and said,

"Nicole, bioscan the one in the suit of armor and then the one with the blond hair."

Ed's eyes widened as he was scanned, when they did Al, there'd be nothing inside to scan!

Alphonse was scanned. "Error. No life form detected."

Sally narrowed her eyes and tackled Al causing him to fall over.

"Help me brother! Get her off of me!"

"AL!" Ed quickly transmuted his Automail and cut through the ropes. He ran at Sally and was knocked down by a blue blur! He looked around and saw a blue hedgehog, a walrus, and a rabbit with robotic limbs. The hedgehog glared at him.

"You take care of that Swatbot Sal. I got the little guy."

Ed twitched. The hedgehog had absolutely NO idea what he was in for now.

"WHO'S SO SHORT HE'S ONLY KNEE HIGH TO AN ANT!?" Ed bellowed. But since Al was a bit preoccupied at the moment, there was nobody to keep him from obliterating the hedgehog.

He ran at him with incredible speed and socked him in the face while he was surprised at his outburst. The hedgehog flew back a few feet and hit the ground. He got up and rubbed his cheek.

"That's it! No more Mr. Nice Hedgehog!" He curled into a ball and shot at him while spinning. Ed put up his Automail arm as a shield and the hedgehog bounced off, shredding his sleeve. The rabbit gasped and stared.

'He's just like me!' She thought. She took a deep breath,"HOLD YER' HORSES YAL'!" Everyone stopped and looked at her.

"What is it Bunnie? in case you haven't noticed, we have Overlanders in Knothole!" Yelled the hedgehog.

"That's just it Sugar Hog! Didn't yal' notice his arm? It looks like he got stuck in the Robotocizer!"

Everyone looked and noticed that he was indeed just like Bunnie. Sally stood up.

"Ahem...Well I think this may just be one big misunderstanding so let's see if we can sort this out and figure out what's going on. You tell us what you're doing here and in exchange, we don't keep you prisoner. Sound fair?"

Ed and Alphonse nodded.

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